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Hooray, Your Personal Brand Site is Done!

But wait...

Who Will Deal with All the Hassles of
Maintaining Your Site and Doing Ongoing
Design and Technical Work?

Dear Influencer,

Congratulations on launching your personal brand site!

Now the exciting work of getting your message heard and rallying your tribe
to get behind your mission begins!

This means creating content consistently, being active on Social Media, networking with other influencers, guest interviews, guest speaking,
email marketing, updating the site’s technical mechanisms, search engine optimization…

As an influencer, you want to devote your energy to the highest use of
your time.

Which means that now you probably need ongoing maintenance work
for your site.

This could be in the form of ongoing design needs around the branding
we’ve implemented for you, or keeping up with security and plugin
updates that could potentially break the look of your site—services
that are actually outside our normal offerings.

Introducing... Influex Insider Maintenance Package

You see, we don’t take on any new business that doesn’t fit our ongoing retainer model (entry level starting at $7,000/month). Consequently we turn down all incoming requests to do one-off projects or builds for clients seeking to engage us.

But since our recent launch of Influex sites, we’re now finding that majority of our clients have an important gap that needs filling: maintaining, updating and getting ongoing design fulfilled successfully outside of our team.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a maintenance package especially tailored to the ongoing needs of our Influex clients.

How would you like to have continued access to our expertise as your needs come up?

With the Influex Insider maintenance package, you get ongoing access to our team, who’ll keep things running smoothly, such as maintaining your site’s security, doing backups and keeping everything up-to-date.

This means liberation from the nightmares of sourcing and managing freelance designers and developers to do continued work for your site, thus saving you time and energy!

Here’s What You Get:

For just $297/month, we’ll do all these maintenance work for your site and support you long term.

This maintenance plan does not include any additional design, new pages, new blog posts, or fixing major site issues caused by the user.

However, if your business needs those types of support or if you need more design and development work after launch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Introducing: Flex Funds

When you’re on the Influex Insider maintenance plan, you’ll also be able to purchase blocks of hours from us as Flex Funds ($1500 for 20 hours).

You can use it for evolving your personal brand site or for any other design & development work within the same brand: things like landing pages, Facebook ad designs, print design and more.

The best bit? Your Flex Funds have no expiration!

You can use your Flex Funds for things like:

With Influex Insider, you get peace of mind and your personal brand site will always be up-to-date with ongoing design and implementation work — all for just $297/month!

And if you take a $1500 Flex Funds package (anytime), it won’t expire as long as you’re on the $297/month maintenance plan. 

However, as one of our first 35 Influex clients, you’re entitled to a special lifetime 33% discount if you avail of this package within 45 days from the date your site went live.
(So you’ll only pay $197/month instead)!

Click on the order button and it’ll take you to an order form where you’ll also have the
option to buy Flex Funds on top of the monthly Influex Insider package.

In service of your greatest expression,

Dmitriy (Dima) Kozlov
Co-founder, Vision Tech Team and Influex

Remember: to be eligible for the special lifetime 33% discount, you must avail of this package within 45 days from the date your site went live. So sign up now and pay only $197/month instead of $297!