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THANK YOU For Your Interest
In Working With Us!

This will lock in your 1-on-1 Alignment Assessment call with Dmitriy, our Co-Founder.

The goals of the Alignment Assessment call are to understand what you do and how we might best serve your mission, to see if your values are aligned with ours, and if your goals and needs are a good fit with our offers.

After completing this application, you will be directed to the order form.

Requiring a deposit is our way of ensuring that we get applications only from highly motivated and highly qualified Influencers. The call is not going to be with a salesperson who will hardsell you. You will be talking with our Co-Founder, Dmitriy, who is well-versed in online marketing strategies — so you will get immense value right from the get-go.

Influex is perfect for you if:

  • You are clear on who you are, what differentiating value you bring, what your mission and message is.
  • You have already figured out who exactly you want to serve (your ideal target market) and you have products/services aimed at catering to their needs.
  • You can commit to collaborating proactively with us, to support us as we work on delivering your custom site.
  • You have already built an audience online, and now you’d like to up your game, widen
    your reach, and serve more people.

However, please do not apply if:

  • You have unrealistic expectations in terms of time frame (we can deliver a personal
    brand site within 90 days from the day we receive the webcopy, photographs and
    all other assets we’d need.)
  • You can’t commit to be responsive to your would-be Project Manager’s messages in a timely and comprehensive manner. (Alternatively, if you can assign someone else to collaborate with us on your behalf, that could also work)


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