Kristen Butler LLC

Hi, I’m Kristen

The founder and CEO of the Power of Positivity, a community that serves 50 million passionate people committed to living their best life.

I serve this incredible community because I’ve always had an innately abundant and positive approach to life. Yet my path to realizing this wasn’t a simple one.

Balazs W Kardos


Game-Changing Ideas And Practical Steps for Unlocking a Life of True Freedom

I’ve got stories for you. Great conversations with epic entrepreneurs. Practical tips from my own experience of how to build your dream life your way. Take a look behind the curtain and see how it all happens right here in the Diamond Life Mentor Podcast.

Dr. Venus Opal

Featuring a Business Badass. Sub/Dom/Switch.
Shittalkin. Godlovin. Master-Manifester.

Joe Polish

Meet The Joe Polish

Joe Polish is one of the most sought-after marketers alive today.

Known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet, he leverages his networking prowess to bring together the top industry transformers and leaders in the world. His mission is to change the global conversation around addiction and recovery from one of judgment to one of compassion.

Jim Kwik

KWIK BRAIN is my online learning and courses platform. My mission is to “activate” your cognitive potential by sharing with you our brain training techniques and accelerated learning methodologies. The goal is to enhance your brain function, tap into the power of your mind, and build confidence to become limitless. Our courses are designed with maximum effort and intent to have the greatest impact possible and make it as effective for you to learn and grow.

Eric Ritter

Born and raised in Mainz, Germany, I grew up surrounded by vineyards. Wine was a part of life, and if there’s one ingredient that matters in vinification, it’s quality and keen attention to detail. 

Not only a person with a passion for wine but someone who looks beyond good enough, always in search of pairing the right solution to the right situation.