DIY: Do Influex Yourself

Build Your Own Beautiful, Results-Driven Personal Brand Website With Our Expert Guidance

Build Your Own Beautiful Brand Site Following The Same Proven Process We Used To Create 100+ Top Influencer Sites For Clients Like...

Frank Kern

Joe Polish

Roland Frasier

Ryan Deiss

So You Can Express Your Essence, Amplify Your Impact, and Improve Your Conversion Rates without the premium price tag.

Introducing D.I.Y.


For the first  time, we’re revealing and teaching every step of our Proven Process… so that you can build your beautiful personal brand site that expresses your essence and amplifies your influence (even if you're on a tight budget).

8+ Week Live Training Program Delivered in 3 Key Phases To Implement The Influex Proven Process For Your Brand

We'll guide you step-by-step through the exact Proven Process we've used for our top clients… and as a founding member you'll have access to our creative team for feedback along the way.  

Phase 1

Essence Extraction

Week 1:

Creative Clarity & Brand Strategy

Week 2:

Site Structure & Wireframe

Phase 2

Essence Expression

Week 3:

Messaging Mastery

Week 4:

Origin Story

Week 5:

Digital Artistry (Design)

Phase 3

Expert Execution

Week 6:

The Execution Equation: Time + Team + Talent

Week 7:

Tech Stack

Week 8:

QC & Launch

DIY is right for anyone with a personal brand:

Here's EXACTLY what you get:

8+ Week Live Training Program Delivered in 3 Key Phases To Implement The Influex Proven Process For Your Brand...

Phase 1

Essence Extraction & Creative Clarity

Promise: Gain crystal clarity on your brand, your voice, and your style so you can structure your site to attract your ideal audience and convert them into clients and raving fans.

You will be guided to Creative Clarity…

Week 1: Your Brand Bible, including your:

  • Moodboard
  • Photography strategy
  • Distinct voice
  • Audience avatar
  • Style (aesthetics, fonts and colors)

Week 2: Your Strategic Site Structure:

  • Your sitemap with exactly which pages you need
  • Audience engagement & conversion journey
  • Structure and simple wireframing for each page

When you complete Phase One, you will be fully equipped to write your messaging and start design.

Phase 2

Essence Expression

Promise #1: Master Your Message (write your copy) in a way that authentically expresses your voice while attracting your audience and converting them into clients.

Promise #2: Create a design that expresses your essence while keeping things simple (whether you do your own design or work with a contractor).

You will express your clarity in words and artistry…

Week 3: Messaging Mastery

  • Copy Canvas to structure your site for writing
  • Capture your authentic voice (expression) while writing for conversions (influence)

Week 4: Craft Your Origin Story

  • Extract and write your compelling and connected origin story for the “About” page
  • Story Beyond Site: how to leverage your origin story on podcasts and stages

Week 5: Design Your Site

  • What do “DIY” vs. what to hire designers for
  • How to hire and work with a designer to maximize quality & ease on a tight budget
  • How to design for both BEAUTY and RESULTS

BONUS: Identity Design (logo)

  • Logo design course and live training for feedback
  • How to crowdsource & work with a logo designer

When you complete Phase Two, you will have a compelling message wrapped in visually beautiful design that expresses your essence… and you’ll be ready to bring it to life.

Phase 3

Expert Execution

Promise #1: Bring your site to life, whether you’re working with a contractor, a team, or doing it all yourself… in a way that you can easily manage and evolve after.

Promise #2: Know what technology to use (based on your needs, skill and budget), who to hire and how, and the correct sequence of steps to launch with confidence, quality and impact.

