Dmitriy Kozlov

Building Your Personal Brand Website…With Dmitriy Kozlov

This post is republished from the Mike Dillard Podcast

Hey gang, today I’m going to introduce you to one of my most valuable resources… His name is Dmitriy Kozlov. Not only has he been a personal friend of mine for almost 10 years now, but he’s also the Founder of a company called

So Influex is the best company out there, period, if you want to build a website for you and your personal brand.

Now this is a very important subject for two reasons…

The first, is that I think it’s critical that we all have a personal website that sells us as individuals.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and yes you will absolutely be judged by the impression that you make.

Well if we consider that 99% of the people who find us, will find us online, rather than meet us in person, how important does your website, and the impression it makes, become?

It’s unbelievably important.

But that brings us to the most important part of this interview…

I’d say that 9 out of 10 personal brand websites that I’ve seen, are doing it wrong.

People think that a personal brand site is supposed to be all about them… Who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and why they’re so cool.

And sure, those elements have a place on your website, but the people who get it, and who do this right… Will realize that this is still, always about the prospect and the customer.

Which means that your brand website isn’t about you first and the customer second, it’s about the customer first.

The primary focus of the site is all about them, and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Second to that, is your story.

A story that allows people to get to know you better, and to come to the conclusion that, “yes, this person knows their stuff, and they can help me.”

Now if you want to see what this looks like in action, just head to because Dmitriy and his team at Influex, just rebuilt the entire site for me, from the ground up.

And when you’re there, I want you to really pay attention to the structure and the copy on the home page because it will illustrate the difference between a site built around you, and a site built around your customer.

Now with the being said, please help me welcome, Dmitriy kozlov.

How To Create A Personal Brand Website with Dmitriy Kozlov at Joe Polish’s Genius Network

This post is republished from the Genius Network Podcast

Episode Summary

Do you ever feel like the word “branding” is overused? Curious about the real value of an influencer site? The right personal brand website can massively boost your authority and create deeper connections.

Dmitriy Kozlov of explains all.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dmitriy in this episode:

  • Dmitriy describes the results his company (Influex) delivers and the value of having an influencer site
  • How a personal brand website can position you more effectively and help you more easily sell yourself
  • One of the most important things you can do to increase your speaking engagements, PR and positive media exposure
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to build their reputation (and what to do instead)
  • 3 key questions you should be asking BEFORE you create your personal brand site
  • The Anatomy of a Working Website: What a great result-getting website should look like and do
  • How to use a personal brand website to massively boost your authority and create deeper connections
  • Dmitriy shares his perspective on his passion for fusing art, entrepreneurship, and marketing

