VIP Experience

VIP Experience

This is our high-end, white-glove custom personal brand site package, perfect for influencers who want the best experience without needing to be responsible for providing copy, story scripting or creative feedback to get their dream result.

We go deep on brand identity, story coaching/scripting and expert positioning to give you an industry-leading personal brand site.

With the VIP Package, you get top-notch results but with minimal time investment on your end. You save time and energy, knowing that after your VIP Experience everything — from the funnel strategy, story crafting, photography, copywriting, creative direction, all the way to the optimal technology setup and testing — will be taken care of by our team!

Here's What You Get with the
Influex VIP Experience...

Strategic and Creative Direction Provided by Our Senior Team Members

Together with our Master Story Coach, You will Craft a Brand Story That Compels

Brand Design Makeover

  • Font based Logo (text only)
  • Style Guide – Font pairing, color scheme, logo application, button/CTA styles, and more.

Custom-designed Pages (Unlimited Design Revisions per Page):

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Blog/Podcast Page
  • Contact Page
  • Services Page
  • Products Page
  • Custom Opt-in Page 
  • Resources Page
  • Speaking Page
  • Media Page
  • Testimonials/Case Studies Page
  • Error/404 Page
  • Any Other Custom Page You Need 

Custom Opt-In Form with ‘Value Add Image’ (Cover Design of Your Freebie)

UNLIMITED Design Revisions per Page

Search Engine Friendly Site

Social Media Graphics Pack

  • Facebook cover photo and profile artwork
  • Youtube channel art
  • Google+ cover photo

Mobile Responsiveness

Google Tag Manager Snippet Globally Installed

Tutorials on How to Use Your Site

Edit the Content Easily Using Drag-and-drop Functionality (No Coding Required!)

2-Day VIP in-person Session with Dmitriy and Your Project Manager in San Diego, California*

These 2 days are all about extracting all information from you so we can build a site that exudes credibility, trust, and authority.

Come to San Diego for two days and we’ll go through our process of clarifying your message, structuring your site, and determining the best ways to architect your marketing funnels to achieve the best results.

Our goal is to totally get you, your essence, brand, goals, and your world so that we can drive the full creative direction of your site on your behalf. Dmitriy will be your Creative Director so you won't have to worry about design revisions. This way, you’ll also get a much better end result!

*We do not cover flight and hotel.

Professional Photoshoot

We'll make all the arrangements for your photoshoot with our carefully handpicked personal brand photographer.

We’ll prep and coach you before the photoshoot so you’ll get advice about what outfits and styles are best, what
the appropriate poses are to achieve the results we’re going for, etc.

The full photoshoot will last approximately 4 hours, in 2 or more locations that we’ll pre-arrange for you. All you’ll have to do is show up and be your epic self!

Story Coaching with Patrick Combs

3+ hours of story coaching with Patrick Combs, clarifying and scripting the Origin Story that makes your message stick, makes your brand memorable, and creates a strong emotional bond between you and your audience.

This will be done in two parts: online at first, and then in person during one of your VIP Days. Patrick will even give you live coaching on how to use your origin story in your signature talk.

We then take this script and incorporate it into your About Page and the rest of your site copy.

Complete Copywriting Package

We will write all your website copy for you. To do this effectively, we’ll do an interview-style Copy Intake process in person, so you won't have to do it on a separate call.

CTO Specialist Support

You’ll get up to 5 hours of our Chief Technology Officer’s support to ensure your site is properly integrated technology-wise (e.g. setting up a new CRM or doing better integration with your current setup, setting up your site in accordance to SEO best practices, etc).

Your only needed involvement after the VIP Experience is minimal design review (we drive creative
direction and make most revisions on your behalf) and copy review.


Barring any unforeseen challenges, we aim to launch the site within 75 days from the date of your VIP event.

Your Investment:

Investment is $66,000.


Do you pick out the outfits for the photoshoot, too?

We help you choose and pick the best outfits that are most authentic for your brand and
effective for your site.

For the ladies, we invite our preferred hair and make-up artist as an option. Dmitriy works with
our photographer closely to direct your shoot in a way that will best serve your website and your future marketing campaigns (future landing pages, Facebook ads, guest article/podcast bio, banner ads, and other promo materials).


Innovate, Inspire, Imagine

Naked Truth: Radical Authenticity

Forward Flow: Find It & Follow It

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Upward Spiral: Co-Evolution

Express Your Essence

X-Factor: Invest Your Unique Gifts For 10X Results

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“Your process creates something that’s an extension and expression of the individual you’re working with…”
~ Roland Frasier

“You’re incredible at getting to the core essence…”
~ Mike Koenigs

“You guys totally knocked it out of the park, you truly got me and my company.”
~ Jennifer Hudye