Brian Skrobonja

<p>Brian Skrobonja is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and prolific producer of content on topics related to wealth creation, preservation and utilization. He is the founder and president of a wealth management firm based out of St Louis, Missouri dedicated to helping people make smart choices with their money.</p>

<p>He has spent years challenging his audiences to think differently about money, debunking common financial myths and helping people identify the purpose for their money. He’s often contrarian, sharing messages not heard elsewhere, encouraging people to let go of limiting beliefs and challenging them to seek the truth about what it takes to build wealth.</p>

<p>Brian embarked on this mission in 1993, entering the financial services industry and quickly realizing that the information that’s widely believed to be true about money was actually false or based on half-truths. He also concluded that the advice being distributed by advisors, the financial media and entertainers were all rooted in these misperceptions.</p>