Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Thought Leaders, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs:

Why a Personal Brand Site Is One
of Your Best Investments for 2018

…and how to get one for yourself that’s even better than
the top industry influencers (at a fraction of the cost).

Just like we've done for Internet Influencers like Frank Kern,
Mike Dillard, Yanik Silver, JJ Virgin, Dean Graziosi and many more.

“Personal Branding is Non-Negotiable for 2018.”


Type your personal name into Google, pretending you are someone considering doing business with you.

Do the first few results that come up (hopefully your website) inspire you? 

Do they paint an authentic and accurate picture of who you are and what you offer the world?

I see you. And I want the world (including your audience and potential clients) to see you as I see you. That’s why I do what I do.

I was 20 years old when I built my first personal blog on 9 years ago, when I was in college and looking to share my thoughts online while generating leads for my direct sales business. It opened doors I didn’t imagine.

Before I knew it, other entrepreneurs were asking me to build them websites, and my first boutique agency (Purpose Inspired Marketing) was born, which has since evolved to the industry leading creative agency Vision Tech Team, serving growing online companies like,, Revolution Golf along with top internet influencers like Frank Kern, JJ Virgin, Dean Graziosi, Mike Dillard, Yanik Silver and many others.

While Vision Tech Team is experiencing healthy growth serving entrepreneurial companies, I’ve been inspired to go back to my roots more — integrating many years of personal experience and my incredibly talented team — into helping individual influencers express their essence online through epic personal brand sites.

After spending a year and tens of thousands of dollars trying to do this as a product, I finally surrendered to the principles of Emergence (my word for 2017) and released the attachment to creating a “scalable product” and instead returned to what we do best: SERVE entrepreneurs through custom creations.

We launched Influex in July of 2017 as a custom personal brand site service. We sold and started 25 custom personal brand sites, serving influencers, expanding our portfolio, improving our process, and creating impact (including building an entrepreneurial village that raised 1000+ people out of extreme poverty).

While we proudly launched several of the sites, many are still coming to life, largely because we discovered that our clients had a difficult time writing their own copy… so along with continuing our epic design work, we set out to solve that problem to fully empower entrepreneurs to influence the world through their evolved expression (I’ll touch more on this solution and how it serves you later in this letter).

This year, my word is EXPRESSION, both in my own voice, and in supporting your entrepreneurial expression more fully than ever before.

I envision this year being an even greater expression of my personal purpose than ever before.

My Purpose Is To Accelerate The Evolution Of Love Through Inspiring & Empowering Influencers.

I believe one of the best ways to fulfill on this is through empowering you with a platform for your expression in a way that also drives profits for your business: an epic personal brand site that authentically and artistically expresses your essence online.

I believe this… but it’s not just about my personal opinion. It’s not surprising to me that this conversation is all over entrepreneurial media these days.

When I was 20, Gary V was an inspiration to me as he came on the scene with his book, “Crush It!” He’s still proudly promoting the value of personal branding:

“It's important to build a personal brand because it's the only thing you're going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game. You've got to be out there at some level.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Another hero I closely followed when in my early twenties was Tim Ferriss.

I just read an article on that said “personal branding is non-negotiable for 2018.”

And from Forbes…

“The Power Of Personal Branding
Can Uplift Your Business”

“Personal Branding Is A Leadership Requirement”

With countless more in mentions in major media.

It’s not just that business celebrities are becoming the new celebrities and that Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars… it’s that your personal brand influences everything you do in your career, and the sooner you start doing it with intention (and authentically), the better.

Along with my talented team and all we’ve learned over the years in this industry, it’s my mission to help you do this the right way.

I’ll tell you exactly what we’re offering in a moment and how you can be part of it, but first I want to make sure you completely understand the value of a personal brand site and why it’s such an essential part of your business in 2018…

11 Reasons Why an Iconic Influencer Site Is One of Your Best Investments (and Why Top Influencers in Your Industry Hire Us to Build Theirs):

There are more coaches, experts, information marketers, educators, service professionals, speakers and authors than ever - and they’re all learning how to market themselves online. But there’s only one YOU. How is your digital presence going to stand out in a unique and meaningful way?

