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Now You Too Can Get a Beautiful,
Results-Driven, Custom-Designed Personal
Brand Site That Captures Your Essence...

Done for You by the Same Creative Team Who Developed the
Sites of Leading Online Influencers like Frank Kern, Yanik Silver,
Mike Dillard, JJ Virgin, & David Bach…

Dear Fellow Influencer,

If you've been thinking of redesigning or rebranding your personal brand site, I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you.

I’m looking for established influencers, authors, speakers, and thought-leaders in the entrepreneurial world to create customized personal brand sites for… at such a bargain that you’d think something suspect must be going on.

I’ll explain why we’re doing this seemingly mad idea in a minute, but if the above description fits you, here’s what we want to do for you:

Top Online Experts Trust Us With Their Brands

We're confident you’ll absolutely love what we’ll deliver because we’re the same team that built the Personal Brand Sites of top online influencers like Frank Kern, JJ Virgin, Mike Dillard, Ted McGrath, Yanik Silver and many others.

Frank is regarded by many as the most sought after Direct Response internet marketing consultant and copywriter on the planet.

“I love these guys! Not only do they clearly get all the techie stuff in making my funnels work and built me a stunning website, they also speak marketing and really get my world. They did a great job on my recent launch, fixed a bunch of my technology inefficiencies, and have been super proactive in anticipating my needs so I can focus on product creation and writing good copy. I get a great ROI from working with Vision Tech Team and recommend them to anyone who needs a top notch design and tech team.”


Frank Kern | Frankkern.com

"They delivered a personalized and beautiful site I truly love."

“It’s not easy to capture the essence of someone’s work but Vision Tech Team delivered a personalized and beautiful site that I love. I’ve been working with Dmitriy and his team for the past few years and highly recommend working with them if you’ve got a visionary message or bigger impact you want to get out in the world."


Yanik Silver | YanikSilver.com

"The best site I've ever had."

“I’m so glad I jumped in with Dima and Vision Tech Team on my personal brand site. They completely understood what I was looking for and helped me create the best site I’ve ever had! Can’t recommend them enough - you’ve got to hire them!”


Tim Atkinson | tatkinson.com

"It feels like an extension of my soul."

"Influex is for people who care about expressing themselves fully.. My site rocks. The about page is so sexy. It feels like an extension of my soul. I Highly recommend Influex."


Dane Maxwell | DaneMaxwell.com

"A beautiful personal brand site I truly love."

"Not only did they build me a beautiful personal brand site I truly love, they’ve seamlessly managed the tech for all my launches and product delivery! It’s clear that our project manager and the whole team really cares about our success. I’m impressed with their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, and tech and marketing expertise."


Ted McGrath | TedMcGrathBrands.com

"I've been doing personal brand sites since 1993... I know what it takes, and they knocked it out of the park [...] completely strategic, a business tool, and expression of my essence."

So why am I doing this?

In the interest of complete transparency, I'll tell you my exact selfish motives for making this offer (it's not about the money). 

But first let me tell you a bit about my company’s history so you could put things in their proper context…

I’m the Co-Founder of Vision Tech Team, an agency that combines design, technology and marketing know-how to create not only beautiful online assets, but also well-executed campaigns and persuasive online marketing funnels. We have become the trusted go-to- agency whom many of the high-level online influencers have relied on to build their personal brand sites (as well as develop many of the mechanisms driving their online businesses).

I admit – we charge top dollar. You’ll typically pay upwards of $20K to get us to create you a personal brand site. (And that’s if we resonate with your business values and purpose.)

My team thinks I’m nuts for making this offer (and some of our clients who have paid 4x more for this same service aren’t too thrilled)… but you see, I have a vision. And I need your help.

Here are my three reasons (AKA “selfish agenda”), and how they open up a rare opportunity for you - a steal of a deal that you’ll probably never come across ever again:

First… because there aren’t really any good platforms out there, having a top-grade epic Personal Brand Site is still very limited to those who have $20K or more to spend. At the same time, even the top people who paid upwards of $20K for their site usually still end up with mediocre sites!

