I’m staring an active volcano with my good friend and Maverick NEXT President, Zion Kim, with a burning desire for self expression. There’s a fire in my belly. It’s December 2016 at the Maverick M3 Summit in Hawaii, we’re celebrating the past year together and setting intentions for 2017.

I have a little purple pill in my hand.

“I commit to my fullest self-expression this year!”

“Why?” Zion asks.

“Because I want to feel free. I want to FEEL that fire in my belly fully expressed in the world.”

“Why? What will that do for the world?

“It’s how I’ll give my greatest gifts to the world. My greatest service will come from my greatest expression. I want to liberate my voice, and through that, give my heart’s greatest gifts and my mind’s highest wisdom to the people I serve, to the world I love.”

I pop the pill.

That night, I freestyled. That weekend at the Maverick annual meeting, I used my voice and spoke my truth fully in a way that deeply served the Maverick EcoVerse and expanded my personal freedom.

In the coming months, I stepped into my poetic gifts more than ever and really discovered what it was like to liberate my truth… including writing and performing my one man show to reveal my teenage trauma in coming of age.

A couple of months later, I finally launched Influex (the name itself is Influence + Expression), supporting other big voices with their personal expression and influence. With bringing their visionary voices to the world.

One of those people was my friend Robbe Richman. He was there in Hawaii with us, and gave me that first little purple pill in a ceremony which inspired me to clarify my deepest intentions for the coming year.

Robbe Richman Xplaining XPill to the Mavericks and guiding us through the ritual, including me and Zion

Today, I’m proud to announce that Robbe’s site is the first Influex site that we’re publicly launching.

While it’s not exactly a “personal brand site” – I felt so connected to the project through my personal story, that we wanted to include it in our first 25 Influex sites… and synchronistically, it’s now the FIRST official Influex site.

Discover what this little purple “Xpill” is all about – including it’s origin story at Burning Man – and how some of the biggest names in the personal development industry rave about it at the brand new Xpill.com website, artistically designed by our creative team here at Influex.

Before Xpill was a thing, I actually met Robbe at a Maverick retreat in Vegas over three years ago, where he taught us a lot about culture and leadership when we were visiting Zappos. His background is in building epic company cultures. Here’s more of his official accolades:

He became most well-known for being a manager and culture strategist at Zappos.com where he co-founded Zappos Insights, an innovative program educating companies on the secrets behind its game-changing employee culture. Based on his experience working with hundreds of companies on their cultures, he wrote The Culture Blueprint: a systematic guide to building the high-performance workplace. He took Zappos Insights from an idea to a multimillion dollar business line. Since then, Robbe has spoken to and consulted for Google, Toyota, Eli Lilly, Whole Foods, Intuit and many other companies.

Culture is our top priority at Influex and Vision Tech Team – and we eventually intend to share our own insights about company culture and more on our upcoming “Influencer Insights” podcast and this blog. Robbe is an inspiration to us and we’re proud to support his work with our digital artistry.

Robbe Richman and Yanik Silver (founder of Maverick1000) at the Maverick Summit