I trust you offer a quality service to the world. Does your digital presence fully reflect that in a way that inspires people to connect, to share, to refer, and to buy?

We’ve learned from previous clients that an efficient, streamlined and beautiful interface tells your audience that you are a high quality brand.

To many, how you appear online can be a reflection of your reputation. The right personal brand site ensures that you make the right first impression.

While you can’t control Google, it’s up to YOU what shows up on your personal domain (and often with some content work, where it shows up in the rankings for your key terms).

Another one of my early entrepreneurial heroes was Tim Ferriss, who wrote: “Branding is no longer for Fortune 500 companies and Madison Avenue agencies with excessive budgets and inadequate tracking. Personal branding is about managing your name […] Get Google insurance. Register the URLs for your name and variants, and consider creating a blog.”

When someone wants to refer you qualified clients, where do they go? Most often — even with a personal email intro — they go to check out your website before talking to you. Right now, what do they experience? Is your site effectively pre-selling for you through genuine connection and smart marketing?

As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “the best business you can get is through referrals… a high-end personal brand site amplifies the power of those referrals wanting to do business with you.”

Whether you like it or not, your “image” affects your business. I love this article Neil Patel wrote about How Spending $162,301.42 on Clothes Made Him $692,500: Where he describes an experiment in how premium clothes have helped him make exponentially more money and build valuable business relationships. You personal brand site is like your digital outfit that you wear to every business meeting with a potential buyer, media connection, and referral partner… what kind of first impression are you making? This isn’t “materialistic” — it’s marketing that makes sense (and dollars).

To further the clothing analogy… when you love how you look, you’re naturally inspired to go out more. It’s the same for a beautiful personal brand site — when it’s a work of art, you’ll create on the canvas more often.

You will create more quality content when you have a beautiful platform for it.

Aside from all business benefits and objectives, when your brand is an authentic expression of who you are, you’ll feel better about your online presence. When it’s authentic, you’ll feel aligned — and, alignment leads to more abundance.

From social to podcasts to major media, you’ll attract more media attention.

And this goes both ways… with a top tier personal brand site, you have the ideal hub to bring potential new audiences back to, whether it’s from social media links, podcasts, media appearances, etc.

One of our clients recently told me he’s getting booked for a major TV show as a result of the personal brand site we built him

A personal brand site isn’t just some add-on to your funnels, ads, and social presence. It’s actually the center of your online world. If your business is even remotely connected to your personal name, many of your marketing efforts ultimately drive to or stem from

Once you have this brand clearly identified, you can use this style-guide for your other online assets (such as social images, Facebook ads, landing pages, etc) creating branding congruence from the center.

When people opt-in on your personal brand site, they’re opting in to YOU, not just the lead magnet you’re offering. They’re more likely to be excited to open your emails, learn from you, and buy from you.

A personal brand site allows you to share YOUR authentic story as clearly, powerfully, and vulnerably as you wish. Without this exceptional resource, you’re left with an audience who learns about about you through various other channels… many of which give off inconsistent, confusing and possibly even incongruent pictures of who you are.

“Successful storytelling builds brand equity, and businesses with high brand equity don't need to draw as much attention to themselves and their achievements as those that are still establishing their value to the customer.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

What’s one (or more) speaking gig, consulting client, or media connection worth to you? Chances are, attracting just a few more aligned engagements will have this asset quickly paying dividends on your initial investment, and will continue to produce value for you.

While this can be an authentic artistic expression for you, it’s more than just vanity, it's true VALUE to your bottom line.

Top Online Experts Trust Us With Their Brands

We're confident you’ll absolutely love what we’ll deliver because we’re the same team that built the Personal Brand Sites of top online influencers like Frank Kern, JJ Virgin, Mike Dillard, Ted McGrath, Yanik Silver and many others.

Frank is regarded by many as the most sought after Direct Response internet marketing consultant and copywriter on the planet.