Show Notes

  • There is a lot of ego-based information sold to entrepreneurs around how to build a brand.
  • Influence is what makes people make a business decision. Expression is more like brand essence.
  • People make a decision to buy, based as much on the essence of a brand as the marketing message.
  • The difference between a $1 bill and a $100 bill is the message on the paper.
  • For coaches selling their personal skill set, their website is essentially the center of their universe. Even a separate business is connected to your personal brand and can be damaged by a poor reputation.
  • A good personal brand is authentically expressed and is congruent with your true self. Incongruence becomes painful.
  • Brand is the personality of the product or service.
  • No true achievement-minded entrepreneur is interested in retirement. Most of them are artists and creators, and their business is an expression of what they are creating.
  • Position your personal brand alongside whatever it is you’re making, sooner rather than later.
  • If you have a great personal brand presence, you will have a lot of opportunities for speaking and presenting.
  • There are three lenses to look through when developing your personal brand site: purpose, perception, and personality.
  • Ask what is the primary and secondary purpose of each page of the website. For most people, the purpose is to build their list or get more speaking engagements.
  • Perception is what experience you want your visitors to have.
  • Your website should be a representation of your person. Most of the time, people’s sites are incongruent to where they are at.
  • Most sites follow a very similar structure while being customized for your individual message.
  • The more connected your opt-in is to your core statement of value, the more you will attract the kinds of leads you want.
  • Most people don’t buy what it is you’re selling by visiting your website. They visit initially to explore, which is why you capture their information and continue the conversation.
  • Your story is one of the first steps of building the relationship via your personal brand site. Start with your story before trying to build credibility.
  • The purpose of your story is to build connection. You build credibility through testimonials.
  • The footer on your website is often a throw-away item, but you should be very intentional with the content you put there.
  • When you start your business, you get paid for what you do. Once you establish a great reputation, you start getting paid for who you are.
  • Your home page should contain content that gives value up front. There are three ways to show people you can help them; you can tell them, you can show them, or you can help them.
  • Take your wisdom and make it free to access. Your content is the container for the value you bring to the table.
  • You are not the hero of your journey, you are the guide to the hero. You are the Yoda to the Luke Skywalker.
  • The important thing to ask for every perception piece on your site is ‘how can I be a guide to the people I am trying to serve?’
  • You don’t have to market the same way as some of the most popular marketers. Those people know their audience. Figure out what outcome your audience wants and approach them appropriately.
  • Consistency is how you develop mastery, confidence and a reputation for solid work.
  • For most people, a speaking page is a good idea even if speaking is not your main focus.
  • A personal brand site is like a personal conversation over coffee. You are building the relationship that may result in a sale later on.
  • Your contact page should include your social media links and be a catch all for any kind of inquiry to your site.
  • The first ever site that Dmitriy bought was, which led to him developing sites for other people and building an agency.
  • The process of creating an influencer site starts with essence, expression, and execution.
  • The key questions you should ask when interviewing potential designers is ‘what platform do you build on?’ and ‘what happens if we no longer work together?’
  • Most entrepreneurs are artists, they are just artists in business. Ask yourself how you can fuse your artistic talents with your business acumen.
  • Stepping into your artist identity will accelerate your business.

Make These 3 Simple Shifts For Your Site To Stop Leaking Money

There comes a time in the life cycle of a business when you look at your website and feel a sinking feeling in your stomach. It could be shame. Perhaps it’s anxiety. Or maybe it’s a touch of embarrassment.

Somewhere along the way, your success surpassed your website and you have no idea when it happened. For the longest time, you knew your site wasn’t great but you were too busy selling, marketing, creating, and delivering to worry about it.

You became successful in spite of your website, chasing down leads and converting them.

But now leads are chasing you down, Googling your name, and landing on a website you’ve neglected up until this point because you had to.

You realize your website no longer represent the value you offer or the Influencer you’ve become. And it is costing you leads, money, and opportunities.

Now that you’ve cemented yourself as an Influencer in your space, it’s time to give your website the attention you – and it – deserves.

It’s time to bring your website up to your level so that it fully represents who you’ve become and what you provide.

To do that completely would require a complete rebrand and rebuild from the ground up, building your site from scratch on the foundation of your essence, authentic expression, and influence – with your 3 to 5 year goals and vision in mind.

But, in the meantime, here are 3 things you can do right now so that your site stops leaking money and starts converting move visitors into revenue.

Tip #1: Include a “Power Statement” above the fold of your Homepage.

Studies show that when someone lands on your site, you have 5 seconds capture their attention. So, the space on your homepage that is “above the fold” (the area readers see without needing to scroll) is the most prime real estate on your website. 

It is where you

  1. Establish relevancy
  2. Give a clear indication of who you’re serving
  3. Give a clear indication of your unique value.

A power statement does all of these things, helping your ideal prospects realize how much you understand their situation and how you are the exact person they need.

For example, here’s what we created for Frank Kern:

Your homepage's first job is to establish Relevance within 5 seconds.
Frank Kern focuses on demonstrating value first, to hook his target audience.

Here’s one we did for Dan Holguin:

Use attention-grabbing images to create intrigue.
See how Dan Holguin’s header establishes Relevance, Intrigue, Value and Credibility at once.

And here’s what we did for Joe Polish:

Use images copy that conveys your authentic expression.
Joe Polish focuses on giving value first.

