A 3 Step Process Based
in Ease, Simplicity, and Clearly Defined Milestones.

Be at ease, in the hands of our expert team as your
Dedicated Flow Manager (your main point of contact through the whole process)
guides you through our 3-step process, making sure the project flows well so
you can focus on running your business
while we focus on amplifying your Influence.

1 Essence

  • Influencer Intensive Forms
  • Creative Clarity Call
  • Style and Strategy
  • Origin Story
  • Messaging Mastery

2 Essence

  • Custom Design From Scratch
  • Homepage and Branding
  • Internal Page Designs
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Style Guide

3 Expert

  • QC on All Devices, Browsers, and Resolutions
  • Security & Speed Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Optimized On-Site SEO
  • Importing of relevant content
  • WordPress Drag & Drop

Step 1: Essence Extraction

What sets us apart and makes our clients’ sites stand out.

Your Essence is what builds trust and converts leads.

If your prospects don’t trust you (or your company), they won’t do business with you.

And the best way to build trust is to be authentically express who you are through every pixel.

During this phase, we’ll deeply understand your

Customer Journey

Audience and Avatar
Brand Essence
Voice and Message
Business Goals
Future Vision
… and how all of that fits into the style and strategy of your new site.
So you can have a site that truly expresses your essence and amplifies your influence, making a meaningful difference in your business.

Here’s how:

Inspired Intake Forms:

Strategic questions to help you (and us) arrive at more clarity around your client avatar, customer journey, positioning, and business goals for the website.

Creative Clarity Call:

We’ll dive even deeper into your essence and start to extract the style and strategy for the site, built around your Essence.


We either work with your preferred photographer, providing personalized guidance and a photography guide so we get the best shots for your site.

We do all of this virtually or…

For our VIP clients,

we do all of this in 2 days in person:

  • Photoshoot with our Essence Photographer
  • Live Essence Extraction Session with your Creative Director: Site Style and Strategy
  • Live Origin Story Extraction Session with our Storytelling Superhero
  • Copywriting Session with our Messaging Master to lay the groundwork for site copy

Step 2: Essence Expression

Storytelling and Copywriting

Depending on the level you engage with us, we’ll either consult with you on your messaging (through templates, examples, and copy feedback) or do it for you through:

Messaging Mastery: Work with our Messaging Master, David to enhance conversion rates, impact, and memorability through a refining of your brand voice, essence, and CORE message.

Origin Story Extraction: Work with our Storytelling Superhero Patrick Combs to determine what the best origin story to tell is for your client avatar(s) and the most engaging way to tell it. Then sit back and relax as he writes and refines it for you.

Digital Artistry

This is where we take the copy, photos, story, and your
Extracted Essence and begin to innovate your
fully custom design (no templates used).

Our expert design team gets to work on creating a unique design that authentically expresses who you are and strategically drives visitors to the strategic call-to-actions

We’ll define your new brand through the initial Homepage design and make it really easy for you to review and provide feedback. Once the brand style and Homepage is approved, we’ll get going on the other pages of your site.

Typical pages we create for you...


About Page

Blog/Podcast Page

Contact Page

Services/ Programs Page

Resources Page

Testimonials / Case Studies Page


Media Page

And any other custom pages based on
Creative Clarity call

Step 3: Expert Execution

Custom Design = Complicated Maintenance, right?

Nope. We’re giving you the best of both worlds:

A custom brand that uniquely expresses your Essence designed from scratch on a blank canvas A Drag-and-Drop Content

Management System (CMS) called Elementor Pro (installed on WordPress) that makes it easy to maintain, update, and upload new content.

We offer peace of mind.

We have a dedicated Quality Control team that tests your site on all

  • Screen Resolutions
  • Browsers
  • Devices (mobile, tablet, etc)

…working with the development team to resolve any bugs or responsive issues before going live.

And, finally, we optimize it for Speed, Security, and On-site SEO.

We handle everything so, once you approve designs, all you have to do is relax and wait for Launch Time.


Once the site is optimized and ready for launch, we handle all of that for you. And as a bonus, we then celebrate you:

  • Facebook / Email
  • We drive traffic to your new site through a FB ad celebrating you, your service in the world, and your new site.

How long does it all take?

75-100 days, depending on what you level you engage with us at. And there are opportunities to accelerate that timeline by

Quickly providing any assets we need (photos, copy, etc.)

Providing design feedback on the same day as delivery or within 24 hours.

It’s not always easy to know what to write about yourself – or your company. It takes time, energy, focus and you have lots on your plate. Let us handle it for you – or guide you along the way.

Bonus Step: Essence Evolution

After the launch of your site, we “hand over the keys” and provide you with tutorial videos on how to make small updates and upload blog posts.

But, if you’d rather have the “team that now knows you best” continue to evolve your online platform, keep your site updated and optimized, and handle any small issues that come up …

You can sign up for Essence Evolution.

For a small monthly fee, you’ll get:

  • Access to our ticketing system and address maintenance issues (things like fixing broken links and correcting typos)
  • Proactive Maintenance (backups, theme updates, plugin updates, WordPress updates, continued speed optimization)
  • Allotted design and development hours each month for new changes/additions to the site (new programs, sales pages, etc.)
  • Monthly and quarterly proactive communication and recommendations (with reviews by a dedicated Evolution Expert)

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