“I love these guys! Not only do they clearly get all the techie stuff in making my funnels work and built me a stunning website, they also speak marketing and really get my world. They did a great job on my recent launch, fixed a bunch of my technology inefficiencies, and have been super proactive in anticipating my needs so I can focus on product creation and writing good copy. I get a great ROI from working with Vision Tech Team and recommend them to anyone who needs a top notch design and tech team.”


Frank Kern |

"They delivered a personalized and beautiful site I truly love."

“It’s not easy to capture the essence of someone’s work but Vision Tech Team delivered a personalized and beautiful site that I love. I’ve been working with Dmitriy and his team for the past few years and highly recommend working with them if you’ve got a visionary message or bigger impact you want to get out in the world."


Yanik Silver |

"The best site I've ever had."

“I’m so glad I jumped in with Dima and Vision Tech Team on my personal brand site. They completely understood what I was looking for and helped me create the best site I’ve ever had! Can’t recommend them enough - you’ve got to hire them!”


Tim Atkinson |

"It feels like an extension of my soul."

"Influex is for people who care about expressing themselves fully.. My site rocks. The about page is so sexy. It feels like an extension of my soul. I Highly recommend Influex."


Dane Maxwell |

"A beautiful personal brand site I truly love."

"Not only did they build me a beautiful personal brand site I truly love, they’ve seamlessly managed the tech for all my launches and product delivery! It’s clear that our project manager and the whole team really cares about our success. I’m impressed with their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, and tech and marketing expertise."


Ted McGrath |

"I've been doing personal brand sites since 1993... I know what it takes, and they knocked it out of the park [...] completely strategic, a business tool, and expression of my essence."

When I Say a GREAT Personal Brand Site - an Iconic Influencer Site - I Mean More Than just Having Your Outdated Pic and Bio on, but One That Incorporates all the Key Influencer Ingredients...

Because it’s your Personal Brand Site that will serve as the glue that ties together all your trust-building efforts online, you can’t just have any Personal Brand Site.

What you need is one that:

It tells your story with high impact...

In a way that you draw people in immediately, inspire them and remain in your readers’ minds long after they’ve left your website.

It makes you stand out.

It clearly demonstrates the value you bring and what makes you different.

It makes you EXCITED to publish content...

Which then makes your site visitors want to visit often and read your content.

It drives your sales & marketing forward.

Each page is custom designed specifically to achieve your business goals based on the Primary Purpose of your site.

It drives leads.

It comes built-in with list-building components and with your thought-leadership in mind and it pre-sells your audience on working with you.

It’s beautiful (whatever that means to you).

The aesthetic is authentic and artistic, true to your tastes, and experiential for your audience.

It’s an authentic expression of who you are (your entrepreneurial essence)

It’s not a “me too” site that mimics the top marketers in your space, but rather a unique and authentic expression of YOU, with relevant inspiration from iconic influencers in your industry.

Influex custom personal brand sites start at just 3 payments of $9,000. To get started, you’ll have to apply first and put down a refundable $250 deposit. We’ll then hop on an Alignment Assessment call with you to determine if we’re a good fit. If we are not, we’ll immediately refund your deposit.

While I’d love to help you with express your essence online with an epic personal brand site, you don’t NEED me. You have plenty of other options for creating (or upgrading) your personal brand site…

We’re not the only game in town. You technically have plenty of other options. Though I do firmly believe we’re the best one, and put my reputation on the line when I say, that you absolutely won’t find anything better than our current Influex offer…

However, you may not be the right fit for us (or vise versa), so I’ll transparently share your other options, and the pros and cons I see in each.

Option #1: Do it yourself with tools and templates.

You can buy a WordPress template and build your own site (you can even use ClickFunnels or LeadPages for a basic version). This is what I did when I first started out – and it’s better than nothing – but now that I have a team of digital artists and developers, I couldn’t imagine doing it all myself.

Pros: It’s cheap (cost of a template), you control the timeline, you control the details, the end-result is entirely up to you.

Cons: Takes time and expertise, difficult for most people, limited design opportunity. If you do have a great vision, it’s hard to bring it to reality yourself.

