Kathryn Janicek

Hi, I’m

Kathryn Janicek…

A three-time Emmy award-winning media coach and public speaking trainer with 20 years of experience.

I have a passion for helping others turn opportunities into gold, and to say I’ve been doing this with proven success for a long time is an understatement…

Lisa Shield

After fulfilling my lifelong dream of finding my soulmate, I became a certified life coach so I could help others find true love. While I understand that not everyone wants to search for love, I am committed to helping those who do. I know that nothing else we do in life can feel as frustrating, confusing, and disheartening as dating or being in a disappointing relationship. But I also know that having true love is worth everything we must go through in order to find it. 

Man Talks

My Name Is Connor Beaton

I’ve been where you are. I watched my entire life collapse around me because I didn’t have the skills, discipline or training I needed to do any better.

When I climbed out from the rubble, it became my personal mission to help men call out the bullshit, take back control of their lives, without hitting rock bottom and watching their lives collapse around them.

The Real Sloane



It’s Late-November, 2018. I’m at a boutique beach resort in Mexico, waking up in soft linens, enjoying delicious food, walking under the starry skies at night. It’s beautiful, idyllic, and I’m sharing it all with a group of friends and the man I love, who also loves me.

Life on Fire

My Journey Proves That You Can Literally Do Anything That You Put Your Mind To…

As the founder of Life on Fire® I’ve coached over 2,551 people on how to get clear on what they want and to achieve their wildest dreams. My unique ability is to clearly teach simple strategies that I call “mindset hacks” that will help you unlock your true potential and live your life to the fullest. I call that living your life on fire®!

I’ve coached everyone from entrepreneurs, sales professionals, executives, service professionals, and stay at home moms to achieve their dreams.

Notable clients include: Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and more.

As a High Performance Coach, International speaker, & best-selling author I’ve been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur,, Inspiyr, Huffington Post, and many others.

Now I certainly don’t share that with you to brag. Instead, it’s so that you can feel confident knowing that all of my training is based on real life experience and not just hype.

Jacob Zemer

Jacob Zemer is a performance coach and speaker based in NYC. He holds 12+ nationally recognized certifications in the field, including NASM, CPT, FNS, Precision Nutrition level 1, Exos Performance Specialist, Equinox KB 1 and 2, Equinox Prenatal/Postnatal, TRX, ViPR, and Animal Flow.

Jacob has 10+ years in the fitness industry, for 3,200+ hours each year working with a wide range of clients– from CEOs to ex professional athletes.

Jacob uses science-based coaching methods and accountability to help people exceed their health and fitness goals and unleash their best self. He takes years of experience and a results-driven methodology to make it as EASY as possible for clients to perform to their true potential.