The Most Important Criteria to Consider
Before You Build Your Influencer Site

If you want an influencer site that's not just beautifully designed but also gets results, how exactly is it conceptualized, designed, developed, executed and maintained
is the most important thing that will determine its success.

This is what will determine if what you'll end up with is an influencer site that'll help accomplish your goals or a mere brochure site that'll do nothing for your bottomline.

If you're considering having your influencer site built or redesigned, read our proven 5-step process to help ensure you don't end up making mistakes that could cost you enormous amounts of time, money and sanity.


This is where we'll dive deep to really "get you" so we
can execute the rest of the process flawlessly.

Inspired Intake

You’ll fill out an intake form that helps us understand you, your business, your goals and vision, who you serve, and what exactly you need in order to effectively accomplish your goals.

You'll also go through a storybrand process.

Most of our clients obtain extreme clarity around their brand and positioning just from this step alone, before they even get to the… 

Creative Clarity Call

On this call, we'll dive even deeper into your brand, positioning, and business.

We'll clarify what pages you'll need on your site and the conversion goal of each page.

We'll determine the best way to position your new Influencer site in your overall marketing strategy and the optimal Call-To-Actions to drive visitors toward to optimize your business results. We'll also begin to get an idea of the design and copy structure.

Shortly after your Creative Call, your designated Project Manager will contact you and guide you every step of the way.


Depending on the Influex package you take, you can either arrange your Professional Photoshoot or we'll do that for you. Either way, you'll be guided on how to produce photography that will convey the right brand image and elicit our desired emotional response from your audience.


If you take the Essential package:

You'll write your own webcopy but we'll provide coaching and guidance.

Get our Copy Guide
Receive copy formulas, templates and guidelines to help you write your copy quickly and easily.

Guidance Call
We'll look at your copy for every web page and then coach you on how you could improve or restructure your copy. You'll come away with specific action items on how to improve your web copy for maximum results!

If you take the Expression package: 

Master your Messaging
We'll guide you through the process of crafting your own compelling origin story as well as telling it with grace, power and impact – so it engages and connects to your visitors.

Story Coaching Session with Patrick Combs
Hall of Fame inspirational speaker and bestselling author Patrick Combs will take you through a process of excavating golden nuggets from your personal journey, which we'll use to craft a strong and powerful origin story – one that captures hearts, ignites people's minds and builds trust.

We'll then write your copy for you (2 revisions), which you can tweak to match your voice even more. We'll have copy review calls as needed

Step 2: Essence Expression

Using the assets you provide, we'll create a custom design from scratch of each page of your site, expressing your unique essence and authentic expression through every word and image.  

This is what we've found to be what sets our clients apart from their competition – and is our sweet spot.

Creative Collaboration

We'll design each page, starting with the homepage and create revisions based on your feedback (up to 3 revisions per page). We'll finalize it when we're both happy with the end result.

(Because of our Essence Extraction process, which ensures we get you – and your vision – on a deep level, we usually get things right within the first 2 tries.)

See Your Vision Come to Life, Page by Page!

As soon as we finalize the design for each page, we develop it and put it on a test site.

This allows us all to see work out the kinks well before launch and it allows you to request any final tweaks to make it just perfect.

Step 3: Expert Execution

The hallmark of a well-developed site is when nothing frustrating
happens and everything works as it should.

This step is where we ensure:

  • Your site is secure.
  • Your site looks good on all devices and browsers.
  • All forms, links and plugins work properly.
  • Ensure your site is setup for SEO success.
  • All videos, images and media are embedded, optimized (for page speed) and loading properly.
  • Information about your site and your site visitors' behavior are being gathered properly (which you can analyse later and use as basis for important business and marketing decisions.)
  • Easy to manage. Your custom design is built with a WordPress Drag and Drop editor so you get the best of both worlds: a completely custom design that you can actually maintain and update.
  • and much much more.