Tip #2: Under the Power Statement, have one clear “Call To Action” and “Opt-In Gift” (also above the fold)

Give your prospects the support they need most … and give it to them for free right at the top of the homepage in the form of a free Opt-in Gift.

The free opt-in gift should help them take the first step towards their transformation and towards working with you. To offer this to them, you’ll need:

  • A polished product image to represent the free gift.
  • A smaller headline and sub-headline for the opt-in itself.
  • An opt-in form that will capture their name and email address, converting them from a visitor to a lead. The free gift should then be delivered via email.

Here’s what we created for Mike Koenigs:

Ask yourself what freebie you can offer to compel your site visitors to opt-in.
Mike Koenigs knows how to make a compelling offer.

And here’s what we did for David Bach:

Reading the first chapters of David Bach's book will likely make you want to read the rest of his bestselling book.
For best results, offer a freebie that addresses your prospects’ primary pain point.

And for Wholesale Ted:

Sarah Chrisp’s site conveys that she’s approachable and her method is doable.

For Alex Charfen:
Alex Charfen’s site hooks the readers in with benefit after benefit.

For Jesse Elder
Jesse Elder’s header poses a thought-provoking question.

You can follow the examples on those pages. Or here are some templates you can plug into:

  1. “This _______________ cheat sheet will help you _______________, get immediate ______________, and __________________ , daily. Where should I send it?
  2. “This _______________ checklist will help you _______________, ___________________, and __________________ in the next 30 days.. Where should I send it?
  3. “This _______________ guide will help you immediately _______________, ___________________, and __________________ . Where should I send it?

Button Copy Example: Get your FREE Checklist/Guide/Cheat Sheet/Chapter Now.

Tip #3: Upgrade Your Navigation To Be Simple and Client-Centered

Instead of naming your pages things like “Author”, “Speaker”, and “Advisor”, which describe what you do, name your pages so they describe what your prospects can do with you, like “Work With Me” or “Book Me to Speak”.

Keep your navigation down to between 5 and 7 pages. Keep sub-menus to a minimum where possible. Combine and Delete any pages that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Keeping your navigation simple and client-centered reduces confusion and helps guide your prospects to a clear Call To Action (the first step to working with you). This is key to conversions. A confused mind takes no action.

Here are the most common pages used in a successful Influencer site (The top 7 should be chosen for the main navigation):

  1. About / Our Story / Meet _____
  2. Work With Me / Programs
  3. Press & Media (if available)
  4. Testimonials / Praise
  5. Podcast / Blog
  6. Book Me to Speak / Speaking
  7. Resources
  8. Contact

Finally, in the top right corner of the navigation menu, include a call-to-action button. Here’s an example:

For the FitFatherProject, we included a Call To Action to their 30-Day program in the top right corner. It is one of their entry-level and most popular programs and it’s a great way for clients to get introduced to working with them.

Make your main Call to Action prominent and sticky.

So this opt-in is always visible no matter where the prospect scrolls on the page, make the navigation “sticky” so it stays at the top of the screen even if the user scrolls. You can see this in action if you scroll down the homepage of

Bonus Tip #4: Create a Strategic Footer.

Most websites include only a few things in the footer: The Copyright, Terms and Conditions, and navigation links. It’s usually an afterthought.

But think about the Footer as the fancy shoes of your site. Shoes always make an impression. Your suit or dress (your website) could be the most stunning outfit you own and it could be completely ruined by old/unattractive shoes (most site footers).

Many prospects skim through your site and, out of habit, scroll all the way through to the bottom of your site. And, most of the time, there’s nothing there of interest.

Surprise your prospects with an engaging useful footer that helps guide them to the tools they need most, namely the …

  1. Same Free Opt-In Gift you created as part of Tip #2 (a way to get started with you)
  2. Ways to connect with you on Social Media
  3. Testimonials that provide social proof. (Bonus tip 4b: sprinkle testimonials throughout your homepage for even more social proof and conversions!)

Here are some examples of ways you could create your strategic footer:

Here’s the footer we created for Mike Koenigs:

Mike Koenigs uses the footer to invite Social Media followers and connect further with his readers.

