How much is an Influex site?
What are your packages?

Now’s your chance to get a website that you’re actually proud of! Our special pricing starts at three payments of $9,000 for our Essential Package. 

We’ll discuss the details and which package fits you best on our Alignment Assessment call.

You’ll get creative direction from us to ensure that the design, copy, and marketing goals are all aligned, resulting in a site that is not only beautiful but one that gets results! 

What does it NOT include?

Glad you asked! It doesn’t include:

API Integrations
E-Commerce / Order Forms / Shopping Cart
Email Accounts Setup or Transfer
Search Engine Optimization / Keyword Analysis
Sales Funnel Pages or Implementation
CRM Setup / Funnel Builds

If you need these services, let us know and we’ll likely have a partner or someone in our network who can help you out. We’d be happy to make the introduction.

Do you offer a site transfer or SEO Audit?

A site transfer or SEO audit is not included in this price. However, if you have a current site on your domain and need an SEO-friendly transfer, we will evaluate your site and provide a custom quote for the transfer (likely $1k – $2k, depending on complexity). This is because we’re very sensitive to legacy rankings from your existing site and blog.

What if I want a different type of website (not a personal brand site)?

We won’t build an e-commerce site, a membership site, or work with your CRM (other than form integration). Though if you’re interested in more tech services from Vision Tech Team, we can chat and see if we’re a fit to serve you for the long term.

How much time will be required of me for this to be a great result?

We'll need a couple of hours from you up front on visioneering with us and getting us content… after that, several check ins and revisions calls will be required, as your personal feedback will be valuable to make this the most personalized custom site for you.

How long does it take to get my site built?

We’ll do our best to have it all done and delivered in 90 days or less after receiving your copy, photography, and other relevant assets.

If you go through our onboarding processes like a champ, provide us with photography and content, answer our copy-related guiding questions, and give us design feedback within a reasonable time, you’re golden!

I’m not an industry leader… am I still a fit for this?

Your personal brand site could be the glue that connect all your other communication efforts into one cohesive brand story. So regardless of where you are currently at in your chosen niche, this could be the perfect positioning tool to build your credibility and make you stand out in the marketplace.

How come you’re now offering this at a lower price compared to what you usually charge?

Over the past several months, we’ve been building 25+ personal brand sites with the goal of creating better, faster, more efficient systems. As we executed the deliverables and processes, we have achieved those goals (we are continually refining our systems, of course), so we can now pass on those savings to you.

Influex custom personal brand sites start at just 3 payments of $9,000.  We’ll then hop on a call with you to determine if we’re a good fit. If we are not, we pay your deposit back and go on our merry way! It’s that simple.