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'Executive' Assistant To
Enhance Flow For The CEO

Watch this video first from Dmitriy, read the 2020 Vivid Vision, then read the page details,
and apply ONLY if this fully resonates as your personal evolutionary career path...

'CEO' = Chief Expression Officer

Read This Vision First:

Please review our 2020 Vivid Vision before applying so that you have a good understanding of our values, our mission and our vision.

We're looking for someone who is aligned with our culture and looking for a long term role where you'll evolve, contribute and love your work.

We’re looking for a dedicated Executive Assistant (prefer full-time, could start part-time) locally in the San Diego area.

The entry pay will be $20 – $25 per hour depending on your experience and skill level and after a 90 day probation period (if you’re an aligned fit) we will make a more formal offer to join our team.

Primary Purpose & Mission:

To enhance flow for the CEO in his business, personal life and home. 

Required Qualifications: Does This Describe YOU?

  • You are local to San Diego and have your own car. You are available to co-work in person 2+ days per week and are also comfortable working from home. 
  • You have prior experience as a PA and EA, preferably for Founders, CEOs or Executives.
  • Clear, effective and efficient communicator. Understands and conveys information with ease.
  • Embrace authenticity and out of the box thinking and being.
  • Emotionally intelligent and self aware.
  • Comfortable asking for and receiving feedback.
  • Self managed – Prioritizes well and is productive without supervision
  • Timely with delivery of assigned items.
  • Detail oriented – Notices the finest details and often finds things that others miss.
  • Confident and Accountable – Owns the work and can be counted on.
  • Trustworthy and Reliable – Is honest and consistently shows up on time.
  • Analytical – Thinks things through and is logical in decision making
  • Creative Problem solving skills – Is confident there is a solution and has an easy time coming up with multiple solutions for the same issue.  Sees things from different angles to overcome any obstacle.
  • Flexible and comfortable with change – Can readjust quickly when needed.
  • Research savvy – Enjoys reading and gathering information and giving relevant and important updates.  Looks for reliable and trustworthy resources to pull from.
  • Common Sense – Uses sound judgement in practical matters keeping in mind preferences.
  • Proactive – Anticipates what is needed ahead of time and takes action to make things happen.
  • Active listening – Listens intently, processes the information quickly and asks questions to fill in the gaps.
  • Project Management skills – Able to take a vision and help bring it to life by managing specific projects and all the moving parts associated with it.
  • Tech Savvy – Feels confident in learning and using new computer programs and types at least 40 wpm.
  • Healthy and active – Able to lift things like groceries and move things around with ease.
  • Experience with Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs, project management software (such as ClickUp, Basecamp, Asana or something similar), powerpoint or google slides and other programs to help with organization and optimization.

Primary Role Responsibilities... What You'll DO:

Executive Assistant Duties

  • Managing Dmitriy’s calendar and setting up meetings using his preferences as a guide.
  • Point of contact between executives, employees, clients, etc.
  • Check Dmitriy’s email in a timely and accurate manner and reply where possible.
  • Make travel arrangements and accommodations.
  • Categorize personal expenses (through Mint or similar software) and report weekly, monthly and quarterly.
  • Save receipts and update travel records for tax purposes.
  • Format information for reports or presentations using PowerPoint or Google slides
  • Take meeting notes, clarify action items and assign items in a project management software.
  • Help create and send proposals/contracts (mostly personal).
  • Gatekeeper – Screen and direct visitors and phone calls accordingly.
  • Make phone calls on Dmitriy’s behalf for personal items such as bank, health care, canceling accounts, applying for refunds, etc.
  • Hold Dmitriy accountable to items when requested or needed to move projects forward.
  • Create and update processes for this role.  Optimize any inefficient systems along the way.
  • Order supplements and personal items as needed.
  • Check virtual mailbox and physical mail and take action on important items.

Personal/Home Assistant Duties
(secondary in priority)

  • Grocery shopping and running errands at Costco, Trader Joe’s etc.
  • Coordinating with house cleaners, Hair stylist, massage therapist, etc to come to us.
  • Coordinating with handyman for house repairs and contractors for new projects.
  • Researching and buying stuff for the house.
  • Keeping track of house expenses and following up with those in the house to pay each other back (I’ve created all the systems, you just have to run and manage them).
  • Helping to organize, prepare and clean up before and after events and gatherings.
  • Keeping house items stocked (toilet paper, soap, etc).
  • Occasional cleaning and organization as needed: laundry, wiping off counters, taking out trash/recycling, house + office organization.

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