We want to change that.

We’re on a mission to democratize access to epic personal brand sites. We want to level the playing field in order to give even budding influencers the best platform to amplify their message and expand their reach – but without technical headaches, dealing with contractors, or having a huge budget to hire a top agency like ours.

Therefore, we’ve started building a software-as-a-service (SAAS) program that will empower any influencer with a message to share to quickly and easily build beautiful, functional, semi-customised and marketing-enabled personal brand sites for a very low monthly fee. We're on a mission to eventually get 10,000 personal brand sites out there using our Do-It-Yourself platform.

But after having my team “work in the dark” on the software for almost 9 months, I just wasn’t happy with the results.

I realized that in order to build the software at the level, quality and scale that we want, we first need to create a good enough number of highly-customized sites so that we could templatize, systematize and optimize the entire process.

So I decided to do what we’ve always done best: deliver a custom solution to real influencers then take that opportunity to systemize our value creation process.


And that’s where you get to benefit big time.

We want to work with real entrepreneurs like you who have a personal brand and a message to share, and desire an epic personal brand site to make them stand out in their marketplace.

Because only after we’ve crafted these 25 sites will we be able to equip our SAAS program with built-in, ready-to-deploy, easy-to-use, personal-brand-specific tools… and perfect the processes and systems involved and translate them into components of our SAAS program. It’s how we’ll be able to make it into a DIY solution that will come armed with enough variations and options that users can combine to create something personalized and unique to them.

Second… after we build a bunch of breathtaking, intelligently-crafted sites, we would be able to leverage them as portfolio.

Basically, I want the BEST personal brand site portfolio in the world, displaying the top online influencers!

I also have such a passion for design and I think it’s tragic to see such well-known personalities whose online personas don’t nearly measure up to their true greatness, message, and impact… all the while losing out on “leads” which means losing out on impacting more lives. I want to put an end to this.

The catch (if you can call it that) is we’re going to use much of the structure we create for you in future templates for your industry and we’ll work closely with you for feedback to make sure we get it 100% right for you.

This is a one-time, win-win opportunity. 

Now this doesn’t mean that you’ll have a bunch of cookie cutter competitor sites modeled after yours. Since your website will be one of our best advertisements or social proof, we won’t rest until we’re both happy with the outcome. We’re going to do our absolute damn best to make your site is the best in your industry, because we want it to be a model for what’s possible.

I’m truly confident that this is the best custom personal brand site option available on the market today. The only way I know that you *might* get a “better” (incrementally) personal brand site is by hiring one of my friendly competitors to build it for you for $50k – $100k (and a greater investment of your personal time).

Sounds good? I’m not done yet.

Here’s my third “selfish” agenda (and you’ll love it):

An essential part of our business journey and how we want to build our company culture is bringing purpose and meaning into every project.

That is why we also want to tie in this launch with our ambitious mission to help train 150 micro-entrepreneurs and empower 1050+ rural East African villagers out of extreme poverty forever. We call this project “Vision Village.”

Vision Village is our partnership with Village Enterprise, an organization that specifically targets helping individuals who live under $1.90 a day, have no prior business experience, and are unable to provide for their family’s basic needs.

Secure your spot with a $500 refundable application deposit

Work with us on your personal brand site and $500 of your
payment goes directly to building this Entrepreneurial Village to lift 1000+ people out of extreme poverty forever.

I’ll tell you more about the story behind Vision Village in a moment; first let me give a detailed description of exactly what you’ll be getting with an Influex Site. 

Here’s What You’ll Get In Your Beautiful, Results-Driven Personal Brand Site...

Bring your vision to life - with total congruence!

Get an unfair competitive advantage. We have created a system that effectively clarifies & extracts your big ideas from your head and heart into an actionable, definitive blueprint quickly and easily, which then enables my team to translate your vision into reality. You can choose the styles, color palette, media formats, design, layout, typography, and all other elements on every page. You won’t ever get stuck, we have systems and processes in place for that. Plus your designated Project Manager will be there every step of the way.