… and for Joe Polish:

If Facebook is part of your marketing strategy, use the footer to get more Facebook followers.

And for Dan Holguin…

Having your opt-in section at the footer helps make it “sticky” and accessible.

You’ll notice how we included Social Media elements, introducing another way for people to engage with you. But most importantly, the footer strategy is to provide a beautiful “call to action” for prospects to download a free gift and start their journey with you.

There you have it… the top 3 simple shifts for your site to stop leaking money (plus a bonus one)! Now, all there is to do is implement them. And…

If you’re interested in giving your site a further upgrade, check out our Custom Website Review service.

  • We’ll look over your website from top to bottom and provide specific recommendations that can mean big improvements in getting conversions, sales, and leads.
  • We’re only doing this for a limited number of Influencers in order to gather some data as we build our website review tool. We hope your site is one of the ones we get to review!

Get your custom website review here. 

Upgrading Your Website Means Upgrading Your Brand

Team Influex is proud to launch Alex Charfen’s new influencer site!

Not only does it look awesome, it also does a great job of differentiating Alex and his unique gifts from the rest of the pack.

An entrepreneurial master, Alex began his selling career at the ripe old age of 8 when he started selling items at the local flea market with his dad (not the worst place to spend your time as a kid)!

How are you differentiating your brand in the noisy marketplace?
Alex came to us because he wanted an Influencer site that will make him stand out in the marketplace.

From that point on, Alex has had massive success in real estate and in teaching others how to grow their own real estate empires, no matter what the selling climate looks like.

Now, Alex is the author of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, the handbook for quirky and often misunderstood entrepreneurs with an intrinsic need to move and build and strive.

He has spoken on the biggest stages, appeared on TV and in print for major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investor’s Business Daily and AmEx OPEN Forum to provide his unique views and insights.

Even though Alex was at a decent point with his business before coming to Influex for a makeover, he still knew that something needed to change on his site to open the space for growth.

He wanted to reimagine his brand, and so he needed a new site to reflect his new (improved) brand.

Check out Alex’s old site here:

Alex Charfen
Alex Charfen wanted to revamp his old site to position himself better in the marketplace. Shown here is his old homepage.


Slickness and cool factor aside, the main thing that Alex’s old site did not have was a super clear and powerful USP (unique selling proposition)… or as we say at Influex, a UMP (Unique Messaging Proposition).

Before the site redesign, Alex’s power statement was “Helping Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Grow, Scale and Thrive.”

That’s pretty cool… but could it improve?


Let’s take a look at Alex’s new site to see what changes were made…

First, we helped strengthen his positioning. You can see that there’s a much stronger UMP here. The emphasis is now on Alex as a thought leader when it comes to uncovering the entrepreneurial personality type.  

Alex’s message is now “Grow Your Business, Optimize Your Life, Make Your Greatest Contribution.”


Alex Charfen's Influex Homepage
Alex Charfen’s redesigned site features a stronger messaging.

Second, you can see that Alex’s opt-in is now honed in on downloading his book, “Entrepreneurial Personality Type”.

What entrepreneurs don’t want to know more about themselves to make the best decisions possible for their life and business?  Not me!

We designed Alex’s site to strategically gather more leads and attract higher-level clients.

His site also highlights his available programs and invites readers to book him as a Speaker:

Get yourself a Speaking Page just like Alex Charfen's
Getting seen on stages is one of the best ways to gain authority in your field. Influex redesigned Alex’s site to get him more bookings as a Speaker.

It’s great that he can connect quickly with most entrepreneurs just based on this “above the fold” focus for his website.

Third, we made sure that Alex’s identity as a growth-minded entrepreneur came through clearly and honestly.  Alex now has a much stronger brand because of his more tasteful and iconic website.

How about you? Are you interested in seeing where your UMP can improve on your website?

The more you wait, the more your ineffective site is costing you in terms of missed opportunities. Schedule your Influex strategy call now.



