WAGS Capital


At Wags Capital, our investment philosophy is simple: we invest in experiences as much as we invest in economics.

We call this the Experience Economy.

Business is about more than just transactions. For a business to thrive in the modern market, it has to create a memorable experience. An experience that people want to share and talk about. An experience that has people want to return, again and again.

I Hate Cancer

Who We Are is dedicated to enriching
and connecting the lives of those impacted
by cancer.

Founded by entrepreneur Jason Hennessey as a tribute to his grandmother, our mission is to give comfort to patients and their families to turn fighters into cancer survivors.

Funded by large and small donations, our Comfort Boxes deliver care and kindness to people undergoing cancer treatment.

KJC Law Firm

Our Secret Weapon is Simple:
We Care About You

(And When We Care, the Jury Cares…)

When we present your case at trial, our job is to convince six to twelve strangers on the jury to care about you. The reason we convince strangers on the jury to care about you is that we care about you. You’re not just a client to us. When you entrust us at KJC Law Firm with making sure you receive justice, support and care, you become like family to us. We are there for you and we will fight for you like family.

Personal Injury Mastermind

Hi, I’m Chris Dreyer

I’m the founder and CEO of and the host of the Personal Injury Marketing Mastermind podcast.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with games, and more to the point, obsessed with winning them.

From winning basketball championships to state-level collectible card game tournaments to a $224,020.55 payout in a poker tournament, I always reveled in figuring out the inner mechanics of the game and using them to my advantage.

As a personal injury lawyer, I know you are as obsessed with winning as I am.

So it’s no surprise I’ve taken my lifelong passion and skill and focused it towards helping YOU win the game of SEO.

Vivid Vision



A Vivid Vision® is a document that paints a vivid picture of what your company looks and feels like three years into the future as if it’s already happened. It’s a powerful tool to attract top talent, align your current team, stay focused, and keep yourself motivated… even in the most challenging circumstances.

Get The Guy

“Influex have been an absolute joy to work with. Dimitry and his team are not only competent, but lead with heart in everything they do.

When I decided I needed a new website and was ‘doing the rounds’ of different one-stop shop companies who could take on the project, the thing that stuck out to me about influex was their listening skills. They genuinely took the time to understand exactly what my vision was for my brand, my frustrations from the past, and the things I wanted to do differently with my website for the future. It wasn’t just a website to them, they understood it was an extension of me and my ethos, and needed to reflect that. By the end of the call I felt heard in a way that no other company had achieved. 

They especially understood the sensitivities around having a brand that is based around a person, and what it takes to make it stand out in an authentic way. They didn’t just create a carbon copy of other websites like mine, but a carefully tailored expression of my vision. 

This isn’t merely something I experienced from Dimitry, but his whole team who live and breathe the culture of the company. I’m grateful to have been introduced to them all, and for the ways they have helped move our organization forward.”

– Matthew Hussey