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“Influex have been an absolute joy to work with. Dimitry and his team are not only competent, but lead with heart in everything they do.

When I decided I needed a new website and was ‘doing the rounds’ of different one-stop shop companies who could take on the project, the thing that stuck out to me about influex was their listening skills. They genuinely took the time to understand exactly what my vision was for my brand, my frustrations from the past, and the things I wanted to do differently with my website for the future. It wasn’t just a website to them, they understood it was an extension of me and my ethos, and needed to reflect that. By the end of the call I felt heard in a way that no other company had achieved. 

They especially understood the sensitivities around having a brand that is based around a person, and what it takes to make it stand out in an authentic way. They didn’t just create a carbon copy of other websites like mine, but a carefully tailored expression of my vision. 

This isn’t merely something I experienced from Dimitry, but his whole team who live and breathe the culture of the company. I’m grateful to have been introduced to them all, and for the ways they have helped move our organization forward.”

– Matthew Hussey

Jon Benson

Hi, I’m Jon Benson.

If you've been around marketing for more than a few months, you've probably seen VSLs…. Well, I'm the crazy guy who invented them.

The VSL has been responsible for generating billions of dollars in sales every year for marketers all over the world.

While I’m most notably known for being the inventor of the Video Sales Letter (VSL),

I’m also the creator of CopyPro, the world’s first and only automated copywriting software powered by AI.

I know that sounds a bit weird, but it’s making marketers millions of dollars…and saving people like you a ton of time spent writing all their copy themselves or spending thousands of dollars hiring expensive copywriters….

Even though copy has always been a passion of mine, I'm a deep thinker at heart who is passionate about words, love, philosophy,
and persuasion.

My real journey into the world of online marketing began at 38, when I nearly died from a massive heart attack….

I made a vow to myself that day.

Here’s what it was:


Vacation Rental Revolution

Mark Gossman and his team have created a revolutionary support system to make sure you don’t face the same painful mistakes they did on the path to extremely profitable properties. Whether it’s getting more bookings, attracting the guests you’d be excited to host, building a deeper connection so your customers respect your property and your time, standing out in a crowded market, or even creating consistent magical experiences so you get more return guests, this is your destination for revolutionary success in the vacation rental space.


<h3><strong>We believe this is all about a lot more than just riding.</strong></h3>

It’s about being with the horse, helping horses have a better deal and living out those childhood dreams of spending time on the back of a magnificent, intelligent horse, who is also a best friend.


If you have ever felt as though something was missing from your weekly riding lesson Or gotten a new horse who is a bigger challenge than you bargained for Or you’ve ridden your whole life but felt there was something missing in your fundamentals


<strong>You are in the right place.</strong>


The Circling™ Institute

<h3><strong>The Circling™ Method</strong></h3>

<p>Is our proprietary, multi-stage relational practice and unique transformational modality. It is a dynamic group process that is part-art-form, part-skillful facilitation and part-relational yoga.</p>

<p>It is also a unique modality that can be practiced one-on-one. Although it is based on complex ideas, participating in it can be easy and fun for people at all levels of experience.</p>

<p>The Circling™ Institute is committed to making the Circling™ practice available to individuals who want more fulfilling relationships and a deeper experience of community… AND coaches who want to facilitate radical transformation for their clients.</p>

Shorten The Gap

<p>Personal branding is the future of consumer decision making. Consumers are looking more to what their peers and role models are endorsing over what “big business” says.</p>

<p>You can either lead the way and go with what is happening now, or stay in the past and get left behind. Which will cost you money, time, impact and you’ll become irrelevant.</p>

<p>There’s more and more people claiming to give the right guidance on personal branding, so I know it can be confusing with a lot of “mis-information” out there, you need a trusted guide and blueprint to follow.</p>