Because this step requires experience and expertise, many providers (even agencies) are unable to execute this properly.

Our Quality Control (QC) process is a comprehensive 58-point Checklist (many of which have sub-checklists and nested “if-then” instructions!).

Your Project Manager and our team of developers will go through your site with a fine-toothed comb and execute their QC systems. They'll implement the necessary fixes BEFORE anything happens.

We'll then test everything again and carry our meticulous Quality Control procedures.

Once you're happy with how every page looks and functions… we launch your influencer site!

Step 4: Launch Party & Promotion!

By “launching your site”, we don't just mean making it LIVE.

We'll celebrate your launch and shout about it on all our Social Media channels as well as feature your site on our Influex blog.

We'll also drive ad traffic to that blog post AND drive traffic to your newly minted Influencer site! (We suggest you also promote your new site extensively – a site launch is a good excuse to release campaigns about you and your mission).

As part of this, we ask you to fill out your Experience Enhancer form. Your feedback helps us ensure we improve our processes (and the customer experience) even more.

We “hand over the keys” to your site along with easy to follow video tutorials on how to edit the content using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality. This lets you edit your site's content without knowing a lick of code!

Ready to get your Influencer Site?

After we launch your influencer site you might need some help in designing/developing
more materials for your brand's online marketing needs.

Don't worry, we have you covered!

(Optional) Step 5: essence evolutIon

After your influencer site is done, you might need ongoing help as you
keep releasing new content, offers, events, and programs.

You can buy 40 hour “blocks” of flex funds any time you wish, which you can use for any design or development work you need for the same brand that we just launched your site under.

You'll have access to the same creative and development team who built your Influencer site.


Or, if you instead subsribe to one of our ongoing “Stay Engaged” Essence Evolution plans where we'll take more of a lead role in the continued evolution and expansion of your business, you get all sorts of bonuses:

  • 20-40% discounts (so your Flex Funds go even farther)
  • 1-4 Momentum Calls per month with your project manager to provide proactive guidance
  • Rollover of hours for slower months (depending on the plan you pick).

Basically, for the cost of hiring a part-time designer, full-time designer, or small team (depending on the package you pick), you can have our entire team working for you!

We understand that ultimately, what you really want as an Influencer is to:

  • Get more qualified leads.
  • Repel tire kickers and receive inquiries from your IDEAL clients.
  • Get paid what you're truly worth (isn't it about time you command higher fees?)
  • Have more speaking engagements (how much is ONE speaking gig worth to you?)
  • Make more sales without doubling the time you spend selling or having to hardsell.
  • Gain more engaged, rabid followers who consume your content and share them religiously.
  • Make a much greater impact...

Our Influencer sites are designed exactly with
all those purposes and goals in mind.

Ready to get your Influencer Site?

Influex packages start at just 3 payments of $9,000. Get your influencer site by applying here now.

To evaluate if we're a fit for each other, schedule an Alignment Assessment where we'll get to know your business goals and vision, and walk you through our unique process.

frequently asked questions

We'll discuss the details and which package fits you best on our Alignment Assessment call.

You'll get creative direction from us to ensure that the design, copy, and marketing goals are all aligned, resulting in a site that is not only beautiful but one that gets results!

Glad you asked! It doesn’t include:

  • API Integrations
  • E-Commerce / Order Forms / Shopping Cart
  • Email Accounts Setup or Transfer
  • Search Engine Optimization / Keyword Analysis
  • Sales Funnel Pages or Implementation
  • CRM Setup / Funnel Builds

If you need these services, let us know and we’ll likely have a partner or someone in our network who can help you out. We’d be happy to make the introduction.

A site transfer or SEO audit is not included in this price. However, if you have a current site on your domain and need an SEO-friendly transfer, we will evaluate your site and provide a custom quote for the transfer (likely $1k – $2k, depending on complexity). This is because we’re very sensitive to legacy rankings from your existing site and blog.

