Beau Crabill

When I was 12, all the cool kids wanted Nike Elite socks, and I saw an opportunity. The socks only came in black and in white, so I bought a bunch, dyed them various colors, and put them for sale on eBay — at triple the price.

It worked! Immediately, I was doing a couple thousand bucks per month in profit… For the next four years, selling things online continued to be my side hustle.

But then came my Junior year in high school. My passion for running took over and I set a moonshot goal to earn a Division 1 scholarship. At the time I was running 30 to 40 miles a week, which is average, but that summer, I doubled my mileage to 70-80 miles a week, sometimes 100. Running occupied all my spare time, before and after school, which meant my side hustle was on the back burner.

Until the unexpected occurred.