Team Influex is proud to launch Alex Charfen’s new influencer site!

Not only does it look awesome, it also does a great job of differentiating Alex and his unique gifts from the rest of the pack.

An entrepreneurial master, Alex began his selling career at the ripe old age of 8 when he started selling items at the local flea market with his dad (not the worst place to spend your time as a kid)!

How are you differentiating your brand in the noisy marketplace?
Alex came to us because he wanted an Influencer site that will make him stand out in the marketplace.

From that point on, Alex has had massive success in real estate and in teaching others how to grow their own real estate empires, no matter what the selling climate looks like.

Now, Alex is the author of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, the handbook for quirky and often misunderstood entrepreneurs with an intrinsic need to move and build and strive.

He has spoken on the biggest stages, appeared on TV and in print for major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investor’s Business Daily and AmEx OPEN Forum to provide his unique views and insights.

Even though Alex was at a decent point with his business before coming to Influex for a makeover, he still knew that something needed to change on his site to open the space for growth.

He wanted to reimagine his brand, and so he needed a new site to reflect his new (improved) brand.

Check out Alex’s old site here:

Alex Charfen
Alex Charfen wanted to revamp his old site to position himself better in the marketplace. Shown here is his old homepage.


Slickness and cool factor aside, the main thing that Alex’s old site did not have was a super clear and powerful USP (unique selling proposition)… or as we say at Influex, a UMP (Unique Messaging Proposition).

Before the site redesign, Alex’s power statement was “Helping Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Grow, Scale and Thrive.”

That’s pretty cool… but could it improve?


Let’s take a look at Alex’s new site to see what changes were made…

First, we helped strengthen his positioning. You can see that there’s a much stronger UMP here. The emphasis is now on Alex as a thought leader when it comes to uncovering the entrepreneurial personality type.  

Alex’s message is now “Grow Your Business, Optimize Your Life, Make Your Greatest Contribution.”


Alex Charfen's Influex Homepage
Alex Charfen's redesigned site features a stronger messaging.

Second, you can see that Alex’s opt-in is now honed in on downloading his book, “Entrepreneurial Personality Type”.

What entrepreneurs don’t want to know more about themselves to make the best decisions possible for their life and business?  Not me!

We designed Alex’s site to strategically gather more leads and attract higher-level clients.

His site also highlights his available programs and invites readers to book him as a Speaker:

Get yourself a Speaking Page just like Alex Charfen's
Getting seen on stages is one of the best ways to gain authority in your field. Influex redesigned Alex's site to get him more bookings as a Speaker.

It’s great that he can connect quickly with most entrepreneurs just based on this “above the fold” focus for his website.

Third, we made sure that Alex’s identity as a growth-minded entrepreneur came through clearly and honestly.  Alex now has a much stronger brand because of his more tasteful and iconic website.

How about you? Are you interested in seeing where your UMP can improve on your website?

The more you wait, the more your ineffective site is costing you in terms of missed opportunities. Schedule your Influex strategy call now.