Health Center

Our mission is to empower the next generation of health practitioners with the knowledge & support you need to heal yourselves and heal the world. 

Through ever-evolving education and research, we’re here to help you find the Real answers that address the Root cause of the Rampant chronic illness around the world to create Real healing in yourself and in your clients. 

Dr. Mahsa Khodabakhsh

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Rapid Transformational Therapist and a “Soul Doctor”. 
What does that mean? I’m what many call an “Intuitive.” Since I was a child, I’ve had a mystical knowingness, “a spidey sense”, that tells me exactly what your Soul needs to heal. More on that later.

In my Chiropractic practice I’ve helped thousands of people heal from chronic pain, injuries, depression, anxiety, trauma, and to restore their lives to health and wholeness-

To be a better healer, I had to go beyond what they teach in traditional medicine
and Chiropractic school.

Power Of Positivity

In 2009, the Power of Positivity® was born after its two founders (Kristen & Chris Butler) began their mission to celebrate the lifestyle of positive thinking and attitude.

This isn’t something they wanted to do… they needed to!

That will become clear once you read Kristen & Chris’ stories…

Dr. Pompa

From Pain to Purpose…


No matter how much you’re struggling with your health right now, I promise you, I’ve been there.

The reason I know that YOU can heal quickly from symptoms you’ve suffered from for years, is that I went through the same journey. At age 34, a mysterious illness descended on me, and I had to find my way back to health and wholeness. Learn how I reclaimed the best health of my life…

Ann Shippy MD

Physician. Scientist. Engineer. Mom.

Before my board certification in Internal Medicine and over a decade of practicing Functional Medicine… I was working as a chemical engineer and manager with IBM.

After returning from a vacation, I got REALLY sick. From severe gut issues, to hair loss, to extreme fatigue… my colleagues at work thought I was actually dying.

I went to many recommended doctors with high hopes of healing my body. Unfortunately at the time, I was given medications that only served as bandaids… without TRUE solutions… and my symptoms continued to worsen.

At the same time, I devoured every health book I could find, met with an ayurvedic doctor, a nutritionist, an herbalist, an immunologist, a naturopath, and an acupuncturist, putting every piece of research together and experimenting with multiple diets until I finally reached a breakthrough in my own healing. I knew that somehow there must be a better way to practice medicine…

Sylvia Ferrero

YES, our world needs your magic. But not at the expense of your health and happiness.

What if there was a way to do “success” differently?

So you get the results you want… plus, activate a sense of boundless ALIVENESS doing it?

If you’re willing, I’d be honored to guide you down the path to an enlivening possibility.

I see you.

And I believe in the power of your unshakeable Human Spirit.

When YOU are ready for you I’ll be right here in service to your body’s self-healing superpowers and your heart’s joy.