At Champion we are committed to creating winning situations for our clients and making a positive and lasting impact for them financially so that they have the freedom and confidence to create the life they’ve always wished for.

We have quickly become the #1 fastest growing Amazon partner in the United States, helping thousands of online retailers grow their stores and increase their revenue through our e-commerce automation services for both new and existing stores.

We’ve also helped thousands of clients grow their monthly recurring revenue through our done-for-you Digital Real Estate business model that provides automated and tax deductible revenue streams without all the headaches of physical rental properties.

Lewis Howes

“A simple, beautiful website can make all the difference for your business. Your website is one of the first things people will see, and it sets the tone for how they engage with you, your content, and the products you offer.

Influex reinvented my website to be simple, beautiful, and the best place to experience The School of Greatness.”

Patch Baker


Duty to operate at 100%.
High-stakes thinker.
Champion Mindset.

I knew from the age of six that I was going to join the military. As an eighth-generation Marine, I was raised with a sense of patriotism and duty, and I was proud to serve my country. It’s a different mindset than most. I’m competitive and hungry to learn. I have a desire to be the best at everything and an insatiable desire to win (ethically and within the rules).

Eyes Wide Open Collective

Eyes Wide Open Collective is a living model and template for the new economy eco-system that is here to support you to live into your own personal r(E)volution, so you can remember who you are, why you are here, and what’s yours to do.

Roland Fraiser

“It was really great from the beginning to end. I just really appreciated the professionalism and the care and the detail to really expressing what I wanted to put out into the world about myself and what I believe and what I'm looking for, and you guys nailed it… I had waited so long 'cause I hadn't really found anyone who I felt did a good job of expressing the personality of the people that they were doing the site for. I think that's so important and so many of us go out and present ourselves to the public but we never really present ourselves online in an intentional, thoughtful way. It's just kind of haphazardly whatever somebody threw up. Your process create something that is an extension and expression of the individual that you're working with. So, for me, from a professional standpoint even with speaking jobs and things like that … And I mean, I just give that site to people and they look at it and they're like, “Oh yeah. Yeah, no. No problem.” That's pretty cool.”

Mike Koenigs

<div class=”blockqoute-icon”>”When people see your site, you'll look like a rockstar and people will want to work with you immediately!”</div>
<p style=”text-align: right;”>- Mike Koenigs</p>