Conscious Copy

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“In the online space, this is essentially my store. People are coming to my website and I want to give them an entire experience of me, my company, what we stand for. You guys just totally knocked it out of the park. It was such a simple process. You guys really got me and my company and took the time to not just put something up generic, but truly it's unique to me. It can't be replicated to someone else in the way that you guys created it…

In creating a site, there are so many website designers out there that are developers or designers, but they are not marketers. They do not
understand how to get someone that shows up from your site and to convert them either into a subscriber or a buyer or to fill out an application. With you guys, you are marketers first. You make it beautiful and you understand the tech, but you are marketers. That is the difference amongst these guys compared to anyone else. I just don't wanna see that mistake to any of you where, yeah, you maybe have something beautiful that you create by going to somewhere else, but you're gonna waste time and money by realizing that it's
not going to work.”