So You Want to Build or Redesign Your Influencer Site? Here’s the Most Important Criteria to Consider

If you want an influencer site that’s not just beautifully designed but also gets results, how exactly it is conceptualized, designed, developed, executed and maintained is the most important thing that will determine its success.

Nobel Prize Physicist Neils Bohr said that:

An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”

Well, after designing and developing dozens of beautifully designed influencer sites that get real results, we are proud to say that have done many mistakes and experienced almost every possible situation a team could encounter.

That’s why we regard ourselves as experts when it comes to building influencer sites.

Over time, we’ve created an optimal process specifically built to address/prevent problems from happening in the first place.

And we just keep on refining it.

If you’re considering having your Influencer site built, do not get it done until you’ve read our proven 4-step process (Step 5 is a bonus). This will help ensure you don’t end up making mistakes that could cost you enormous amounts of time, money and sanity!

Mike Dillard is just one of the many influencers who benefitted from our team’s expertise.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Influencer Intensive

First, we do the Essence Extraction process. We do this via a concise intake form, where we ask you questions that will help us most to understand who you are, your message and your mission, who you serve, and what exactly you need in order to effectively accomplish your goals.

Next comes the Creative Clarity Call. Together, we’ll co-create the brilliant online marketing strategy that will direct your authority site’s information architecture and brand design.

Then your designated Project Manager will then reach out to you. They are there to tell you what we’re doing, what we need from you, and what comes next. 

We then provide expert photo guidance to ensure you provide us with photography that will convey the right image and elicit the desired emotional response from your prospects. Then you arrange your Professional Photography shoot (or you can let us arrange it). If you take the Influex VIP Package, we’ll arrange everything ourselves — you just turn up on the day of your shoot and be your attractive, irresistible self! 😉

Then, if you take the Influex Expression package, Master your Messaging comes next. This is where our resident Story Coach, Patrick Combs, will guide you through the process of crafting your compelling origin story as well as telling it with grace, power and impact. As for your web copy, we’ll write it for you so you wouldn’t even have to think about that bit!

Let Master Storyteller and Coach Patrick Combs guide you

If you take the Influex Essential package, we’ll provide you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to write your own web copy. Don’t worry, after you go through that process, we’ll hop on our Guidance Call. Here, we’ll provide you with specific actionables on how to improve your web copy for maximum results. This is not just a general guidance either – we’ll look at the copy you have for every web page.

Once we have web copy to work with, the design phase can begin!


Step 2: Essence Expression
Using the assets you provide (videos, testimonials, freebies for your leads, etc), we’ll create each page of your site based on what comes out of Step 1 (we call this your Vision Blueprint).

Step 2 is where the feedback loop happens. Here, we engage in an ongoing Creative Collaboration – we come up with designs for each page (starting with the homepage) and we keep the feedback loop going until we arrive at the finalized design.

We’ll do this for your homepage first. Once we nail down the homepage design, it becomes much easier to conceptualize and design the internal pages.

We’ll do the same thing so you can have design assets to use for the Social Media platforms you actively use.

As soon as we finalize the design for each page, we develop that page right away and put it on a test site.

A test site is not accessible to the public, but it will allow you to see and interact with your site as we finish each page. That way, we’ll be able to see the kinks and rough edges that still need polishing, plus you will see exactly how each page will be after launch (no surprises!)


Step 3: Expert Execution

The hallmark of a well-developed site is when nothing frustrating happens and everything works as it should.

This step is where we ensure:

  • Your site is secure.
  • Your site looks good on all devices and browsers.
  • All forms, links, and plugins work properly.
  • Ensure your site is set up for SEO success.
  • All videos, images and media are embedded, optimized and loading properly.
  • Information about your site and your site visitors’ behavior are being gathered properly (which you can analyze later and use as the basis for important business and marketing decisions).
  • And much much more.

Delivering all that is not as simple as it sounds, though. Nor is it easy.

It requires experience, expertise, a proven process, and a meticulous team who will execute every detail and every step, big or small.

Our Quality Control (QC) process alone is a comprehensive 58-point Checklist (many of which have sub-checklists and nested if-then instructions!).

