Scott Danner

Scott Danner.

Financial Advisor turned Life Advisor, Founder of Freedom Street Partners, and Creator of the L.I.F.E. Model.

But most importantly? I’m here simply because I CARE.

Connecting with people has always come easy to me. I’m curious. I want to know you. And, if I can, I want to help you, too.

It started with Freedom Street Partners, which has grown massively since its start in 2016 by helping advisors from firms across the country understand and achieve more freedom in their business.

And now, I’m taking my decades of experience navigating “balance” and “perfection” in my own High Performance Life,
and have put it into the revolutionary LIFE Model- a proven-process for helping other High Performers find deeper
meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their lives, too.

Zenith Prep Academy

We Focus on the needs of students looking to attend Top Colleges

We understand that there are few resources available for parents of 6th – 12th graders who are looking to get into the best universities possible – especially for children who are high-academic achieving or those whose true strengths are not found on their report cards. The reason is because most college consulting programs are designed for the general public and with mass appeal in mind.

However, both these students and situations require a very specific strategy and solution to ensure they are accepted into the universities they worked hard for and deserve.

Mathieu Jang

My name is Mathieu Jang.
I’m a butcher’s helper turned master marketer and I want you to have a tested, tried and true method to make money online. While many other companies may make this promise, I’ve spent years in the trenches perfecting this formula and creating a simple strategy that anyone can do.

Dr. Pompa

From Pain to Purpose…


No matter how much you’re struggling with your health right now, I promise you, I’ve been there.

The reason I know that YOU can heal quickly from symptoms you’ve suffered from for years, is that I went through the same journey. At age 34, a mysterious illness descended on me, and I had to find my way back to health and wholeness. Learn how I reclaimed the best health of my life…

Aleric Heck

Aleric got his start on YouTube over 14 years ago by building AppFind which became the largest app review channel on the platform with over 500k+ subscribers. Now, at just 26 years old, he has built an 8-figure company, AdOutreach, where he empowers entrepreneurs to harness the power of value-driven video and grow their businesses on YouTube.

His clients have collectively generated multiple 9 figures in revenue, he has earned the coveted ClickFunnels 2CommaClub-X award, and his AdOutreach company has become the 87th fastest growing company in America featured in the INC 5000.

Leveraging his phenomenal results he has built several other successful ventures, acquired other companies and invested in other businesses with a mission to empower every entrepreneur & business owner to share their unique message, ideas & solutions with the world.

I Believe: Empowering Entrepreneurs Is The Best Way To Have the Biggest Impact 

Pompa Program Store

Fix the cell to get well
Specific Phases:
Step 1: Core Prep
Step 2: Core Body
Step 3: Core Brain