Mike Precopio

Mike Precopio

Mike Precopio is the CEO of Summers Laboratories, Inc., a small company with a line of dermatologic pharmaceuticals, which Mike purchased and grew from near failure to a solid success.

One of his products became the 5th largest product in its category in the US, available at Target, Walmart, and CVS. Another of Mike’s product creations was approved by the FDA and sold to a major pharmaceutical company. Mike found a career he loved and where he thrived…but it was not a straight-line path. He failed at his first “dream job” out of college.

Mike’s early career disappointment and eventual career fulfillment led him to ask “if he knew then what he knows now” what would he share with high school and college students
to make a life-long difference in how they view their work life? One answer is helping students identify their natural talents and interests. That leads to identifying next steps toward a career they will love. Mike provides students with specific tools for this.

Mike Precopio graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Delaware. Interestingly, Mike learned his team spirit and camaraderie as the captain of the University of Delaware wrestling team.