… The same tools we use with our clients use to build their expressive, attention-grabbing & attention-keeping personal sites

FIRST, we gave you access to our Creative Clarity Kit that allows you to get clear on your vision, goals, and the best way to express yourself to build your BE-YOU-tiful Personal Site ❤️

WELCOME TO THE NEXT STEP… with the following resources, you have everything you need to turn this vision into reality in an organized, effective, and results-driven way 🚀💪

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This template acts as the cornerstone for EVERY site
we build. It allows you to summarize everything you
need to get your website started, including your ideal
Style, the Strategy you’re using to approach your
unique website, and the Structure and copy you want
on your site. With this template, you can transform the
ideas you formed in your questionnaire into reality.


Not sure what kind of photos to take when it
comes to your website? This guide is for you. We
give this guidebook to all of our clients because
we know the right photos can be the difference
between a website that bores people to tears and
a website that shares who you are with the world
in a powerful and profitable way.


This guide, written by our Story Superhero Patrick
teaches you how to uncover your most
compelling story to capture the hearts and minds of
your ideal prospects. Without the “right” origin story,
your site can never be great.

With it… you set yourself apart from every other person
and brand in your industry!

More About Our Story Superhero… Patrick Combs

Patrick has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people around the globe for 25 years. He’s a top-rated, widely known motivational speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business. On top of this, Patrick is a four-time author with more than 150,000 copies of his books sold. His experience of capturing stories and sharing them in the most compelling way is a superpower unlike any other we’ve come across. He’s our lead Origin Story creator with every 1-1 Influex Client, and he’s someone they treasure and adore.

Simple… It helps you connect with your prospects, makes you stand out from the crowd,
and, most important of all… sets your site up for success so it converts and delivers results!

Here are some of our clients to
explain WHY this is important…


The resources we share with you as part of Your Essence Discovery Kit are the very resources we use with our 1-1 clients that often invest $100,000+ in their personal sites.

We’re on a mission to empower influencers like yourself to fully express what makes you, YOU.

With access to Your Essence Discovery Kit, you have all you need to transform your vision into reality. Yet we appreciate how this *can* get overwhelming, especially if you’re in a period of growth and fully committed to serving your audience in the most valuable way possible.