Personalize your brand colors, typography and logo

If you already have a styleguide, we'll follow it to a T. But if you'd like our branding expertise for a new style, we're happy to give you a makeover with a basic text logo and our branding process and suggestions.

Stunning Homepage That Expresses Your Essence

You can tell us what elements you want on your homepage. We have a range of sample home pages you can choose from to make things easier. And if you’re ever unsure, we could advise on what might work best based on your business goals and the nature of your offers.

Tell Your Story With A Custom About Page

You can choose a layout based on one of our most popular formats. We even have tips and ‘best practice' tutorials to help guide you on what your About page should say to help you attract high-quality clients/customers.

Even Your Contact Page is Custom Designed!

We'll customize your Contact Page based on your sales process, and add your personal flavor to it with a friendly photo and unique design.

Drive Leads With A Custom Optin Form

We only use the latest designs that are proven to convert well so that you build your list quicker and generate high-quality leads. We'll integrate your custom opt-in form with your email marketing service. If you have “lead magnets” or free content that you want to give away to entice email subscribers, we can also create a custom graphic design for that to make your opt-in form much more compelling.

Sell Your Services and Products

We can create custom graphics for your offers and even advise you on what layout or design elements might work best to make your products and services page more persuasive.

Your Tools, Resources and Recommendations

Create goodwill and build a stronger relationship with your audience by giving away free content, resources, or by listing tools they might find useful. We can build a Resources or Tools page to help you do this.

Custom Blog (And/or Podcast) Page

Position yourself as a thought leader and continue building your online following and community through your blog and/or podcast. We’ll make sure you have one that’s not only easy to update, but one that’s truly an authentic expression of you.

Create Credibility with a Beautiful Testimonials Page

We can neatly display any text, video, images and/or screenshots on your testimonials page so that you gain instant credibility and establish social proof.

BONUS: Custom Page For Whatever You Need!

We'll build you an additional custom page for whatever you need (let's say a Speaking Page, and or a mini-sales page for one of your offers inside your site). We’ll also build a custom 404 page. 

Easy to edit - even if you're not
technical at all!

All pages will be easy for you to edit afterward via a drag-and-drop functionality so don't worry if you're not technical at all. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll ever get this deal with this level of customization at this price – and delivered by a team as experienced and multi-skilled as us – from anywhere else.

Top Online Influencers Trust Us With Their Brands

Your design work is some of the best I've ever seen.

Ryan Stewman | RyanStewman.com


Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last two years. Every time I want to launch a new product, change my tech platform, or build a whole new company, they rock it with professional service, great design, and a quick turnaround. For a tech company, they really “get it” when it comes to direct response marketing, so we can speak the same language. I highly recommend them for online entrepreneurs.”

Mike Dillard, MikeDillard.com


The team at Vision Tech is nothing short of phenomenal. From the outset, they have worked hand in hand with us to craft a unique vision of our company's public face, bringing superb expertise on today's technology, tools, processes and advancements that allow us to deliver not only our goods, but our promises to our customers. The team is accessible, responsive and most of all, a delight to work with.”

Denise Cullom, Co-Owner, Double Your Dating


I’ve worked with these guys for all my tech and design needs for the past couple of years and they’ve been awesome. They also really get internet marketing, so have helped out with our most successful launches, and have improved our customer experience with great membership sites. They’re the perfect mix of creative design, technology development, and marketing expertise all in one team.”

Not only did they build me a beautiful personal brand site I truly love, they’ve seamlessly managed the tech for all my launches and product delivery! It’s clear that our project manager and the whole team really cares about our success. I’m impressed with their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, and tech and marketing expertise.