Unless you’re just getting started and on a super tight budget (with a lot more time than money, and some tech skills), I don’t recommend this approach.

Option #2: Hire outsourcers to do it for you.

You can hire a designer to do the design, then a developer to code it for you, saving some money with “outsourcing” the work overseas.

Pros: You can save some money. You direct and control the process. You don’t have to do all the work.

Cons: Most outsourcers don’t have the vision, they follow your instructions (and you don’t know what you don’t know). You have to manage the whole process.

I’ve worked with many “outsourcers” in my day.

In fact, much of our team is in the Philippines — they’re like a family that’s been with us for years and we hang out in person (and we don’t consider them “outsourcers”). But I also know that working with international outsourcers you’ve never met can be a frustrating process of management and communication, and you rarely get what you want or expect.

I’ve heard several entrepreneurs tell me “I can go get this done for $2500 or less myself by outsourcing” … and I’ve NEVER seen them come back with a site at all, much less a quality site they were proud of.

If you’re super clear on your vision and working on a tight budget though, this might be a good option.

Option #3: Hire a professional freelancer.

You can hire an independent professional freelance web designer. It’s likely he or she would have a coder they refer the development to. If you’re super lucky and find the right person, they can even help you on some of the strategy. I recommend finding one that has significant previous experience with personal brand sites, understands direct response marketing (after all, your site isn’t just there to make you look pretty, but also to drive results for your business)

Pros: Almost a single point of contact, likely has relevant experience, cheaper than a typical agency.

Cons: Hard to find a good one, potentially limited design perspective (vs. a creative team), expertise is typically limited to one area. You still have to write your own copy.

Finding this unicorn professional is difficult — and I’d venture to bet that the ones who are really good likely charge the same as we do, while you still have to interface with other vendors.

Option #4: Have your internal team do it.

If you have an internal team with some web skills, you can have them build your personal brand site for you. Depending on their skill level, experience and availability, this may be a great option for you – but I’ve rarely seen it be optimal personally. Tony Robbins is a great example (and humbly, I *still* think we could improve his site a lot).

Pros: Your team gets you. You *might* save money this way (not including opportunity cost). Your team is accountable to you and cares about the results.

Cons: You don’t have outsider expertise on the process OR your brand. Your team likely has other profitable priorities. Chances are, they’re not designers either.

We’ve been hired by several entrepreneurs who first tried to get their internal teams to do this (not surprisingly, by trying to model some of our clients’ sites).

Even some of our clients have who internal development teams preferred to have us do their personal brand sites (like

If you choose any of the four options above, I invite you to swipe what inspires you from our portfolio (as many others have) and download our free resources for better results on your own.

Sidenote: Many entrepreneurs have come to us asking “Can I get the Mike Dillard site?” or “Can you just send me the Frank Kern theme?” or even “Can you clone the JJ Virgin site for me?” … and the answer is always: NO! It doesn’t work that way. While it’s great to use industry icons and great design for inspiration, we believe YOUR personal brand site should be an authentic expression of YOU, not a templated clone of an influencer you admire.

Option #5: Hire (another) agency.

You can hire a top tier agency who does this work well (outside of INFLUEX)… whose price brackets are generally no less than $50k + (for the good ones).

In fact, here’s a “competitor” whose portfolio I respect and whose work I trust:

Another one I admire is Digital Telepathy. Last I heard they start at $30k/month for their great design work. They’ve actually referred this work directly to us because we specialize in it (and can do it more affordably).

Below that price range we haven’t found anything we’d be proud to recommend.

I don’t suggest hiring a design agency who doesn’t have a significant personal brand site portfolio (even if their other designs are pretty good), because you’ll still get billed agency prices without the relevant expertise.

Pros: With the right agency, you’ll get an epic site that drives results, and you’ll enjoy the process.

Cons: There are very few agencies who do this well, and those who do charge top dollar.

I’ve researched these options extensively. It’s important to me that if I make you an offer, that I know it’s the best possible option for you. If I didn’t truly believe that, I would go do something else with my career.

