Essence Evolution

Peace of Mind and Flex Funds Packages

Peace of Mind keeps your site backed up, up to date, secure, optimized, and fast. If something breaks, we’ll fix it. If you have questions about your site, we’re on it.

For requests beyond the monthly maintenance scope, you have two options: Retail Rate and Flex Funds.

While on Peace of Mind, you can make additional requests for updates and new work (anything outside of what’s included in the plan) at our retail rates.


Retail Rate


for Design, Development
and Flow Management


for CEO “Creative Clarity”


However, for most clients we recommend one of our Flex Funds packages rather than retail rates.

Flex Funds are blocks of hours available for existing Influex clients after we’ve created their Signature Style and designed their primary website. These options are designed for flexible workflow and variable volume “as needed” with both a responsive and proactive approach.

Any Flex Funds package includes


Access to resources
prioritized over retail



Plus, get
Priority Access


Get up to One Year of

Peace Of Mind

Free and Up To $10,000

in Bonus Hours on us When You Engage Us As Your Dream Team
(…along with thousands in additional value and priority access)

VIP Dream Team

Plus, get VIP Access


Sending referrals?

Get 10% commissions as bonus Flex Funds (double the regular 5% cash commission).


Sorry, we cannot. We totally understand why this is important to you. Unfortunately, it significantly slows down workflow and is often difficult to estimate, which is why we put together these Flex Fund packages. For a larger project with clear scope, we’ll do our best to provide a rough estimate.

While our team does their best to be efficient without sacrificing quality, we know some team members may work faster than others to achieve the desired result. We’ll review hours each month for efficiency and clean up non-billable hours when we see fit. If you see a concern, bring it up and we’ll be flexible. We’re here for a long-term win-win.

Currently, we don’t run split tests or formal CRO, though will happily look at your results with you if you’re testing and tracking so we can best optimize future designs. If we add CRO services in the future, our VIP Dream Team clients will be the first to know. 

You will have access to a ClickUp dashboard to see current utilization anytime. Dedicated, Devoted and VIP Dream Team clients will also receive monthly reports after our team reviews for efficiency. You can also request a report at any time.

It depends on the nature of the task, creative process involved, and priority level. We will respond to all requests within 1 business day. With Priority Access, you will typically receive design drafts within 1-3 business days for smaller requests, and 4-7 business days for medium and larger pages. 

If something is broken and needs priority development attention, mention that in your request and we will prioritize it ASAP. 

You will have access to our support ticketing system and ClickUp. If you have Priority Access, you will also have a Slack Channel for requests and collaboration. If you have Flow Management calls, we will proactively plan out priorities with you on the calls. 

Creative Consulting from Dmitriy Kozlov can include a range of expertise. While the primary focus in this context is site strategy, branding, messaging, marketing, and creative direction, you can also get strategic support on your business with culture consulting, operations, offer creation, customer experience, and more. If needed, Dmitriy will bring in other experts for sessions from our eXponential Network. 

We do not currently offer payment plans for these packages, as they are designed for proactive commitment of our resources in bulk. 

Currently, we only offer these Flex Funds packages to existing Influex clients for whom we already created the Signature Style, built their primary brand site, and established a working relationship. 

You can subscribe for Peace of Mind, or we can use any remaining Flex Funds towards your monthly subscription.

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