Brand Your True Self

Swipe the surprisingly simple process we've used to build the brands of top internet influencers

Access the Recording of this Step-By-Step Training to Immediately Create Brand Bible Blueprint so That You Can Express Your Essence, Amplify Your Influence and
Brand Your True Self

(and get a sneak peak at Influex CEO's new personal brand)

Presented by

Jonathan Greye

Influex Imagineer

Jonathan has over a decade of experience ranging from some of the world’s largest brands to personal brands to startups and more... and now brands our top internet influencer clients.

Discover The Simple Brand Bible Blueprint...

The Step-By-Step Process for how to complete your own Brand Bible Blueprint.

Clarity around your influences and heroes that provide you with insight into how your brand can be fully expressed while attracting your dream clients.

Uncovering the traits, aesthetics and inspirations that inform your own unique expression.

The ease of compiling your own mood board so that you can rapidly see your brand come to life in real time.

REVEALED: Dmitriy Kozlov's new personal Brand Bible in-the-making

You will immediately IMPLEMENT on this training so that you can complete most of your Brand Bible directly on the training.

Your complete Brand Bible will empower you with the Creative Clarity to design your website and write your copy with ease.

If you have a team, this simple tool will save you tons of time, energy and money because it will FINALLY communicate what you stand for, who you are, and who you serve.

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