RJon Robins

About Rjon Robins

It’s 2006. I’ve developed a pretty good regional reputation helping entrepreneurs who have become trapped by their business, to get un-trapped and then scale – but my wife’s sudden illness has blindsided me. 

I can’t function.  I’m falling apart.  All because inexplicably, immaturely, and quite stupidly I failed to follow my own (excellent) advice about building a business that works for you.

My wife is in severe pain and can’t get out of bed. 

We’re broke and about to lose our home. The stress is unbearable. 

Power Of Positivity

In 2009, the Power of Positivity® was born after its two founders (Kristen & Chris Butler) began their mission to celebrate the lifestyle of positive thinking and attitude.

This isn’t something they wanted to do… they needed to!

That will become clear once you read Kristen & Chris’ stories…

War For You

Fighting for the underdog is what gets us up every day and keeps us working late every night.

Going to war with the insurance companies and working to see that you’re fairly compensated is our purpose.

Lawyers can make a lot of money working for insurance companies, because they can save insurance companies millions of dollars in payouts to victims like you.

And when lawyers work for Big Insurance companies, they learn all of the the tricks Insurance companies use to try to avoid paying for things like your hospital bills, your wrecked vehicle, your missed days of work, or your pain and suffering.

Anne Arvizu

I was at my desk pecking away at a spreadsheet for a corporate biotech client and then – BOOM – it came to me! A massive, instantaneous ‘download’ that went beyond words. An interruption I could not ignore.

Before I could comprehend the full extent of the idea, I could feel that it would redirect the course of my life as an entrepreneur – and show me how to rise, recover and stay strong no matter what. I stood up in awe of this incoming idea, walked across my 1100 square foot basement office to my whiteboard, and I drew it out. 

Zanes Law

We understand the immense disruption a personal injury can have on someone’s life, and when we take on your case, we will work quickly to help you recover and regain control. We will make sure you get the medical attention you need, shield you from powerful insurance companies, and strive to get you the highest amount of compensation possible.

If you were injured by someone else’s negligence and are looking for someone to lead you through the process of physical recovery and financial compensation, our personal injury lawyers are here for you. With a proven track record of getting accident victims the best medical care and maximum financial compensation, the Zanes Law legal team will hold your hand every step of the way so that you can relax and focus on your recovery. At the same time, our personal injury attorneys will do the fighting to bring you justice.

Robert May

My dreams were stolen from me by a terrible personal injury now I fight for you to RECLAIM your DREAMS it was one of the hardest conversations I ever had.

I was nineteen and I was in Uruguay for my Mormon Mission. This was supposed to be the prime of my life, proving to my church, to my family, and most importantly, to myself that I was an upstanding Mormon… a valuable member of the community… and a valuable Young Man ready to be matched with a bride Soon.

Instead… only 6 weeks into a two-year mission, I had to tell my mission leader: “i can’t do this anymore. I’m having panic attacks. I need to go home.”