I remember Peter Diamandis speaking at Genius Network…

“If you’re looking for a surgeon, there’s only one data point you need to know to feel confident: How many of this kind of surgery has this surgeon successfully done in the last month?

In summary: Recent, Relevant Results Matter. This is what we do for a living (and a passion).

That’s why Industry Influencers agree that Influex is the best choice for your epic personal brand site…

When you hire my Influex team to build your personal brand site,
here’s what you get under one roof:

Digital Artistry (Design)

Our team of digital artists will carefully craft each page for you, custom designed to look great and meet the Primary Purpose of your site. You’ll get creative direction from our team to ensure that the design, your copy, and marketing goals are all aligned in a beautiful work of art that you’re proud of.

Most Influencer sites include custom design pages for Homepage, About page, Services / Work With Me page, Testimonials page, Blog / Podcast page, and Contact page.

Since your image is such an important element of your Influencer site, we have resources to guide you on the best photography to integrate with our design work.

Intelligent Implementation (Development)

Our team of dedicated developers will code your design to life in a responsive (mobile friendly), easy to edit (we’ll give you tutorials), and fast loading WordPress site.

After completion, you’ll have the option to maintain and edit your own site, or continue to use our team for your site maintenance, security updates, and access our design & development team with our affordable monthly Influex Insider option.

Essence Expression Expertise

Through our Initial Intake and Creative Consultation we discover your entrepreneurial essence and co-create a vision for how to express that online through your epic personal brand site. One of our biggest passions is in advising influencers to authentically articulate their message in a way that aligns purpose and profits.

Marketing Minds

We aim to build a beautiful work of art that drives results for your business. After discovering your site’s Primary Purpose, we leverage our direct response marketing minds along with our dynamic design chops to intentionally innovate each page to guide visitors towards that purpose. In addition to our inspiring Influencer site portfolio, our design team and advisors have architected high converting funnels and websites for internet marketing… and we apply all that insight into YOUR design.

Creative Copywriting & Consulting

After designing dozens of epic sites and sometimes chasing (sometimes virtually stalking!) our clients for copy, we’ve realized how difficult it is to write your own copy (even for experienced copywriters).

We’ve decided to remove this roadblock for you. With our new Expression package, we’ll write your website copy for you. In addition to our internal copywriter, we’ve brought in David Muntner who recently co-launched Evolved Expression with Yanik Silver to help write your copy.

If you choose to write your own copy with our Essential package, you have our full support. On top of giving you the structured framework for great personal brand site copy (based on dozens of sites), we will also gift you two Copy Consultations to guide you in starting and fine-tuning your messaging.

Expert Storytelling with Patrick Combs

A great story is an essential component of any successful personal brand. We’re excited to add world renowned storytelling expert Patrick Combs to our team, to offer you personalized, 1:1 story coaching for the Expression and VIP Experience packages. Every package also includes access to Patrick Combs’ 44 Storytelling Techniques as a story enhancing resource.

Organized Operation (Project Management)

You will have a primary point of contact – your Influex Implementer (project manager) – who will guide you through entire process, making it easy and organized for you, while managing all the moving pieces. You’ll have an organized list of your own to-do’s (like reviewing designs) in Basecamp while our team of digital artists and creative coders brings your site to life under the expert guidance of your project manager.

This Isn’t for Everyone. Are We Aligned?

It’s important to me that we enjoy working together and that you get major value from hiring us, so I want to make sure we’re totally aligned.

Influex is likely a fit for you if:

You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, artist, coach, advisor, influencer, etc.

You’re either someone I’d dub as a “Rising Star” in your niche or you’re already an established expert in your chosen field. You have a clear understanding of what differentiates you from others and you now want to broaden your reach and make an even bigger impact.

You’ve already achieved some clarity around your brand, your core message, your story, your offers or your funnels.

You’re done with all the planning and strategizing and now you are ready to execute! Right now you just need expert help to bring it all together in a single cohesive site.

You already have a profitable business (or are creating one) that will benefit tremendously if you enhance your online presence.

