Sabrish Chandrakanth

HI, I’m Sabrish and I Help You Identify IT Gaps and Choose the Right Solutions So You and Your Team Can Focus On What Matters!

With 19+ years in IT and having worked on 50+ consultancy projects, I’ve seen it all. From smaller businesses with 50-100 team members to large corporations with a staff of 2,000+, I have firsthand experience with a wide array of IT and technology issues impacting operations, projects,
and scalability.

I understand the pain it personally causes you, and the headaches it has on your team, clients, and organization as a whole. The problem is, the problem you think you have often isn’t the one you need to solve. That’s a problem in itself, and it may be your biggest one of all.

Sandeep Anand Mathilakath


Hi, I’m Sandeep Anand

I am a Financial Coach and Investor who’s passionate about 
Investing in Equity Markets.

I’m committed to spreading financial and investing wisdom so that you can achieve financial freedom early in life and live your dream life doing the work you love without worrying about money and slogging for money.

Kent Clothier

When I was 17, my father and I worked together at our company in the grocery industry.

When I became CEO at 23, we had grown it from $0 to $47 million.
By the time I was 30, we grew it to $1.8 billion in sales.

Now I’m applying the same rapid growth mindset to YOUR business.