For Finally Launching Your Influencer Site!

But Wait…

Do You Need Ongoing Design and Web Development to Fully Execute Your Online Marketing Plans?

Dear Influencer,

Now that you have launched your epic influencer site, the exciting work of getting your message heard and creating meaningful impact on a much grander scale begins!

This involves creating great content consistently, being active on Social Media, networking, guest interviews, speaking, email marketing, podcasting…

Which means that you’ll need ongoing design and development work for your brand.

At this point, you have two options:

  1. Hire an independent graphic designer and a front-end web developer on an “as-needed” basis, or
  2. Let the same Influex team who did your brand site take care of those problems for you.

Option 1 means you’d have to explain your brand, target market, and business goals to them and make sure they get you. On top of that you’d have to manage them yourself to make sure they deliver efficiently and effectively.

With Option 2, you wouldn’t have to do any of those. We already get you, your brand and your business deeply. Plus you already know what it’s like to work with us: easy, stress-free, and fun!

This is why we decided to give this very Exclusive Offer Only to InflueXers…

Buy 40 Hours of Design Block and
Get Access to the Same Influex Team that
Built Your Site!

You can use these hours for any of your graphic design and front-end web development needs, like:

New pages for your Influencer site

Sales pages

Landing pages

Graphic design for your Social Media Marketing campaigns

Updates to your site

and much more!

For just $3000, this block of 40 hours is valid for 12 months and you can use them for the same brand that we have designed for you.

Once you use up all the hours (whenever that happens to be), just buy another block when you need it.

It’s that simple!

It Gets Better…

If You Commit to Buy a 40-hour Design Block Every Month for the Next 3 Months, You’ll Also Get Our Data-Driven Design Service - Absolutely FREE!

See, having a beautiful site that gets people talking about you is a good start, but you’ll never know how effective it truly is until you see how your actual website visitors interact with the information and pages.

Are they scrolling down and reading? How long for?

Do they find your blog/podcast useful and valuable?

Do they find the pages intuitive so that they’re able to easily find what they’re looking for?

If you are driving ad traffic to your site, which specific sections are getting attention and why?

Which content are getting read and which links are getting clicked? Equally important, which ones are being ignored?

If your site is your main marketing tool that ties all your other marketing efforts together, you simply can’t afford not to know these metrics!

With Data-driven design, you’ll know exactly what content to publish because you know which ones are your most popular, and which ones are not getting read.

You’ll know which links are getting traction and which ones are getting ignored.

You’ll find out what colors, lay out, headlines and buttons are most optimal, or how high the engagement is per page.

You’ll find out what information could be missing on your site, which sections need more clarity and which ones are effective at driving the desired user behavior.

Bottom line? Over time, as we collect these insights and
knowledge, you will have better conversions, more clients, more leads, more sales, more speaking engagements, etc!

Here’s How Data-Driven Design Works….

Think of this as a continuous design-optimization package.

Using effective tracking and measuring tools, you’ll find out which specific elements on your pages are getting the most attention, the percentage of your site visitors actually clicks on your calls to action, how many fills out your forms, and much more.

With our Monthly Report, you won’t just get numbers – you will get actionable insights! We won’t stop at just providing you with a snapshot of the metrics that matter, but we’ll also break down to you what the numbers mean for your business, and what we’ll do next in order to improve the results.

Here’s How Exactly You’ll Benefit From Our Data-Driven Design Process...

Month 1 - Fundamental Foundation

Initial Integration

First, we’ll get clear on what your primary and secondary long term goals are.

Using multiple Analysis Tools, we’ll track how effective the design is.

We’ll plan & strategize what potential improvements to test (with a focus on creating the biggest wins within the shortest amount of time).

Build Benchmarks

We'll collect new data to compare with your previous site’s data.

We'll collect and organize metrics into Shared Data Dashboard so we can both use the data to make decisions.

We'll review the data to create actionable opportunities (for next cycle) to improve and grow.

We’ll compile the Monthly Report so you’ll know our test findings and key actionable insights.

Month 2+ - Ongoing Optimization

Inform Your Influence

We'll test new designs based on the biggest growth opportunities we’ve identified.

We'll run the tests using A/B split testing.

We'll determine which design achieves your goals more.

Based on the test results, we’ll plan how to update your site’s design next.

Essence Evolution

Integrate the test winners into your live site so that it continues to evolve and improve.

Review data again to create actionable opportunities to improve and grow over the next cycle.

Compile the Monthly Report.

Then every quarter, we’ll audit any changes to your business, brand, and audience to identify how our designs can be tweaked to continue to deliver more results.

Mindful Maintenance

An Influencer Site is like a Ferrari… you shouldn’t buy it and then not change the oil!

We’ll do monthly site updates so that your site remains on par with the latest technology.

You'll get Weekly Offsite Backups so that you protect your data.

You'll receive Timely Security Threat updates to protect you from potential security breaches.

We'll do Uptime Monitoring so we can instantly get your Influencer site back online if it goes down.

We'll do Performance Monitoring so we are notified of issues that affect the user experience.


Network Learning

If something works well for other businesses we’re working on, we get to learn
 it and test it on your site as well. Talk about win-win-win!

As you can see, this service involves an enormous amount of expertise, data analytics know-how, plus knowledge in strategic online marketing to make this all work for you.

But you get Data-Driven Design FOR FREE if you commit to buying a Design Block of 40 hours every month for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. (We require this commitment because the initial cycle involves a process that will take around 2-3 months in order to produce a reliable size of actionable data.)

Choose the Package That Best Meets Your Design and Development Needs


Buy 1 x 40-Hour Design
Blocks monthly

Data-Driven Design

Price: $3,000

Buy 3 x 40-Hour Design
Blocks monthly and Get 1 More Block for Free!

Bonus: 1 Block every month

Data-Driven Design

Price: $9,000


Buy 5 Design Blocks monthly
and Get 2 More Blocks for Free!

Bonus: 2 Blocks every month

Data-Driven Design

Price: $15,000

Your card will be charged in 30-day billing cycles for the next 3 months.

My team and I have designed this for businesses who don’t want average results.

With these monthly packages, you get to find out what’s working and what’s not working on your website based on hard facts.

You’ll see what makes your visitors tick and what makes them click away.

You’ll improve your user experience and improve your visitor engagement.

You’ll get more opt-ins, more clients, more sales, more speaking engagements, more enquiries, more bookings, and more impact. Don’t settle for mediocre results. Join the ranks of the top 5% of influencers who employ rigorous testing —not guesswork — to
guide their business decision-making.

In Service of your Message & Mission,

Dmitriy Kozlov