Shelby McDaniel

<p>Shelby McDaniel is known as one of the nation’s top coaches for people struggling with compulsive eating behaviors, disordered eating, former eating disorders, and lifelong food and weight struggles.</p>

<p>Her 17 years in the fitness industry, 13 years of coaching, and extensive educational background gives her specific skill sets to create long term transformations for every common and uncommon food and body struggle.</p>

<p><strong>Institute for the Psychology of Eating</strong><br>
<strong>BS Nutrition Science</strong><br>
<strong>Am I Hungry?® Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitator</strong><br>
<strong>ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist</strong><br>
<strong>Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent</strong><br>
<strong>Retired IFBB Figure Pro</strong></p>