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How to Manage a Small Firm

The How to Manage A Small Law Firm Listen Up App is packed with hundreds of hours of tools, trainings and proven growth strategies to help you hit your highest revenue goals and fast-track your path to freedom!

You’re an awesome lawyer. But no one taught you how to market, how to hire, how to improve your sales conversions. That’s not your fault, but it is your business!

Right now, from your smart phone you can learn everything you need to know to get to the next level.

Jim Kwik

KWIK BRAIN is my online learning and courses platform. My mission is to “activate” your cognitive potential by sharing with you our brain training techniques and accelerated learning methodologies. The goal is to enhance your brain function, tap into the power of your mind, and build confidence to become limitless. Our courses are designed with maximum effort and intent to have the greatest impact possible and make it as effective for you to learn and grow.


Over 13 years ago Aleric got his start on YouTube by building AppFind which became the largest app review channel on the platform with over 500k+ subscribers. Through building his channel he discovered the power of YouTube Ads and began running highly profitable campaigns for a variety of big name companies honing his craft.

Haeggquist & Eck, LLP

We have a 99% success rate.

This means that 99% of clients we take on receive a settlement or win a judgment at court. Are you ready to be our next success story?

We are a rare women-owned law firm.

We are a rare women-owned law firm. Nearly every one of our partners is a woman. While we enthusiastically represent clients of all genders, the overwhelming majority of our clients are women who have suffered egregious wrongs at the hands of their employers. If you’re a woman seeking representation, we know how sensitive a topic this is for you, and our founder Alreen Haeggquist founded this firm to serve women just like you. We “get” your situation personally. Like most work fields in America, the legal field is male-dominated. We know what it’s like to be underestimated. We will fight for your success just like we have fought for our own power and success in the legal field. No one will ever underestimate you again.

Shaun T Fitness

About Shaun T


I’m a sophomore in college about to
host my first-ever exercise class.

It was a requirement to teach a group exercise class for 
my major. I wanted to blend hip hop with aerobics…
something that no one had done before at my school.

I put fliers up all around campus hoping for 15 students tops. I’m astonished to see 90 at the door of a group exercise room… that barely holds 60.

Alexander Shunnarah



Our lawyers are not like other lawyers. They’re thoroughbreds who’ve been tested in battle and stand above the rest. You can trust that our army of lawyers will have your back and fight relentlessly to get justice for you and your family.

Most personal injury firms settle too early because they’d rather rack up easy but small wins, instead of going the extra mile and getting you every dollar you — deserve and more.