Lou Corleto

About ME

Dr. Louis Corleto is an internationally recognized speaker, teacher, and healer. Lou has been studying the human “bodies,” consciousness, and healing principles for 30+ years. He personally has served tens of thousands of people on seven continents  and in over 50 countries.

His work has assisted the paralyzed to walk, children with autism to heal, and victims to become victors. He is President & CEO of AdJustWorld, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization providing aid to communities in need across the globe: Lou and his teams have served over a quarter of a million people in places like Tibet, Brasil, Russia, Japan, Argentina, and beyond.

Lou’s book, Healing vs Curing: Opening the Door to a New Lease on Life, Your Life!, radically upends the current western worldview on health and healthcare, and offers new solutions to take control of your own full-spectrum wellbeing. He also owns the Center for Life Expression, a sanctuary for personal transformation in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Lou’s mission is to assist people to embrace the fact that they are the “driver” and NOT their vehicle (they are spirit and not just their body) so they walk their life in trust.