Ted McGrath , TedMcGrathBrands.com


Working with VTT has been a privilege from start to finish. It’s rare to see an organization that is good from top to bottom. I’ve worked with tech teams before and often what they are is either an architect, where they design a house, or they’re a builder, where they’ll take your architecture plans and put them into action. What’s really unique about Vision Tech Team is that they are both the Architect and the builder. Meaning they provide architecture and design services all the way through execution. So you start at the 30,000 feet and they flawlessly land the plane. Having that design/build house prevents miscommunication and has simplified my life as an entrepreneur. It would be really difficult to consider having an in-house team again after working with Vision Tech Team.”

Robert Hirsch, RobertHirsch.com


You've "been meaning to get this done" forever... here's your chance to get it right.

I understand why, despite knowing you absolutely need to revamp your personal brand site, you just haven’t made it a priority.

I myself, despite owning a creative agency – struggled with getting my own brand site exactly how I wanted it to look – for years!

The truth is we don’t always know what we want (or if we do, we find it hard to articulate that vision to the people/designers actually creating it). It’s no easy feat to formulate a clear vision for your website and then communicate that vision so that technically- minded developers and designers could translate it effectively.

Also, it’s hard to find designers and developers who “get you.” You haven’t found the “right” team to capture your unique personality and express it in your online presence. Or the “right team” is too booked up or expensive!

And let’s be honest – you simply haven’t made it a priority because there are plenty of more profitable things to focus on in your life and business.

The good news is we have eliminated all those barriers for you!

We'll Deliver Your Beautiful Personal Brand Site In Several Simple Steps (Making It Easy For You)

Before we build your site, we'll first develop a clear understanding of your business, your vision, your brand, voice, message, your overall business goals, target audience, and the conversion goal of each page, among other things. We call this your website’s Vision Blueprint, and you will be creating it with your Project Manager through our intake questionnaire.

Step 1

Simply fill out the “Influencer Insights Questionnaire” (we’ll email it to you after your application gets approved)

Secure your spot with a $500 refundable application deposit

Step 2

Provide us with your website copy for each page. We have certain systems in place to help support you in this like copy formulas for certain web pages, tips on how you could structure your copy, etc.

Step 3

We’ll create each page of your site as per your Vision Blueprint. You’ll always have access to see how this progresses.

Step 4

Give us feedback and then we’ll do the revisions accordingly until we’re both happy with the end result.

Your website’s Vision Blueprint will ensure we’re all on the same page and we bring your vision to life as accurately as possible. You’ll always have the chance to collaborate with your designated Project Manager and you’ll be able to give us feedback.

We guarantee you'll LOVE your site.

We provide up to 3 revisions per page design (though we often crush it with the first design) to ensure you love every page of your site.

However, if you're not thrilled with your site after the 3 revisions, we’ll keep on working with you until you are. Our guarantee is that simple.

This will probably be the only time we’ll offer this level of customization at this price point, and we’re only doing it for the right 25 Influencers.

We are known in the online marketing industry as one of the best at what we do. That’s why we are in a position where we typically only work with 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs, and we charge upwards of $20k+ for creating a Personal Brand Site.

Your website will also be directly lifting at least 21+ people from extreme poverty (and in partnership with us and other influencers, we'll lift an entire community of 1000+ people out of extreme poverty).

Here’s how exactly your contribution will make a huge difference to people’s lives forever...

Vision Tech Team
Village Enterprise
Vision Village

Since its inception, Village Enterprise has started more than 35,000 businesses and trained more than
145,000 entrepreneurs.

By granting seed capital, skills training and on-going business mentoring, Village Enterprise equips entrepreneurs with the resources they need to improve their own lives as well as the people in their communities. To date, more than 700,000 women, children and men have been lifted out of poverty!

My team and I would like to build a world free from extreme poverty, but we don’t believe in creating dependencies via handouts. We want people to have the economic means to sustain themselves, their families and their communities. We chose to support Village Enterprise because 75% of their micro-enterprises are still
in operation after 4 years!

Your website will fund a $500 donation which will support Village Enterprise create 1 business (micro-enterprise), train 3 entrepreneurs, which effectively lifts around 21+ people out of extreme poverty. Your
Influex site directly funds one micro-enterprise.