You may already have a personal brand site, but you feel that it’s no longer cutting it. What you need now to make big leaps forward is a personal brand site custom-built to boost your credibility, authority and build trust in the digital marketplace.

You’re an artist with a unique expression and message to share with the world.

We’ve built epic brand sites for musicians, actors, and poets, so this is not strictly just for “business-minded” people. Influex is perfect for you if you want to convey your artistic expression in the most congruent, authentic way possible.

You’re ready to be “seen” online.

You’re ready for the exposure and you WANT your voice broadcasted, your story told, and to attract an audience and paying clients.

You care about aesthetics, artistry, and authenticity.

We pour our hearts and souls into what we do. We take pride in doing beautiful work, so we’ll be a great fit if you also see massive value in having a personal brand site that truly captures who you are, what you stand for and what you are here to do and expresses that beautifully.

It’s important for us to work with Influencers who are truly a good fit with us, to ensure that our values align and that this is actually a profitable investment for you.

So please do not apply if:

You’re not ready to be “seen” or expressed online.

If you’re still figuring things out for yourself, or you’re still working on establishing your expertise or carving out your niche, then this might not be the right time to invest in this.

You don’t care at all about beauty or aesthetics.

If having a beautiful expression of who you are online is not that high up on your top priority list yet, then Influex is not a good fit for you. Just pay an outsourcer to plug some copy into a standard template for you.

You don’t believe your brand is a relevant or a worthy investment for you at this point in your career.

In a research conducted by Kredible, they found that “53% percent of vendors have lost orders based on information found or not found about them online”. If you’re not fully convinced that you could gain or lose business based on what your prospects find about you online, then this is not for you.

You don’t have a profitable business yet or a unique expression that you’re bringing to the world, and you don’t intend on building one this year or anytime soon.

If you’re still on early in the ideation or trial-and-error phase of your entrepreneurial journey, then investing on a personal brand site might make more sense for you later on.

While it’s important for the timing to be right, I also want to warn that doing this later can cost your business more in terms of lost opportunities, whether that’s in the form of missed speaking engagements, missed lucrative partnerships or even by simply failing to appeal to higher-ticket prospects who are looking to do business only with those who “look the part” and make a great first impression.

We Like To Let Our Work Do The Talking...

When it comes to building personal brand sites, we have a competent, highly-experienced team who has a proven, tested system that takes all the timesucks and stressfests off your plate!

Look at our recents work and you’ll understand why we are the go-to agency that the bigwigs in the Internet Marketing industry trust …

Due to our Limited Capacity, We Can Commit to Only 11 Spots

Due to our limited resources (after all, this is all custom work), we're opening up 11 slots at this price and only taking applications from January 8th (my birthday) to January 30th.

Why 11? We’re very meticulous and process-oriented so it takes a lot of our resources to get each of the many moving parts involved to meet our standards. That’s why we want to limit this because we currently have enough bandwidth to take on so much.

But really… why 11? Okay, initially my team said 10. But I’m into magic-sounding-stuff and I like the number 11 better, and it’s my birthday, so we’ve decided to do 11. 😉

Pending approval, we’ll take on clients on a first-come-first-serve basis, so apply now to secure your slot. I promise – you won't get any of these packages with this level of expertise, customization, care, and aftercare at this price.

Influex custom personal brand sites start at just 3 payments of $9,000. We’ll then hop on an Alignment Assessment call with you to determine if we’re a good fit. If we are not, we’ll immediately refund your deposit.

(Only 11 spots are available, so apply now. Your $250 refundable deposit will go towards the payment of
the project if your application gets accepted. Otherwise, we'll refund you if we are not a good fit.)

We believe in Artistic
Expression as a Force For Good

Impact is integral to Influex. Last August, we raised $25,000 and lifted 1000+ people from extreme poverty by building the entrepreneurial ‘Vision Village’ in East Africa, in collaboration with Village Enterprise and our Influex Influencer clients.

For this Influex launch, we’ve chosen to support – an organization which supports and spreads awareness around addiction and art’s role in recovery – by purchasing 5 Black Stars for each Influencer who gets a site with us.