Our team of developers (vision engineers, we call ‘em) goes through your site with a fine-toothed comb and execute their own systems of problem identification and implementing the necessary fixes BEFORE anything happens. This is how we ensure no preventable issues happen in the first place.

Once you’re happy with how every page looks and functions, we launch your site!


Step 4: Launch Party!
By “launching your site”, we don’t just mean making it LIVE. 

That’s what most agencies do, but we like to overdeliver. 😉

We’ll celebrate your launch and shout about it on all our Social Media channels as well as feature your site on our Influex blog.

But we don’t stop there.

We’ll also drive ad traffic to that blog post AND drive traffic to your newly minted authority site! (We suggest you also promote your new site extensively – a site launch is a good excuse to release campaigns about you and your mission)

As part of this, we ask you to fill out your Experience Enhancer form. Your feedback helps us ensure we improve our processes (and the customer experience) even more.

We then “hand over the keys to the Kingdom” to you.

But again, we won’t just stop there.

We’ll also provide a comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to follow video tutorials showing you exactly how to edit your site’s content and pages using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality (no coding needed!). You can give this to your assistant or VA to learn.

If you’re ready to get your Influencer Site, you can apply here now.

After we launch your site, you might need some help maintaining it as well as help in designing/developing more materials for your brand’s online marketing needs.

Don’t worry, we have you covered!


(Optional) Step 5: Get 40 hours of Design Block and Get our Data-Driven Design Service for Free

After your influencer site is done, you might need ongoing help as you keep releasing new content, offers, and online campaigns.

You have the option to then buy a Design Block of 40 hours, which you can use for any design or development work you need for the same brand we have designed. You’ll have access to the same creative team who built your influencer site.  

You can buy this Design Block and just buy it again once you have used all the hours up.

But if you buy Design Block monthly, you will get our Data-Driven Design service for free. With Data-Driven Design, you’ll receive monthly design enhancements and optimization based on your business goals.

If you avail of Design Block monthly, we’ll provide Data-driven design service for free.

Here’s why Data-Driven Design matters:

As beautiful and as well-built your authority site is, you’ll never really know how effective it truly is until you launch it and see how your actual website visitors interact with the information and pages.

Are they scrolling down and reading?

Which specific sections are getting attention and why?

Which content is getting read and which links are getting clicked? Equally important, which ones are being ignored?

Since your site is the main mechanism that ties all your other marketing efforts together, you simply can’t afford not to know these metrics.

We’ll discuss Data-Driven Design with you nearer to the date of your site launch, but for now, just be assured that you’ll be able to rely on our support infrastructures once your Influencer site is done.


It’s All About Results! 

In the end, what you really want as an Influencer is to:

  • Get more qualified leads.
  • Repel tire kickers and receive inquiries from your IDEAL clients (those who are looking not for the cheapest but for the BEST, and they want to pay top dollar for it).
  • Get paid what you’re truly worth (isn’t it about time you command higher fees?)   
  • Have more speaking engagements (how much is ONE speaking gig worth to you?)
  • Make more sales without doubling the time you spend selling or having to hard sell.
  • Gain more engaged, rabid followers who consume your content and share them religiously.
  • Make a much greater impact …

Then you need to start becoming Omnipresent.

And a key to this strategy is building your very own Influencer site, just like the most successful online entrepreneurs do.

But there are many problems inherent to this undertaking. It’s not as simple or as straightforward and not many people know how to do this effectively.

The Influex proven process is exactly how we address and prevent those problems from coming up in the first place. This is the difference that makes the difference. This is what will determine if your influencer site will help you accomplish your goals or if it’s just going to be a mere brochure site that doesn’t help your bottom line.

Influex custom personal brand sites start at just 3 payments of $7,000.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Get your influencer site by applying here now.

How to Command Higher Fees with Less Effort and while Working for Fewer Hours

How do the top influencers, the most respected online marketers, and the most successful entrepreneurs market themselves and their businesses so that they get maximum results and get paid more while spending less effort and working for fewer hours?

