Vivid Vision



A Vivid Vision® is a document that paints a vivid picture of what your company looks and feels like three years into the future as if it’s already happened. It’s a powerful tool to attract top talent, align your current team, stay focused, and keep yourself motivated… even in the most challenging circumstances.



Imagine heading away to sleep-away camp with a group of exceptional entrepreneurs to dare greatly, learn deeply, and make incredible connections to last a lifetime

The Conscious Copy Messaging Workshop

Head Trainer

-Jennifer Hudye 

Entrepreneur. Copywriter. Marketer.
CEO of Conscious Copy & Co.

Jennifer has written copy that has been taken action by tens of millions of people and her clients include household names like Strategic Coach, Joe Polish, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Cameron Herold, Sally Hogshead, JJ Virgin, and many others. She’s spoken on some of the biggest stages in digital marketing including Traffic & Conversion, War Room, and Digital Agency Summit alongside people like Gary Vee, Bo Eason, Mary Morrissey, Lewis Howes, and Russell Brunson. Many refer to Jennifer as the modern-day muse for entrepreneurial leaders, helping them get clear of the vision and message they are here to share so they can motivate people to action. 

Necker Experiences

Your Private Invitation to Join Many of the World’s Most Celebrated Individuals on Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island, Necker… for an exclusive 6-Day Experience Like No Other.

Maverick EPIC Experience: Antarctica

Join us for a journey that has been over a decade in the making, featuring Maverick magic, mischief, and music on the White Continent.

We will be adventuring to Antarctica in the most epic way possible, skipping the rough seas of the Drake via private chartered flight and will be calling one of the most luxurious and environmentally friendly expedition vessels home as we sail the majestic waters of Antarctica.

This impactful expedition will be in support of Ocean Unite’s 30×30 initiative to conserve 30% of the World’s Ocean by 30×30 with a focus on the Preservation of Antarctica.

Genius Network

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