We’ll send 1 Black Star to you, we’ll send the additional 4 Black Stars to whoever you want on your behalf, giving a gift of art and also spreading awareness.

For the full Story behind the Black Star, watch the video and visit the website.

When we met with Joe Polish in his Arizona office to discuss his personal brand, he shared that this was one of his biggest passions.

Both through my personal journey with addiction and artistic expression, and in what I’ve seen in so many entrepreneurs, I trust that will cause will resonate with you as well, and I deeply appreciate your support of this cause.

Top Online Influencers Trust Us With Their Brands

Your design work is some of the best I've ever seen.

Ryan Stewman |


Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last two years. Every time I want to launch a new product, change my tech platform, or build a whole new company, they rock it with professional service, great design, and a quick turnaround. For a tech company, they really “get it” when it comes to direct response marketing, so we can speak the same language. I highly recommend them for online entrepreneurs.”

Mike Dillard,


The team at Vision Tech is nothing short of phenomenal. From the outset, they have worked hand in hand with us to craft a unique vision of our company's public face, bringing superb expertise on today's technology, tools, processes and advancements that allow us to deliver not only our goods, but our promises to our customers. The team is accessible, responsive and most of all, a delight to work with.”

Denise Cullom, Co-Owner, Double Your Dating


I’ve worked with these guys for all my tech and design needs for the past couple of years and they’ve been awesome. They also really get internet marketing, so have helped out with our most successful launches, and have improved our customer experience with great membership sites. They’re the perfect mix of creative design, technology development, and marketing expertise all in one team.”

Not only did they build me a beautiful personal brand site I truly love, they’ve seamlessly managed the tech for all my launches and product delivery! It’s clear that our project manager and the whole team really cares about our success. I’m impressed with their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, and tech and marketing expertise.

Ted McGrath ,


Working with VTT has been a privilege from start to finish. It’s rare to see an organization that is good from top to bottom. I’ve worked with tech teams before and often what they are is either an architect, where they design a house, or they’re a builder, where they’ll take your architecture plans and put them into action. What’s really unique about Vision Tech Team is that they are both the Architect and the builder. Meaning they provide architecture and design services all the way through execution. So you start at the 30,000 feet and they flawlessly land the plane. Having that design/build house prevents miscommunication and has simplified my life as an entrepreneur. It would be really difficult to consider having an in-house team again after working with Vision Tech Team.”

Robert Hirsch,


Frequently Asked Questions

With this birthday promotion, our special pricing starts at two payments of $8000 for our Essential Package. Our Expression package – which includes full story coaching and copywriting – is just three payments of $9000. We also have a VIP Experience Package at $33,000 (or 3 payments of $11,000).

We’ll discuss the details and which package is the best fit for you on our Alignment Assessment call.

Glad you asked! It doesn’t include:

  • API Integrations
  • E-Commerce / Order Forms / Shopping Cart
  • Email Accounts Setup or Transfer
  • Search Engine Optimization / Keyword Analysis
  • Sales Funnel Pages or Implementation
  • CRM Setup / Funnel Builds

If you need these services, let us know and we’ll likely have a partner or someone in our network who can help you out. We’d be happy to make the introduction.

A site transfer or SEO audit is not included in this price. However if you do have a current site on your domain and need an SEO-friendly transfer, we will evaluate your site and provide a custom quote for the transfer (likely $1k – $2k depending on complexity). This is because we’re very sensitive to legacy rankings from your existing site and blog.

We won’t build in e-commerce, a membership site, or work with your CRM (other than form integration). Though if you’re interested in more tech services from Vision Tech Team, we can chat and see if we’re a fit to serve you for the long term.

Great question! We’ve designed the 3 different packages to cater to your specific needs, and your required time commitment will vary. You can definitely expect a couple of hours up front for intake, then some time throughout the process for reviews and revisions.

We’ll do our best to have it all done and delivered in 90 days or less after we have your copy (unless we’re writing it for you), photography, and other relevant assets.

The Time is Now for You to Play a Bigger Game, Reach More People With Your Voice, and Build A Lasting Brand!

