The Listings Lab



If you’re like me, you probably got into real estate for 3 reasons: unlimited income, freedom, and to help people.

I was an agent in one of the most saturated markets for over a decade and built a 7-figure business with streamlined marketing and operations systems and only a small team.

Now, I’ve helped over 1000 agents implement what I had to learn through trial and error so they can regain control and freedom over their lives and have unlimited scalability in your business..

If your business doesn’t work for you, then it’s not working. 

I found myself at dinner one night knowing that I needed to make a change. 

I was on a date with my husband (and co-founder of The Listings Lab), Yves, the love of my life. 

I’d made hundreds of cold calls that day, and now, it was after work, which meant that all the people I’d called were calling me back.

We were mid-conversation about our future and taking a vacation (a rarity at that time because I didn’t have systems in place and was relying on old school marketing tactics) when my Apple watch buzzed. And like a reflex, I took my napkin, spit my half-chewed spaghetti into it, and walked out for a call that turned out to be pointless. The person wasn’t interested.

The look on his face when I sat back down was my breaking point. Any talk about our future had vanished for the evening. I knew that how I was running my business wasn’t working.