We've taken this a step further. When we got 25 to join us on this cause in July, we matched the $12,500 raised by donating another $12,500 towards Vision Village. Your contribution continues to amplify this effort.

$25,000 will create 50 businesses, where each micro-enterprise has 3 entrepreneurs. So effectively, $25,000 will train 150 entrepreneurs and lift 1050+ people out of extreme poverty.

We'll also promote your brand as one of the active benefactors behind
Vision Village. At the footer of your website we’ll feature the Village
Enterprise logo (optionally) and a short clickable description detailing
how your website was part of a micro-enterprise project that
have helped lift thousands of East Africans out of poverty.
Your website will also get mentioned on promotions that
we and Village Enterprise will be doing to recognize
the Visionary Entrepreneurs who made this happen
(that’s you).

With our expertise, your brand and your message
finally gets to cut through the noise and stand
out in the marketplace. Now you can convey
your message with maximum impact, but on
top of that you also get to build Vision
Village with us.

We'll do everything in our power to make your site epic...

However, I want to set some expectations of what we won't do so we can serve you best:

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll walk you through a detailed Visioneering questionnaire, get your photography (we'll have tips for you), and collect your content (we have a simple process for this too), then we'll get designing! Once your homepage is complete and approved, we'll use that same style for your other custom pages. You'll just review, give feedback, and approve along the way.

Very similar to the process for new sites, except we'll likely have some existing content and photos to work with, speeding up the process for you! For site transfers and SEO audits, we may have to charge a little extra to ensure to minimize any SEO effects from your old site. 

Great question! We'll need a couple of hours from you up front on visioneering with us and getting us content… after that several check ins and revisions calls will be required, as your personal feedback will be valuable to make this the most personalized custom site for you.

Yes! Great photography makes for a great site. If you don't already have some professional photos for us to work with, we'll get you a photography checklist for your local photographer. 

Great question. We made up the word Influex as the combination of Influence and Expression, as this is the ultimate platform for your message.

Yes, many months from now we'll be launching the Influex SaaS for people to build their own beautiful personal brand sites. However, today's special offer is different – it's an opportunity to work closely with our team, at a highly discounted rate, for us to build YOU a CUSTOM personal brand site, aiming for it to be among the best in our portfolio for years to come. 

While we aim to please with the first design, we'll provide up to 3 revisions per page in the design phase. 

However, your satisfaction is important to us – if you're not pleased after 3 revisions, we'll do our best to keep working with you until you are. 

If you stay committed to our process, we promise site delivery and launch within 90 days or less. We'll ask for feedback, copy and photography within specific timelines. 

Take Advantage of This Rare
And Limited Opportunity Now

The bottom line is we get that what you need ultimately is a personal brand site that doesn't just make heads turn, but one that leaves a lasting mark in the readers’ minds; a site that doesn’t just surprise and delight, but one that moves minds, touches hearts, and ignites people to action.

Now is probably your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a fully customized, beautifully-designed, lead-generating, high-converting, epic Personal Brand Site with all the features and functionalities your growing business needs at this price point, so take advantage now while you still can.

And let’s face it – Where else will you find an opportunity to help lift an entire village out of poverty permanently while acting on your own vested interests?

Apply now by filling out the application form here to get your Personal Brand Site and directly help us lift people out of extreme poverty.

Remember you can take advantage of the 2-part payment plan if you get accepted. Simply pay the first half once you get accepted and the remaining amount will be due upon project completion.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you in making the world a better place through your message, and I’m SO excited to have my team create the beautiful platform your brand deserves. I look forward to working with you personally.

Dmitriy Kozlov

Co-Founder, Vision Tech Team

This is probably the one and only time we'll make this package at this high level of customization with this low pricing. Let my team redesign your website and in the process also help us permanently lift a thousand people out of extreme poverty.

© Vision Tech Team LLC 2017


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