We’ve been working with the best of them for many years and here’s what we know they do: They LEVERAGE all possible resources and AUTOMATE their marketing processes.

If you’re an influencer who wants to play a much bigger game but you’re not fully doing this yet, then keep reading because in this blog post we’ll show you ideas that you can implement so that you, too, can attract high-caliber clients who would happily pay you what you’re truly worth… without necessarily spending more time or effort.


Do What’s Already Working

Now the good news is there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You just gotta do what’s already proven to work and customize it to your situation.

So what works?

One way is to become Omnipresent. That is, you want to be found, seen, heard, watched and read — on any device and platform — anywhere, anytime.

You also want to make sure you attract and work with only your ideal clients: people who want to work with the best there is and willing to pay top dollar for it. This is key to being able to transition from being underpaid and burning out to 10X’ing your income while working for fewer hours.

Moreover, you want to implement an effective way to pre-sell your brand/business to your ideal clients/customers.

That is, you need to strategize your marketing/messaging so that by the time prospects send you an inquiry, they’re almost or already been “sold” and talking to you over the phone/video call is just a mere formality at that point.

One way you can do this is by publishing content in a prolific manner. Not just any content, but the type that adds so much value to your ideal clients. Remember to publish them in several formats and channels: blog articles, Social Media, video, emails, etc.

Here’s the problem though: you can’t fully implement the above tactics without an influencer site.

What’s an influencer site?

Make no mistake: this is not just a mere “website”.

This is the mechanism that will allow you to build repeatable, predictable systems to consistently attract your ideal clients & customers, qualified leads and high-quality bookings/ inquiries to produce profitable results — without working more hours.

For your influencer site to bring real tangible results, it must make you “look the part” (it’s harder to attract premium clients if your site makes you look like you can’t even afford a decent designer).

But looking the part is just one aspect of it. More importantly, an effective influencer site is one that gets results.


Mike Koenigs is just of the many top influencers who trust the Influex team

A real influencer site is one that meets these standards:  

  • Beautifully designed and truly expresses your essence.
  • Builds trust and credibility.  
  • Attracts and pre-sells your business to your ideal clients.
  • Generates targeted leads for your business – even while you sleep.
  • Positions you as a thought leader and an authority in your field.
  • Allows you to optimize and automate your marketing efforts.
  • Presents your offers and services persuasively.

But Here’s the Rub…

Problem is, creating an influencer site is NOT easy.

In fact, not many can do it (the way it’s ought to be done).

Many web design agencies who had been around for a while don’t/can’t do it properly (even though they think they do).

It’s not easy because there are so many moving parts you need to get right, each of which requires specialized skill sets and a certain depth of experience.

Here are the Top 7 Problems You’ll Encounter When Getting Your Influencer Site Done:

Problem #1: Extracting your essence from you is not easy.
Your Influencer site must convey your brand and your essence powerfully.

The trouble is that extracting your essence, your story, and your brand from inside of you is a tricky process to navigate. Sometimes certain concepts and ideas are not even 100% clear to you yet — so how can you begin to even convey that to another person, or to a much larger audience?

This is why Essence Extraction and Creative Clarity Call, the first two steps of our proven process, involves us diving deep into your world and taking the time to understand who you are, your message and your mission, who you serve, and what exactly is needed to fulfill your goals.

This is important because only by understanding your goals can we map out an effective process that will help you get there.

Many of our Influex clients who initially lacked clarity in these areas benefitted from our Essence Extraction process by helping them solidify their own unique value proposition and how to best position themselves.

Problem #2: There is no clear-cut and definite best way to expressing your essence online.
Getting your story out of you is one thing, but crafting it in a way so that it commands attention AND and telling it masterfully so that it sticks in the hearts and minds of listeners long after they click away is no easy feat.   

This is why we provide expert direction and guidance on what’s best for your site’s copy and photography, as well as help you get your story structure + storytelling RIGHT, through a coaching session with master storyteller Patrick Combs.

Check out what Doren Aldana has to say about his Influencer site.

Problem #3: Building a site that has both beauty and brains requires an experienced team with multi-faceted talents.

