The Fourth Phase of the Influex Experience

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs


You’re here because you chose to invest in the best for your brand and World-Class Website is either launched and live already, or you’re quickly on your way there.

Thank you for trusting us to make your dreams come true.

Thank you for trusting us as the Dream Team to build your Iconic Brand & World-Class Website.

To Extract Your Essence, Master Your Message, Innovate Your Iconic Identity, and bring it all to life with Expert Execution into a World-Class Website That Expresses Your Essence.

Now that your Essence is Expressed…

what’s next?

After enjoying the compliments you’ll hear from an awe-struck audience (you’ll get used to it), you can rest confident in ever-increasing ROI you’ll witness from your World-Class Website.

But if you’re anything like us and the Industry Icons we serve, you won’t rest. You’re a visionary, and this was just one meaningful move in an infinite game of growth.

So… what’s next for you with Influex?

It’s time to move into the Fourth Phase of the Influex Experience…
from Expert Execution to Essence Evolution.

Together, we get to maximize the momentum of the depths we’ve explored together to expand your brand, while providing the Peace of Mind that your investment is protected with a World-Class Warranty.

With careful consideration after serving over 200 clients like you (and like you, each one unique), we’ve crafted these flexible options to continue our creative collaboration.

You Can Select From These Two Simple Solutions for Evolution:


Enjoy the Peace of Mind that comes with our World-Class Website Warranty. Request revisions and additions at Retail Rates or retained Flex Funds.


Experience more momentum in your mission with Influex as your Dream Team… On Demand For Your Brand As Your Business Expands

We encourage you to explore each, evaluate what most serves your brand budget and growth goals, and reach out if you have any questions.

Evolution Solution #1:

Protect Your Peace of Mind with a World-Class Warranty With Flexible Access

World-Class Warranty with Monthly Maintenance 

Have Peace of Mind knowing your World-Class Website is Professionally & Proactively Maintained with Weekly Back-ups, WP + Plugin Updates, Security Scans, and a 5-Star Support Team that’s got your back if anything breaks.

$400 / Month / Site

Using Flex Funds?
  300 fX / Month / Site

With Peace of Mind, you get our Tech Team ensuring your site is secure, running smooth, and up to date:

  • WordPress Maintenance: Weekly Updates of all WP plugins, WP
  • Weekly Back-ups, Security Scans, Broken Link Scans. If we see it, we fix it.
  • Upkeep Monitoring: if your site goes down, we’re automatically notified and on it.
  • Support Ticketing System: did something while editing your own site? Email us, and we’ll fix it within 1 business day or restore it to your most recent backup.
  • You get up to 5 Coder “Grace Hours” per month (hours do not roll over as Flex Funds). Further requests are billed at Retail Rates.
  • Occasionally need more done? From new page designs to content updates to consulting – you can always purchase Flex Funds.
  • Coming soon (Q2): 24/7 support and more.

Peace of Mind Does Not Include:

  • Digital Artistry (design), Consulting, Copywriting, or any other creative work (you can request custom work at Retail Rates or use Flex Funds for these)
  • Technical Support for systems outside of the World-Class Website that Influex created

Retail Rates

Rarely Recommended, Occasionally Optimal.

You can hire Influex to Innovate and Implement by the hour at our Retail Rates, which range from $100 to $1200 per hour, depending on the Talent required and the Team desired.


Rate: $100/hour


Rate: $200/hour Applies to Digital Artists, Copywriters, Creative Curators


Rate: $400/hour Applies to “Behind The Scenes” Creative Direction from our Brand Director, Design Director, Tech Director, Marketing Director,
or Copy Chief


Rate: $600/hour Applies to Strategy Sessions and Creative Consulting


Rate: $1200/hour for Creative Consulting

Urgent Requests are billed at Rush Rates (2X Retail)

Every member of our Dream Team plays in their X-Factor to create exponentially greater value for every hour invested in Innovation and Implementation for our clients.

So yes, you can feel confident in the value of hiring Influex “by the hour” at Retail Rates… but for most, there’s a better way.

We carefully balance our bandwidth as a boutique team serving dozens of brands. With a high demand on our time, while holding an even higher standard for creative quality, we can rarely prioritize resources for one-off retail requests.

The truth is, we rarely do any hourly work at our Retail Rates. Instead, we invest in Upward Spiral relationships with our clients, which require Intention and Commitment on both sides to create the greatest ROI (Return On Investment / Innovation / Influex).

We’re Committed To You Experiencing an Exponential ROI.

The best way for us to create that through consistency and your commitment, so that we can adapt to your preferences and dedicate resources for your requests.

Yet, we’re experienced enough to know that every business has different needs throughout the year and that creative projects can vary widely in the resources they require, so we’ve created a credit system with the flexibility and freedom for any brand’s budget…


Empower Influex to Prioritize Your Requests and Plan Your Projects.
Enjoy Significant Savings with Preferred Rates (25%+ off Retail Rates).