I look forward to building you a personal brand site that doesn't just make heads turn, but one that leaves a lasting mark in the readers’ minds; a site that doesn’t just surprise and delight, but one that builds trust, moves minds, touches hearts, and ignites people to action.

The longer you wait, the longer this asset is going to not work for you.

Remember you can take advantage of the 2-part or 3-part payment plans if you get accepted.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you in making the world a better place through your message, and I’m so excited to have my team create the beautiful platform your brand deserves. I look forward to proudly promoting your Iconic Influencer site in our portfolio this year!

Dmitriy Kozlov

Co-founder, Influex & Vision Tech Team

This isn’t just a business for me. It truly is a passion and my own authentic, artistic expression. I believe that most entrepreneurs are artists at the core… and it’s my honor to bring your voice, your vision, your impact to the world you wish to serve with your unique gifts through the beautiful brand site we architect for you.

You’ve heard a lot from ME in this letter. Like you, I’m a “visionary” in that I see possibilities and have a desire to create… but none of what I’ve birthed into the world would be possible without my talented and devoted team (40 team members and growing). I’m excited to share their talents in support of YOUR entrepreneurial expression.

Wordpress Backups
The Most Reliable Daily Backups
for WordPress Websites.

If the unthinkable happens and you need a site restored,
we’ll take care of that for you — fast.

Your World-Class Website is always
available, no matter what:

Stored Securely Off-Site

Independent, remote storage means that your backups are always available when you need them most. Even if your server goes down.

Won't Slow Down Your Site

Sites are backed up incrementally so it won't load down your server and slow down your site like other providers do. It's important to you, it's important to us.

Fail-Proof Migrations

Changing hosts? No problem! Our full-service backups offer you a simple way to migrate your World-Class Website without the stress or failure worry.

90 Days of Storage

Access to 90 days of backup history. So if you need to restore a previous version of your site, it's as easy as just saying so!

Immediate Recovery

We can recover your website with just a few clicks. If something happens, we'll get your site back up before anyone even notices.

Maintenance Dashboard

Never wonder if your World-Class Website's been backed up!  Our Maintenance Dashboard plugin shows you a running log every backup.

Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring That
Goes the Extra Mile.

Your World-Class Websites are safe and protected from the daily attacks
that threaten their integrity. Security monitoring is a no-brainer must,
and it comes included in our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plans.

Relax knowing your sites are safe
with Peace Of Mind

Daily Automatic Scans

Deep automated scans detect malware, anti-viruses and malicious code that can be on your client's site.

Deep Malware Detection

Our malware scans dive deep to find the complex WordPress malware that others don't catch.

Rapid Malware Cleanup

When malware is detected on a site, our peace of mind engineers are on the scene immediately to clean it up.

Powerful Firewall

Blocking bad guys from day one! Suspicious IPs and malware bots are prevented from entering your WordPress sites.

Attack Prevention

An automatic and powerful captcha login protection system keeps would-be hackers and bots out.

Wordpress Hardening

You can rest assured that your sites are secure according to the recommended WordPress best practices.

Say Goodbye to
Problematic Plugin Updates.

Far gone are the days of plugin updates giving you headaches or worse — breaking
your World-Class Website and forcing you to spend valuable time fixing it.

Our Visual Validator ensures success.

Welcome to the Future of
Automated Wordpress Updates

How Visual Validator perfects the update process:

Visual Validator takes screenshots of up to 10 pages of your site.

Updates are applied.

Visual Validator takes new screenshots and compares them to see if anything looks different.

If changes are detected, our peace of mind engineers are alerted and will resolve the issue.

Break-Free Updates

Our Visual Validator means plugin updates won’t cause visual problems on your site!

If a new version of a plugin you’re using doesn’t play nice, we’ll know about it before there’s a problem. The Visual Validator alerts our happiness engineers to take a personal look.

Pick and Choose Which Plugins
to Update

Our update process lets us pick and choose which updates to run. So if needed, we can exclude updates which are known to be problematic from the process.

You have full visibility and complete control over this through the Updates tab of the Maintenance Dashboard plugin.