“We also build company sites for companies that are looking to bring their brand to the next level through state-of-the-art storytelling, engagement strategy, marketing strategy, and artistry. Telling the story of your company is key to building trust and generating leads. Let's chat to see if we're a good fit to build your company site.”

We’ll need a couple of hours from you up front on “visioneering” with us and getting us content… after that, several check ins and revision calls will be required, as your personal feedback will be valuable to make this the most personalized site for you.

We’ll do our best to have it all done and delivered in 90 days or less after receiving your copy, photography, and other relevant assets.

If you go through our onboarding processes like a champ, provide us with photography and content, answer our copy-related guiding questions, and give us design feedback within a reasonable time, you’re golden!

Your influencer site could be the mechanism that connect all your other marketing efforts into one cohesive brand story. So regardless of where you are currently at in your chosen niche, this could be the perfect positioning tool to build your credibility and make you stand out in the marketplace.

Ready to get your Influencer Site?

*Secure your spot with a $99 refundable application deposit

Wordpress Backups
The Most Reliable Daily Backups
for WordPress Websites.

If the unthinkable happens and you need a site restored,
we’ll take care of that for you — fast.

Your World-Class Website is always
available, no matter what:

Stored Securely Off-Site

Independent, remote storage means that your backups are always available when you need them most. Even if your server goes down.

Won't Slow Down Your Site

Sites are backed up incrementally so it won't load down your server and slow down your site like other providers do. It's important to you, it's important to us.

Fail-Proof Migrations

Changing hosts? No problem! Our full-service backups offer you a simple way to migrate your World-Class Website without the stress or failure worry.

90 Days of Storage

Access to 90 days of backup history. So if you need to restore a previous version of your site, it's as easy as just saying so!

Immediate Recovery

We can recover your website with just a few clicks. If something happens, we'll get your site back up before anyone even notices.

Maintenance Dashboard

Never wonder if your World-Class Website's been backed up!  Our Maintenance Dashboard plugin shows you a running log every backup.

Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring That
Goes the Extra Mile.

Your World-Class Websites are safe and protected from the daily attacks
that threaten their integrity. Security monitoring is a no-brainer must,
and it comes included in our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plans.

Relax knowing your sites are safe
with Peace Of Mind

Daily Automatic Scans

Deep automated scans detect malware, anti-viruses and malicious code that can be on your client's site.

Deep Malware Detection

Our malware scans dive deep to find the complex WordPress malware that others don't catch.

Rapid Malware Cleanup

When malware is detected on a site, our peace of mind engineers are on the scene immediately to clean it up.

Powerful Firewall

Blocking bad guys from day one! Suspicious IPs and malware bots are prevented from entering your WordPress sites.

Attack Prevention

An automatic and powerful captcha login protection system keeps would-be hackers and bots out.

Wordpress Hardening

You can rest assured that your sites are secure according to the recommended WordPress best practices.

Say Goodbye to
Problematic Plugin Updates.

Far gone are the days of plugin updates giving you headaches or worse — breaking
your World-Class Website and forcing you to spend valuable time fixing it.

Our Visual Validator ensures success.

Welcome to the Future of
Automated Wordpress Updates

How Visual Validator perfects the update process:

Visual Validator takes screenshots of up to 10 pages of your site.

Updates are applied.

Visual Validator takes new screenshots and compares them to see if anything looks different.

If changes are detected, our peace of mind engineers are alerted and will resolve the issue.

Break-Free Updates

Our Visual Validator means plugin updates won’t cause visual problems on your site!

If a new version of a plugin you’re using doesn’t play nice, we’ll know about it before there’s a problem. The Visual Validator alerts our happiness engineers to take a personal look.

Pick and Choose Which Plugins
to Update

Our update process lets us pick and choose which updates to run. So if needed, we can exclude updates which are known to be problematic from the process.

You have full visibility and complete control over this through the Updates tab of the Maintenance Dashboard plugin.