You’re Credible With Your Prospects

But Are You Likeable?

You’re a successful marketer already, which means you understand how important it is for your prospects to see you as credible. BUT…

There’s a whole other crucial factor that most marketers ignore completely–or even totally botch. And that is…


When your prospects see you as credible, that means they trust you to provide a solution. 

But customers aren’t buying solutions from a soulless robot… they’re buying solutions from a personnamely, you. 

And whether they like you as a person or not plays a huge role in whether they buy from you. And whether they keep buying… and tell their friends.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’m great! Of course my prospects like me! What’s not to like?”

Yes, you are great. And your customers should and will like you. ONLY if…..

IF you communicate your natural likeability to them. 

But there’s a challenge…

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You Can’t Communicate
Likeability as a List of Benefits

Have you ever noticed that, the more someone lists a bunch of great adjectives about them, the less you like that person? “I’m brilliant, funny, gorgeous, charming, accomplished, rich…” YECK…

So if you can’t just say the attributes that make you likeable, how can you communicate your inherent, natural likeability to your audience?

There’s one simple answer:

It’s called the Origin Story…

And it’s the hidden solution to a lot of your marketing problems…

I’m going to tell you about how people are CRUSHING it with this missing link on their websites.

Top influencers, marketers, and CEOs have left the boring old world of “business bios” behind, and are now winning based on their stories.

Origin Stories are gripping, compelling narratives about how you became who you are and how you attained what you’ve accomplished.

Not your company, but you, the visionary behind the company.

Origin Stories don’t just tell your audience about the challenges you’ve overcome…

They pull your audience into the action, as if they were right there with you, in the movie of your life. 

Have you ever noticed that when you’re watching a movie, you begin to care passionately–sometimes to the point of tears–about a character that you’ve never met.


That’s because the actor, writer and director have pulled you into the character’s story… making you feel what they feel… their struggles, challenges, desires, and joys. 

They’ve put the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next.

Imagine if you could create that kind of audience engagement in YOUR story.

The kind of engagement that has their eyeballs glued to the screen, waiting to find out how your story ends…

The kind of engagement that makes your audience think “This is the person I want in my corner… I’ve been looking for this person for years. I’m so glad I finally found them!”

Engagement that makes them feel like they’re buying from a friend (or soon-to-be friend) rather than a stranger.

That’s what happens when your website and marketing feature your Origin Story prominently.

Ready to Begin YOUR Story?

Success Stories

Still wondering if you really need an Origin Story?
Here’s an Origin Story about Origin Stories…

How I Delivered a Baby on a San Francisco Sidewalk on My Way to Work… And How That Launched My Three-Decade Career as a Storyteller

I was 22, walking to work in San Francisco, when I came upon a woman laying on the sidewalk, pregnant, alone, and begging strangers for help.

No one is stopping because they’re too busy or because she is homeless. She asks me to call for an ambulance so I do. But before it arrives,

With my own two hands, I deliver her baby right there on the sidewalk! I was overflowing with exhilaration and joy!

First, that helping others is what we’re all here to do.

And second, that leading from the heart puts you on a more purposeful and magical path.

My good deed made national news. It even landed me on The Late Show. It was the first story I shared with the world.

I’ve been blessed to share many stories with millions of people, but “Student Sidewalk Doctor” is my most treasured because of how much my heart grew that day.

(Patrick, I’d like to interview you for this and flesh it out more- I’m going to write your Origin Story for Origin Stories! 🙂

Bios Supersize You… But Stories Humanize You

To grab your attention above, I could have listed all my accomplishments. I could have told you all about how as a speaker and storyteller, I traveled the world, giving over 400 performances (and 100,000 tickets sold), with my critically-acclaimed one-man show “Man 1, Bank 0.” I could have told you that the London Times and New York Time Out both called me a “master storyteller.”

But instead, I told you about delivering a baby on a busy street in San Francisco.

Now, it should be obvious, I’m not trying to gain credibility with you as a baby-deliverer. I’m not even a doctor!  

So why did I share with you a story about delivering a baby, when I’m trying to get you to invest in yourself through a course on how to amplify your message?

I’ll tell you exactly why. 

Admit it–what’s going to stick in your mind more after you leave this page… a bullet list of all the amazing places I’ve spoken… or the story about the guy who delivered a homeless woman’s baby on a busy city sidewalk?

The same is true for you and your business. I’m sure you have plenty of amazing resume points. And there’s a time and place for that on your website. (In your “Bio” section.) 

Those bullets pump you up and supersize your credibility in your prospects’ minds. 

But there’s still something missing from supersized credibility. You still need something that humanizes you in your prospects’ minds. 

And nothing can humanize you, and make you likable and relatable to your audience (thereby increasing their trust in you) like a story. 

When you have a compelling and connection-oriented story you now have the super glue to bring your audience closer to you. (Unlike a bio, which is necessary for credibility, but can make you feel frosty, stiff and distant.)

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’ve already got a story on my site. Why do I need a whole course to learn how to tell a story when I’ve already got one?”

Great question. I’m glad you asked. 

My answer is, “Sure, you have a story… but is it a great story? Does it captivate your audience, as if they were on the edge of their seat watching the most gripping movie? 

If your site was like an exciting novel, does your story make them turn the page to read more and more of your site?

Probably not. Because few people have mastered the art of a world-class Origin Story. Fortunately, there’s a Formula for a gripping Origin Story…

And I’m about to share it with you:
The 6 Secret Steps for Telling a Story That Makes Your Audience NEED to Enroll With You NOW

In six easy, fun, concise modules, you’re going to learn:



Introducing the Power of
Your Origin Story



How to Identify Your
Origin Story



How to Write Your
Origin Story



Upleveling Your Origin Story:
From Good to GREAT



The Top Origin Story
Mistakes You Must Avoid



Monetizing Your
Origin Story

You have a choice…

You can continue doing what you’ve always done when it comes to sharing your story (winging it, improvising it, and trying to guess what people want to hear) and continue getting the same underwhelming results…


You can take the advice of one of the world’s most experienced storytellers with a proven record of success guiding some of the world’s most impressive influencers and business owners. Follow Patrick’s clear, simple, and enjoyable process, and craft your most engaging story… so you can capture the hearts and minds of your ideal prospects and take your business to the next level.

Uplevel Your Origin Story

Question and Answer Section:

What if I’m a “bad” writer?

No problem, Patrick’s PROVEN method for discovering and developing your origin story is designed for anywho who can type :). By following these steps you're sure to walk away with a powerful, engaging and memorable origin story.

What if I don’t think I have a story worth telling?

Everyone has a story worth telling! You just have to identify it and you’ll learn exactly how in module one.

Is this course designed for famous influencers?

No, this course is for ANYONE curious about identifying and sharing their best story. Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, business owner, or just an individual ready to capture the hearts and minds of your ideal audience, this course is right for you.

Do I need a personal brand site to take this course?

No, this course is designed to help ANYONE craft and tell their best origin story. This means onstage, during speeches, or even on a company website.  That being said, your origin story can be an invaluable marketing tool when placed in your personal brand website.

Can I use this story when I speak in public?

Absolutely, your origin story will become your 2-3 minute calling card. You will be able to share this on stages, podcasts, interviews and beyond.

Uplevel Your Origin Story

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