Luis Scott



Today I am managing partner at Bader Scott, with 125 employees and doing over $100 million per year in settlements. But I wasn’t always so successful. After a promising athletic career in college baseball, I struck out twice, with a business “divorce” with the first law firm I helped build, and a real divorce as well. Learn how I kept swinging after these setbacks, for a comeback greater than I could have imagined.

Sylvia Ferrero

YES, our world needs your magic. But not at the expense of your health and happiness.

What if there was a way to do “success” differently?

So you get the results you want… plus, activate a sense of boundless ALIVENESS doing it?

If you’re willing, I’d be honored to guide you down the path to an enlivening possibility.

I see you.

And I believe in the power of your unshakeable Human Spirit.

When YOU are ready for you I’ll be right here in service to your body’s self-healing superpowers and your heart’s joy.

Eric Ritter

Born and raised in Mainz, Germany, I grew up surrounded by vineyards. Wine was a part of life, and if there’s one ingredient that matters in vinification, it’s quality and keen attention to detail. 

Not only a person with a passion for wine but someone who looks beyond good enough, always in search of pairing the right solution to the right situation.

Safe Smart Money

We are experienced professional advisors together with 50+ years of combined wisdom, advising on insurance, how to protect the most important people in your life, and to make sure that you are prepared for the “unexpected”. We’re real people – genuine and caring – we don’t sell, we advise!

Shamina Taylor

Shamina Taylor, Attorney turned Wealth Expert & Business Mentor, helps high achieving women level-up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves.

With over 20 years of experience, Shamina is a top industry leader and has helped hundreds of women build their businesses, both on- and off-line. Her top clients are making up to 93k a month in recurring revenue and have multiple 7 figure businesses. Walking her own walk, Shamina herself has had a record breaking year, crossing the million-dollar mark in cash, and generating over 301K in June alone of 2020.

Clients And Community

Landon & Stapes started Clients & Community after their dear mentor in life & business, Mark Hoverson, suddenly passed away. With only $2,000 left in their bank account and a dream to continue Mark’s legacy around cultivating communities, ‘C&C’ was born.

In just 2 years, they turned their proprietary group strategies into a $10 Million coaching empire… and have helped over 1,000 clients worldwide make more than $100M from their own groups.