How To Build A GREAT Personal Brand Site That Attracts Premium Clients, and Amplifies Your Influence

Discover how to make a personal brand site that can speak to your audience effectively, and instantly communicate that you’re the best in class.


You will learn the ins and outs of building your personal brand, including:

The Brand Clarity Triangle so you know which brand site to focus on (personal, company, and product)

How to write compelling messaging that authentically expresses your voice while influencing your audience (hint: even for a personal brand, it’s NOT about YOU!)

How to tell your origin story for your audience to deeply relate to and understand you.

Exactly what to do for your brand photoshoot (even if you’re on a budget).

How to integrate authority and credibility throughout your site (without bragging) to attract new clients, media attention and speaking opportunities.

How to create your site as a content platform that keeps your audience coming back for more and sharing.

How to model the best in the industry while maintaining your own authentic expression.

Dmitriy Kozlov, Founder of Influex, will join Mike Koenigs this August 20, 2020 to teach you how to express your essence, amplify your impact, and improve your conversion rates.

Build Your Own Beautiful Brand Site Following the Same Proven Process We Used to Create 100+ Top Influencer Sites for Clients Like...

Lewis Howes

Ryan Deiss

Joe Polish

Mike Dillard

Mike Koenigs

 Your audience is looking for a voice to lead them. This is your opportunity to answer the ultimate question: “How can I help you?”