(Elisabeth Dawson)


Rome Wasn't Built in a Day…
Plan Right And Your Wealth Will Be
Here to Stay

Our firm is named after Copia, the Roman goddess of abundance, prosperity, and riches.

Copia is the source of the word copious, which means plentiful. Have you ever seen one of those horn-shaped baskets filled with fruit at a feast? That thing is called a cornucopia… and stems from ancient Roman rites celebrating bountiful harvest.

Bountiful harvests don’t come about by accident. They come about from careful devotion to planting the right seeds… cultivating the right soil… and planning the right crop rotations.

When clients come to us expecting a bountiful financial harvest overnight… we show them to the door… and send them to buy lottery tickets. (Just kidding about the lottery ticket part. Please don’t buy lottery tickets!)

We work with clients who understand that you reap what you sow. We work with you when you’re ready to invest the attention and intention to plant seeds now… so that you harvest the cornucopia of wealth… experiences… joy… and abundance that you know is your birthright.
The city where our namesake comes from wasn’t built in a day. It was built over millennia.

Building your own cornucopia will take more than a day too. But if you do it right… it will be here to stay.

We’re here to show you how.