Andres Pira

16 years ago, Andres was homeless sleeping on the beaches of Thailand, starving, frustrated and angry at his situation. When he reached out to the last one of his friends he hadn’t already begged for money, his friend responded by giving him something that would prove to be much more valuable -a book called The Secret.

Though it did not happen overnight, today he now runs over 19 companies, employs over 250 people and is one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand. He has only just begun his journey and continues to apply the lessons he learned in The Secret, only to see more prominent and significant results.

Andres has narrowed down the 18 Principles he uses to achieve success, which are now laid out in his book Homeless to Billionaire – The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity that you will hold in your hands. You will learn how to implement and practice these principles with clarity and ease to unlock your full potential and obtain the accomplishments you desire.

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