Frank Song

Frank increases enterprise value by implementing large, sustainable competitive advantage into the businesses, such as increasing operating sophistication, pursuing strategic acquisitions or partnerships to create a national oligopoly or local/regional monopoly dynamic, implementing technology advantages, and increasing performance marketing returns.

Additionally, Frank currently works as a confidential advisor to businesses with at least $10 million in revenue and advises politicians in implementing an art of war campaign in their markets or campaigns to defeat competitors who are larger or better resourced.

Previously, Frank worked at Accel-KKR, one of the top private equity funds (based on returns), where he helped manage the $4.0 billion fund by completing buyouts and growth equity investments for $100 million – $1 billion technology companies.

Brian Anderson

With over 25 years experience in development, sales, and marketing with companies of all sizes, Brian has been enabling entrepreneurs through mission-centric solutions.

Focused heavily on the evolution of marketing technologies, Brian began leveraging the power of the internet for marketing in 1994, and within a few short year began building solutions and platforms to solve business problems. While the players have changed, from mainframe to the Web, and more recently to mobile and blockchain technologies – the business goals remain the same: to empower Americans with the resources they need to pivot into a better financial future.

Dr. Mahsa Khodabakhsh

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Rapid Transformational Therapist and a “Soul Doctor”. 
What does that mean? I’m what many call an “Intuitive.” Since I was a child, I’ve had a mystical knowingness, “a spidey sense”, that tells me exactly what your Soul needs to heal. More on that later.

In my Chiropractic practice I’ve helped thousands of people heal from chronic pain, injuries, depression, anxiety, trauma, and to restore their lives to health and wholeness-

To be a better healer, I had to go beyond what they teach in traditional medicine
and Chiropractic school.

Daniel Stark

We understand how hard it is to have your life come to a crashing halt, and we know you may be feeling pressured by insurance companies to settle your case quickly. Although we can’t reverse the physical damage of your injury, we will work with you to get the full value of your case. When you are one of our clients, we’ve got your back.

We will represent you and your case with compassion and determination. By understanding your unique story and getting to know you personally, your case will get the attention it deserves and stand out from others. We use the full power of our size, experience, and resources to simplify the process and get your life back to normal faster.

Dr. Johné Battle

I am an author, professor, keynote speaker, and change agent committed to leadership development that embraces inclusion and diversity.

In third grade, I was told I couldn’t read or write. Today, 
I hold a doctorate from the world’s leading business school and an invite to work with some of the planet’s most influential brands, organizations, and movements.

Scott Jarred

I’m an affiliate representative of a broker-dealer, and … basically, I’m contractually obligated to be a salesperson for their products. It’s become unacceptable to me because a lot of their products are garbage, and I won’t recommend my clients put a nickel into them. I want to start my own wealth management firm, but the broker-dealer has me in golden handcuffs.