Think of Flex Funds as our own “Creative Currency” that you can utilize to access our team without paying Retail Rates for requests and revisions, or entering a long waiting list for a new project.

With Flex Funds, we are able to prioritize your requests (over retail rates) because we always keep some of our team flexibly available for Essence Evolution. The longer you are on Essence Evolution and the more Flex Funds you accumulate and use, the better we get at planning around your preferences.

You can enjoy total freedom and flexibility by staying on your Peace of Mind Plan and depositing a 3000 fX Block for requests, revisions, and proactive projects… or you can experience the (BENEFITS) of a Dedicated Dream Team with a Monthly Membership as low as 1.5k/month.

You can even use your Flex Funds to pay for Peace of Mind at 25% off, drawing 300 fX from your Flex Bank instead of $400 USD per month from your credit card.


Rate: $100 75 fX/hour


Rate: $200 150 fX/hour Applies to Digital Artists,
Copywriters, Creative Curators


Rate: $400 300 fX/hour Applies to “Behind The Scenes” Creative Direction from our Brand Director, Design Director, Tech Director, Marketing Director,
or Copy Chief


Rate: $600 450 fX/hour Applies to Strategy Sessions and Creative Consulting

Coders, Creators, & Curators

Rate Coder Rate Creator Rate
Talent Developers
Momentum Managers
(when billable)
Production Design
Digital Artist (Designer) Copywriters
Creative Curators
Retail ($) $100 $200
Flex (fX) 75 150

Rush Rate: 2X when available. For accelerated timelines and urgent requests.

Dream Team Directors & Creative Consultants

Rate Director Rate Creator Rate
Talent Dream Team Direction
  • Brand Director
  • Design Director
  • Tech Director
  • Development Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Copy Chief
Strategy Sessions, such as…
Retail ($) $400 $600
Flex (fX) 300 450

Desire the CEO Directly (Dima) As Your
Creative Consultant & Dream Director?

Simply double the Director and Consultant Rates:

$3000 one-time purchase adds 3000 fX to your balance.

*FleX Funds require a Peace of Mind Plan or Dream Team Membership. FleX Funds never expire. If there is no active subscription, 300 fX per month is withdrawn from your balance to maintain Peace of Mind Plan. **Rates are subject to change. Preferred rates are grandfathered in for 6 months from Flex Funds purchase.

Planning A Bigger Project or just Being Proactive?

Deposit Five Flex Blocks, Get One Free

($15,000 for 18,000 fX)

More Volume = More Value.


IMAGINE: A Dedicated Dream Team
  On Demand For Your Brand

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re growing quickly and want more than just “Peace of Mind” – you want a proactive partner with resources and expertise to help you reach your growth goals, faster.

There’s a sense of strategic synergy that comes with a committed creative crew that just “Gets You” … beyond just a tactical team answering tickets and assigning tasks.

You invested in your Iconic Brand and World-Class Website because you have big dreams. You deserve a Dream Team.

A Dream Team Who Not Only Deeply “Gets You” – but also adapts to your unique flow and evolves as you grow.

A Team That Exists To Innovate, because…

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs



Starting at 1.5k by Application Only

Explore Four Membership Levels To Engage Influex Your Dream Team, Each Designed With The Flexibility To Fulfill On Your Growth Goals & Fit Your Brand Budget:

Membership Levels Vary in the Volume of Priority Resources You Require and the Level of Proactive Partnership You Desire From Your Dream Team

Every Dream Team Membership Level Includes:

We proactively plan our Dream Team with dedicated resources to prioritize your projects, so Memberships are limited and require a minimum commitment of at least 3 months.

Discover The Details Below To Determine The Most Aligned
Access Level for your Growth Goals

3k Monthly Membership

Your Part-Time Partner for your Essence Evolution, ensuring your World-Class Website evolves with your growing business and that your brand stays ahead in the fast-moving marketplace.

10 Spots available to existing clients for Q1 by application only:

6k Monthly Membership

Expand Your Brand With (Proactive) Direction, Priority Access, and Proactive Partnership with Influex as your Dream Team:

5 Spots available for Q1 by invitation or application:

Expand might be right for you if:

12k Monthly Membership

Your Exclusive Performance Partner in Exponential Expansion & Entrepreneurial Evolution:

Available by application or invitation only after 3+ months with your Dream Team Membership.

Two spots are currently available to VIP Clients (those who invested in a VIP Package with Influex) by application only.

Expand might be right for you if:


Includes everything in Elite with 18,000 fX and  driven by the CEO as your Devoted Dream Director.
By private invitation from CEO to VIP Clients after 3+ months  with your Dream Team Membership.

Includes everything in ELITE. Customized to your desires. Driven by the CEO as your Devoted Dream Director. By private invitation from CEO to VIP Clients after 3+ months  with your Dream Team Membership.