A brilliant online Marketing Strategy is the real power behind an effective, persuasive, well-designed authority site that gets results. Without this, your site will merely be a lackluster “brochure”: making your ideal clients go “meh” and click away.

Sadly, many web development agencies have no clue how to guide you on this. So all they can give you is a pretty but impotent (and super expensive) website —at best!

This is why we have included a strategy session in our process to make sure that more than anything, what we’ll build is something that will add to your bottomline!  

Problem #4: Getting your webcopy right is HARD.

(This part is so hard, even those who write copy for a living struggle to write copy for their own authority site!)

Your influencer site’s copy needs to be pithy but persuasive, compelling but not cheesy.

But most importantly, your copy must drive readers to your desired action.

It has to be intellectually stimulating and emotionally gripping (but without making you sound like Douchy MacDoucherson or coming across as manipulative).

Fail to do this and you’ll set off alarm bells and red flags in your readers’ minds. Trip on that wire and you’ll have a very slim chance clambering out of that hole.

So what do you write on what page? Not many influencers even know where to begin, or how.

To solve this, we have several iterative steps in our process specifically designed to coach you and guide you not just on how to write your copy, but also how to Master your Messaging.  (You can also let us write your webcopy) 


Problem #5: Designers who Understand Sales, Marketing and Conversion-based designs are as Rare as Black Unicorns.

You’ll probably have more luck finding the remains of a long lost ancient sunken mythical city than finding web designers who understand conversion-based designs (and who will do it at an affordable price).

We exaggerate, but it’s not too far from the truth 😉

This is why we are continually investing in our designers’ training and professional development.

One iterative step in our process is a feedback loop where we come up with designs and work with you to keep improving on those designs.

Allen Brouwer is a sought-after speaker and business strategist who’s helped tens of thousands of people turn on the hustle and turn off the bullshit.

Problem #6: Website developers who can execute the needed technical infrastructure to support your business & marketing strategy and goals are extremely rare.

The really exceptional web developers know how to anticipate business problems and are experienced and knowledgeable about the smart implementation of technical solutions.

On top of that, they can actually speak with you or answer your questions without discombobulating your brain. This rare breed of developers is almost impossible to find, in our experience.

This is why we have built systems and standard operating procedures (on top of a comprehensive training program) for our developers to execute. We also have a rigorous Quality Control process that involves a comprehensive 58-point Checklist. This ensures that no detail, however tiny, has been overlooked when it comes to the functionality and execution of your site.

Problem #7: And even if you manage to address all 6 problems above, who exactly will coordinate all of the moving parts?
Even if you manage to find a brilliant person for each of the specialized roles mentioned above, who will get everyone –  the designer, the developer, the copywriter, the marketing strategist   – moving in the right direction to ensure you all produce an outcome that makes good business sense?

It can’t be you, simply because that’s not the highest and best use of your time. You have a business to run, clients to see, and important contributions to make.

This is why we assign a designated Project Manager to handle every Influex project. They ensure all the project deliverables are met within the planned timeline. They hold your hand all throughout the entire project and guide you on what’s needed so you always know what’s coming next, and your focus is never taken away from growing your business.

Addressing all of the above problems is how and why Influex was born: to establish the top standard for beautiful, authoritative Influencer brand sites that brings real business results.

So if you want:

  • More qualified leads
  • To repel tire kickers and receive enquiries from your IDEAL clients (those who are looking not for the cheapest but for the BEST, and they want to pay top dollar for it)
  • To get paid what you’re truly worth (isn’t it about time you command higher fees?)   
  • More speaking engagements (how much is ONE speaking gig worth to you?)
  • To make more sales without doubling the time you spend selling or having to hardsell
  • To gain more engaged, rabid followers who consume your content and share them religiously
  • To make a much greater impact …

Then start building your very own Influencer site, just like the top most successful online entrepreneurs do!

Ready to have your very own Influencer site? 

When it comes to building or redesigning your Influencer site, here’s the most important criteria to consider. (Click to learn more about our unique process that solves all of the above problems.)