Get an Influencer Site That Builds Trust, Boosts Your Authority, Expresses Your Essence and Makes You Truly Stand Out!

We offer 3 packages: Essential, Expression, and VIP Experience. We can discuss which package suits you best when you express serious interest by submitting an application.  

Here’s a rundown of the value you will be getting regardless of which package you take… 

Essence Expression
(Digital Artistry)

Now’s your chance to get a website that you’re actually proud of! Our digital artists will custom-craft your Homepage, About page, Services page, Testimonials page, Blog/Podcast, Contact page, Speaking/Author page, and even a 404 page.

We'll provide expert creative direction to ensure that the design, copy, and marketing goals are all aligned, resulting in a site that is not only beautiful but one that gets results!

Expert Execution
(Creative Coding)

Our team of dedicated developers will code your design to life in a responsive (mobile friendly), easy to edit (we’ll give you tutorials), and fast loading WordPress site.

After completion, you’ll have the option to maintain and edit your own site, or continue to use our team for your site maintenance and security updates. If you want access to our design & development team (like top internet influencers), ask us about out our affordable monthly Influex Insider option.

Essence Extraction:
Gain Clarity on How to Best Articulate Your Message

Want to articulate your message not just in a high-impact way, but one that also aligns purpose and profits? That’s actually one of our biggest strengths!

Through our Initial Intake and Creative Consultation, we discover your authentic entrepreneurial essence and co-create a vision for how to best express that online!

Leverage our Marketing Minds

You will benefit from the fact that our team has architected high-converting websites for many internet marketing launches and campaigns. When we build your site, you get to leverage our marketing minds along with our dynamic design chops! Each page of your site will be built with intention so that your visitors are guided towards your site's main goals. 

Get Creative Copywriting & Consulting

After designing countless epic sites and sometimes chasing (even virtually stalking!) our clients for copy, one thing became clear: writing your own copy is hard!

To remove this major roadblock, our Expression package now includes us writing your entire copy for you. In addition to our in-house copywriter, we’ve brought in David Muntner, who recently co-launched “Evolved Expression Authentic Copywriting Masterclass” with Yanik Silver to write your copy.

If you'd rather write your own copy, get our Essential package and you’ll receive a structured framework for writing your own personal brand site copy. To make it even easier, you will also get a one-on-one Messaging Mastery call to help you fine-tune your copy!

Polish Your Story and Make it More Compelling (with Patrick Combs)

A great story is an essential component of any successful personal brand. We’re excited to add world renowned storytelling expert Patrick Combs to our team, to offer you personalized, 1:1 story coaching for the Expression and VIP Experience packages. Every package also includes access to Patrick Combs’ 44 Storytelling Techniques as a story enhancing resource.

Let us Deal with all the Stress

Your Project Manager will manage all the moving pieces and guide you through the entire process. You’ll be updated regularly as our team of digital artists and creative coders brings your site to life under the expert guidance of your project manager.

Regardless of Which Influex Package You Take,
You Will Enjoy the Following Benefits…

Imagine the kind of clientele you’ll attract by having a personal brand site with all of these…

A site that brings your vision to life - with full authenticity and self-expression!

Get an unfair competitive advantage. We have created a system that effectively clarifies & extracts your big ideas from your head and heart into an actionable, definitive blueprint quickly and easily, which then enables my team to translate your vision into reality. You can choose the styles, color palette, media formats, design, layout, typography, and all other elements on every page. You won’t ever get stuck, we have systems and processes in place for that. Plus your designated Project Manager will be there every step of the way.

Personalize your brand colors, typography and logo

If you already have a style guide, we'll follow it to a T. But if you'd like our branding expertise for a new style, we're happy to give you a makeover with a basic text logo and our branding process and suggestions.

Stunning Homepage That Expresses Your Essence

You can tell us what elements you want on your homepage. We have a range of sample home pages you can choose from to make things easier. And if you’re unsure, we could advise on what might work best based on your business goals and the nature of your offers.

Tell Your Story With A Custom About Page

You can choose a layout based on one of our most popular formats. We even have tips and ‘best practice' tutorials to help guide you on what your About page should say to help you attract high-quality clients/customers.

Even Your Contact Page is Custom Designed!

We'll customize your Contact Page based on your sales process, and add your personal flavor to it with a friendly photo and unique design.

Drive Leads With A Custom Opt-in Form

We only use the latest designs that are proven to convert well so that you build your list quicker and generate high-quality leads. We'll integrate your custom opt-in form with your email marketing service. If you have “lead magnets” or free content that you want to give away to entice email subscribers, we can also create a custom graphic design for that to make your opt-in form much more compelling.

Sell Your Services and Products

We can create custom graphics for your offers and even advise you on what layout or design elements might work best to make your products and services page more persuasive

Custom Blog (And/or Podcast) Page

Position yourself as a thought leader and continue building your online following and community through your blog and/or podcast. We’ll make sure you have one that’s not only easy to update, but one that’s truly an authentic expression of you.

Create Credibility with a Beautiful Testimonials Page

We can neatly display any text, video, images and/or screenshots on your testimonials page so that you gain instant credibility and establish social proof.

BONUS: Custom Page For Whatever You Need!

We'll build you an additional custom page for whatever you need (let's say a Speaking Page, and or a mini-sales page for one of your offers inside your site). We’ll also build a custom 404 page.

Easy to Edit - Even if You're Not Technical at All!

All pages will be easy for you to edit afterward via a drag-and-drop functionality so don't worry if you're not technical at all.

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