Health Center

Our mission is to empower the next generation of health practitioners with the knowledge & support you need to heal yourselves and heal the world. 

Through ever-evolving education and research, we’re here to help you find the Real answers that address the Root cause of the Rampant chronic illness around the world to create Real healing in yourself and in your clients. 

Brian Anderson

With over 25 years experience in development, sales, and marketing with companies of all sizes, Brian has been enabling entrepreneurs through mission-centric solutions.

Focused heavily on the evolution of marketing technologies, Brian began leveraging the power of the internet for marketing in 1994, and within a few short year began building solutions and platforms to solve business problems. While the players have changed, from mainframe to the Web, and more recently to mobile and blockchain technologies – the business goals remain the same: to empower Americans with the resources they need to pivot into a better financial future.

Dr. Johné Battle

I am an author, professor, keynote speaker, and change agent committed to leadership development that embraces inclusion and diversity.

In third grade, I was told I couldn’t read or write. Today, 
I hold a doctorate from the world’s leading business school and an invite to work with some of the planet’s most influential brands, organizations, and movements.

Scott Danner

Scott Danner.

Financial Advisor turned Life Advisor, Founder of Freedom Street Partners, and Creator of the L.I.F.E. Model.

But most importantly? I’m here simply because I CARE.

Connecting with people has always come easy to me. I’m curious. I want to know you. And, if I can, I want to help you, too.

It started with Freedom Street Partners, which has grown massively since its start in 2016 by helping advisors from firms across the country understand and achieve more freedom in their business.

And now, I’m taking my decades of experience navigating “balance” and “perfection” in my own High Performance Life,
and have put it into the revolutionary LIFE Model- a proven-process for helping other High Performers find deeper
meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their lives, too.

Kristen Butler LLC

Hi, I’m Kristen

The founder and CEO of the Power of Positivity, a community that serves 50 million passionate people committed to living their best life.

I serve this incredible community because I’ve always had an innately abundant and positive approach to life. Yet my path to realizing this wasn’t a simple one.