Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard Is A Life-Long Entrepreneur Based In Austin, TX.
At a very young age, I realized that life was truly a gift from God and that we should strive to live our lives to our fullest potential to honor that gift.

My single biggest passion in life is helping others do the same…

Whether that’s starting your own business, achieving financial freedom, transforming your health, or helping you remember the purpose and passion of your soul…

I believe that you are capable of extraordinary achievements and that the world needs your gifts…

Scott Danner

Scott Danner.

Financial Advisor turned Life Advisor, Founder of Freedom Street Partners, and Creator of the L.I.F.E. Model.

But most importantly? I’m here simply because I CARE.

Connecting with people has always come easy to me. I’m curious. I want to know you. And, if I can, I want to help you, too.

It started with Freedom Street Partners, which has grown massively since its start in 2016 by helping advisors from firms across the country understand and achieve more freedom in their business.

And now, I’m taking my decades of experience navigating “balance” and “perfection” in my own High Performance Life,
and have put it into the revolutionary LIFE Model- a proven-process for helping other High Performers find deeper
meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their lives, too.

Balazs W Kardos


Game-Changing Ideas And Practical Steps for Unlocking a Life of True Freedom

I’ve got stories for you. Great conversations with epic entrepreneurs. Practical tips from my own experience of how to build your dream life your way. Take a look behind the curtain and see how it all happens right here in the Diamond Life Mentor Podcast.

Man Talks

My Name Is Connor Beaton

I’ve been where you are. I watched my entire life collapse around me because I didn’t have the skills, discipline or training I needed to do any better.

When I climbed out from the rubble, it became my personal mission to help men call out the bullshit, take back control of their lives, without hitting rock bottom and watching their lives collapse around them.

Raj Jana

Raj Jana is a social entrepreneur, show host, speaker & mentor for social Entrepreneurs helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives build their dreams to find more success, passion & happiness in daily life & work.

Lewis Howes

“A simple, beautiful website can make all the difference for your business. Your website is one of the first things people will see, and it sets the tone for how they engage with you, your content, and the products you offer.

Influex reinvented my website to be simple, beautiful, and the best place to experience The School of Greatness.”