Week 6: The Execution Equation

  • Time + Talent + Team: what do you have and what do you need for easeful execution?
  • How to hire and work with developers to maximize results on a tight budget

Week 7: Tech Stack

  • The exact Influex Tech Stack and how to choose what’s right for you
  • Simple DIY options for “non techies” implementing without a team
  • On-site SEO fundamentals

Week 8: QC and Launch

  • Pre-launch QC checklist
  • How to launch successfully to maximize initial traffic and results!
  • BONUS: Launch within 100 days and we’ll take care of half the course payment for you (details below)

Bonus Workshops To


(so you can drive traffic and convert sales):

Advance Podcast Training

Spencer Shaw

Blogging Training

Ben Hardy

Video Content Training

Liz germain

PR and Social Media Growth

Zach Benson

Client Conversion Email Sequences

Jennifer Hudye

Sales and Enrollment Calls

Alex Moscow

How to Get Your Personal Brand in front of Millions

Mark lack

And a few cool surprises you won’t want to miss…

PLUS Additional Bonuses Include:

  • Exclusive access to our new INSIDE INFLUENCE private Facebook group of students and clients.
  • $1,000.00 Credit toward a PRO Site.

Retail Price $2000

Evergreen Pricing
Coming Soon

Just 1 Payment of $1000

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can absolutely have a team member (or more) join for the training, in fact we encourage it! No extra cost as long as they’re supporting you with your site. If you start working with contractors part way into the course, we suggest sharing some of the training recordings and tools to empower them to best serve you.
A: Start with DIY and go through the full Creative Clarity phase. After that, if you choose to hire Influex to fully design and develop your site, we’ll give you a $1000 voucher towards any of our packages (so you actually save money by starting with the course first), and you’ll already have your Brand Blueprint and Messaging in place.

A: Live trainings will be held on Thursdays and Fridays, usually at 10am PST. If you miss a training, you’ll have full access to the recordings and all resources.

A: The retail price is $2000, and for this initial live training round we’re officially offering it for two payments of $1000. However, if you implement and launch within 100 days, we’ll take care of the second payment for you, so your total tuition is just $1000.

A: Yes. Here’s our conditional guarantee: simply complete the Essence Extraction phase (Creative Clarity Questionnaire, Brand Blueprint, and Strategic Site Structure) to the best of your ability and send those to us along with your refund request within 60 days. You can request a refund anytime for any reason and we understand that this deep work can be “confronting” sometimes and priorities can change. We just want to make sure you capture some value by implementing these steps even if you choose to step out and get a full refund. 

A: The free training series we’ve been sharing teaches on specific parts of our Proven Process and some of our top tools. The full DIY program guides to step-by-step through every stage of the process over the course of 8+ weeks, with expert feedback, community support and accountability to actually launch a site you love (while enjoying the process). Think of it as the difference between attending a lecture (to learn some stuff) vs. engaging in a full semester course with an intimate group (to get a clear end result). 
A: Our Proven Process with our clients, even with the 25+ person talented team we have, has a 90 day timeline to launch a beautiful brand site that truly expresses your essence and amplifies your influence. While you can certainly “launch a site” faster than that, you’re creating so much more than a website – you’re creating the fullest expression of your essence in an online platform that will drive results for your business for years to come. You’re also mastering new skills that will serve the rest of you entrepreneurial journey. That takes time. 
A: YES! The chief aim here is to become your own best strategist, and focus on your strengths. While we’ll cover some tech + design + copy skills, we’ll also teach you the best approach to delegating the areas that aren’t in your strengths (even if you’re on a tight budget), and you’ll have the personal expertise and strategy necessary to guide your team (now and for every site you ever create). 
A: It depends on how you stack up in the Execution Equation: Time + Talent + Team + Tech (we cover this in detail in Week 6). If you implement everything yourself, it will take you more time, but you can do it on a shoestring budget (maybe a couple hundred dollars at most for tools and hosting). If you want to primarily play the strategist role, while having contractors (or an agency) take care of your copywriting, design, development and photography, you could spend anywhere from $3000 – $15k+ (regardless of your implementation plan and budget, you’ll save a LOT of time and money by learning the Proven Process).

Conditional Guarantee

If you want a refund for any reason…

We offer this Conditional Guarantee: If you don't want to continue the course for any reason, we offer a full refund if you complete the Creative Clarity phase (your Creative Clarity Questionnaire and Brand Strategy). Submit that along with your request and we'll send you a refund, no questions asked.