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These steps are essential to every beautiful influencer site we create because they allow us to truly express each person’s essence as we amplify their influence.

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This guide, written by our Story Superhero Patrick Combs, will teach you how to uncover your most compelling story to capture the hearts and minds of your ideal prospects.

Photo Guide

Not sure what kind of photos to take when it comes to your website? This guide is for you. We give this guidebook to all of our clients because we know the right photos can be the difference between a website that bores people to tears and a website that shares who you are with the world in a powerful and profitable way.

Creative Clarity Questionnaire

These questions allow us to understand each of our clients in a deep way so that we can represent them authentically. You can use this to hone in on the exact details you need to be clear on before you craft your own well-branded site.

Creative Clarity Brief

This template is the cornerstone of the creation of each of our websites. This template will allow you to summarize everything you need to get your website started, including your ideal Style, the Strategy you’re using to approach your unique website, and the Structure and copy you want in your site.

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Why does Essence Extraction matter?

It helps you connect with prospects, makes you stand out from the
crowd, and it converts!

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our process:

“There’s nothing like having a professional personal brand… your process creates something that’s an extension and expression of the individual you’re working with that express who they are and how they want to be seen by the public.”

Roland Frasier

“You’re incredible at getting to the core essence of who you are… combining beautiful visual look along with your core message and your essence in a way that’s congruent with who you are. When people see it, you just flat out look like a rockstar and people want to work with you immediately!”

Mike Koenigs

“You guys totally knocked it out of the park, you truly got me and my company. It’s truly unique to me and can’t be replicated. You make it beautiful, you understand the tech, and you are marketers first. My site is beautiful, infused with my essense, and converts!”

Jennifer hudye

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