Mark Lack

<h3>Before almost dying, I was obsessive about achieving my dreams, a positive person, and my work was helping people to leverage the power of their personal brand – all things that are still very much me.</h3>

<p>But I also lacked perspective on life, and how to ensure your life is meaningful.</p>

<p>Facing my death gave me a realization: Every person ever born is an absolute original. God made only one of you.</p>

<p>I suffered as a kid, and as a teen, and even into my 20’s, wondering if I was enough? If I was worthy? If my life mattered? I know a lot of people have these hard questions and limiting beliefs.</p>

<p>Almost dying taught me that just by being born, your life is precious, you’re worthy, and it’s up to you to give your life meaning, and to make your life matter.</p>

<p><b>Today, I’m obsessed with making my life meaningful through growth, contribution, and service. I’m living my life to the absolute fullest.</b></p>

I wake up every day passionate about helping others understand the importance of owning and being the original, One of a Kind person that they indeed are.