Christian Simpson

I Create the Elite Influencers of the Coaching Industry

The Most Transformational Process Known to Mankind has been Ruined.

Overused, misunderstood, misrepresented and grossly abused – the most potent force for overcoming the ONLY challenge we face at an individual and collective level is lost into a species desperately in need of it.

The Coaching industry needs an enema. Plagued by frauds, charlatans and pretenders, every man, woman and his dog claims to be a “Coach” these days… yet the vast majority of those making the claim are nothing of the sort.

Untrained, unqualified, unconscious and unfit-for-purpose, the wolves in sheep’s clothing are out there in their droves, violating the profession and an unsuspecting public alike.

It’s the ultimate example of the proverbial blind leading the blind… and if you’re to enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful and prosperous career of longevity in this profession, with far more influence, impact and income, you can’t afford to follow the violating crowd…