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Your Influencer site is live. New leads are coming in. And your online platform finally represents who you truly are.

Your Essence Has Been Expressed.
Now it’s time for Essence Evolution.

Ongoing Design and Development for Evolving Brands

"They rock it with professional service, great design, and a quick
turnaround. I highly recommend them for online entrepreneurs."
Don’t have time to update your site (or just dread doing it)?
Need new sections or pages designed?

Launching new programs or events?

We’ve got you covered.

Spend more time in your zone of genius while we cover ours.
Together, we’ll continue to evolve your online presence and drive sales, leads, and conversions at ever-increasing rates.
"I've been working with Dmitriy and his team for the past few years and highly recommend working with them if you've got a visionary message or bigger impact you want to get out in the world."

Here are some of the things Influencers
like you use Essence Evolution for:

Addressing Maintenance Issues (Broken links, copy adjustments, responsiveness, etc.)

Proactive Maintenance Site Backups and Theme/Plugin Updates

Proactive Strategy and Recommendations Monthly and Quarterly Emails

Adding new programs to the website

New pages on the website

Website updates and tweaks

Facebook Ad Designs

Other advertising banners

Sales Pages for new programs

Sales Pages for events

Landing pages

Print and marketing materials

Front-end development

Members Area design (No Back-end Integration)

PDF design

Strategy and consulting

Proactive updates to your site as your business evolves

Ready for Essence Evolution? You have 2 options to keep our creative team devoted to your business:

Flex Funds

You can buy Essence Evolution Flex Funds from us at any time.

Fired Up About Flex Funds?

"I got a great ROI from working with this team and recommend them to anyone who needs a top notch design and tech team. They also speak marketing and really get my world."

2 Monthly Essence Evolution Plan (Recommended)

Stay engaged with us by making a monthly commitment and receive ...




Ongoing Site

(to keep your site
secure and fast as
the web evolves)

"This team is the best in the world in taking your brand and your vision and translating that to an actual website [...] They helped us so much in optimizing every aspect of the site so that it serves our customers and leads them through a customer journey [...] I truly believe in these guys so much that we continue to work with them on an ongoing basis."

For only $600/mo, you’ll have our entire team
working for you to ensure your site stays optimized, secure, and updated.


What You Get Why You Need It

Access to our support ticketing system to have us address things like . . .

  • Fixing broken links
  • Proofreading / correcting typos
  • Light copy adjustments
  • Renaming pages
  • Reordering Navigation Items
  • Fixing Responsive Issues

As you continue to post new content on your site, there are always little maintenance issues that come up. Let us handle them for you so you can stay in your zone of genius. We’ll respond to tickets within 24 hours.


Proactive Maintenance.

We’ll make sure your site continues to be optimized for security and speed by . . .

  • Creating backups
  • Updating themes, plugins, and WordPress
  • Running Site Speed and Image Optimization tests to make sure it’s optimized for SEO and site usability

As you continue to post new content on your site, the speed of the site, if not continually optimized, will slow down over time.

This will affect the user experience as well as your SEO. Let us handle them for you so you can stay in your zone of genius. We’ll keep tabs on your site and handle this proactively


Proactive Design, Development, and Project Management.

For new changes and additions you’d like to make to your site (new pages, re-designs, new projects, etc.) you’ll have . . .

  • Up to 10 hours of Design and Development per month. These do not rollover.
  • Up to 1 hour of Project Management per month. This does not rollover.
  • Access to our ticketing system to request changes. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

While we make it easy for you, through tutorial videos and the Elementor Pro Drag and Drop Builder, to make changes on your own, some larger changes require design and development expertise to properly reflect your brand.

And we’ll be ready to support in getting your site updated as quickly as possible as you’re launching new programs, blog posts, events, etc. If you don’t use the 10 hours, we’ll proactively look for ways we can use them to optimize your site.


Monthly and Quarterly Proactive Communication

  • We’ll send an email each month reminding you that we’re here to support you and asking if you have any updates that need to be made to the site that can give you some time back for more important business tasks.
  • An Essence Expert will personally look over your site each quarter to make suggestions for Evolution based on what we’re seeing work in the marketplace. We’ll send an email each quarter with these recommendations for optimization.

You’ll have our innovative team revisiting your site to see how it can continue to be optimized based on the ever-evolving marketing landscape and new innovative techniques we’ve identified to drive your bottom line.


Discounted Flex Funds Rates

If you need additional changes/additions to your site above the included 10 hours, we'll give you a 20% discount on the retail Flex Funds rates listed in Option #1, just for being a part of Essence Evolution:

  • Design/Development:
    $60/hour (vs. $75/hour retail)
  • Project Management:
    $120/hour (vs. $150/hour retail)
  • Strategy: $480/hour (vs. $600/hour retail)

You’ll have a year to use any flex funds you purchase in this manner. And, you’ll be maximizing your $3,000 investment with the 20% discount, getting an additional 10 hours of design/development for every “Flex Funds” block you purchase.

*All credits are non-refundable.

*1 year expiration on all rolled over credits.

You’ll have the team that knows your brand
deeply supporting you proactively and
addressing any issues that come up,

For just $600/month

Ready To Evolve?

*Once you sign up, we’ll send you an email with your Onboarding Instructions and access to our ticketing system.

*We’ll immediately assign team members to perform an initial analysis of your site and get you in our system for proactive updates and recommendations.

"The team is incredible and the Project Manager was attentive, efficient and always has a good solution to any requests. It honestly could not have been better.

This has been the best experience designing and producing a website, that we’ve ever had. The team is incredibly creative and efficient. The layout and design far exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend Influex to anyone needing to build a site from scratch or just wanting to give their current site a touch-up. We are so pleased!"

"You guys do some of the best design I've ever seen!"
"What I really loved about working with Influex was the team took control of the entire process… and they really care about their work [...] I highly recommend you work with the Influex team!”