American Snippets

<strong>American Snippets</strong> is the brainchild of Dave Brown and Barbara Allen.  Dave is a real estate investor and lifestyle entrepreneur.  Barb is a speaker and award-winning author.

Together they bring you stories that will not simply inspire you but propel you into action in your own life. These are inspiring stories and interviews from exceptional Americans, military heroes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders, and influencers who are living the American Dream and making each day matter.

Whether they are celebrities or small town heroes, each guest is a shining example of the American Spirit.

American Snippets is a meaningful platform and positive community that encourages national pride, promotes the <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>American Dream</a>, emphasizes the upshot of giving back, and supports all who honorably serve.

Inspiration without action is simply entertainment. Don’t just be inspired and entertained by our guests – let their stories ignite you into action in your life.